South Park

Season 7 Episode 11

Casa Bonita

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 12, 2003 on Comedy Central

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  • It's overrated, but it's still a good watch

    In this episode of South Park, Kyle's birthday is coming up and he and three friends are going to Casa Bonita, basiclly a giant mexican restaurant. Cartman is not invited however, and he is pretty pissed as Casa Boinita is his favorite restaurant. So, he devises a plan to get Butters out of the picture, so Kyle will invite him. This episode was decent as it already has Butters and Cartman, my favorite characters, but this time it doesn't work nearly as well as in AWESOM-O for example. Butters gulliblity seemed like just plain stupidity here. That's not to say this was a bad episode, not even close. It's just that compared to other cartman-esque episodes it doesn't work as well here. I would still recommend a viewing of it, it's just not a classic episode. 7.5
  • Great concept but the delivery was not so good

    It's Kyle's Birthday and when he invites the sappy Butters instead of Cartman to Casa Bonita; Cartman tries to put Butters out of commission by telling him that a meteor has hit earth.

    Watching Cartman deceive Butters really is the highlight of the episode but even then it's a little disturbing how Butters can be so gullible. I wish they exposed the betrayal a bit more and shaved a few minutes off the much slower Cartman/Kyle sub - plot. The key problem is that there're no suprises; it's clearcut from A - Z and the last 5 minutes or so are incredibly painful.

    This is yet another episode dedicated to the development of Cartman and is yet another remidner that he's gone from whiny to evil but this episode doesn't really contain anything original and never reaches the Cartman standard left by the classic "Scott Tenorman Must Die". The episode looks very nice and for some reason watching someone make a society from scratch is just fun to watch (check out the Family Guy episode "Da Boom" for another good example). Vocally; Trey puts the most heart in Cartman as does Matt with Butters and once again proves that the both of them make an effective duo; the remaining vocal performances are at the usual standard. Casa Bonita is a good episode but just never reaches the same hilarious or provocative note left by many episodes before it.
  • Kyle is going to Casa Bonita for his birthday, but he can only bring three friends. He chooses Stan, Kenny, and Butters. Cartman, outraged by not being chosen, comes up with a plan to take Butters out of the picture.

    Man, this was an awesome episode, it deserves a higher ranking. How can ppl not find Cartmans manipulation of Butters naivety as funny as i do. Cartman as a character, albeit hes a dick, is a bloody genius for a kid of his age. i just love watching him work and in the swing of things and how he carries on so convincingly and seriously about the smallest of things, in this case, going to his favourite mexican restaurant. i mean he locks up a kid for a week, placing himself in huge danger if he is to get caught doing this atrocity purely coz he wants to enjoy the childish spectacles of Casa Bonita, which shows how underneath the evil is actually a child that is as innocent n fun loving as any other, so we can see he has the intentions of a child but the workings of an evil mastermind. but i sero just love this episode because of the lengths he goes to to keep butters from attending, most normal kids wouldve just copped a no invite from kyle square on the chin, but its cartmans drive for things he cant have that i just cant get enough of.
  • Cartman is a manipulative idiot once again...

    The episode starts off with Kyle telling the gang that he could invite 3 friends to Casa Bonita (a Mexican Disneyland), and Cartman being the self centred idiot he is, automatically thinks that he is going, and is annoyed when Kyle says that he is inviting Butters and not him, and after a few failed attempts to try and get into Kyle's good books, he makes Butters "disappear" by putting him in a bomb shelter after pretending that a comet destroyed the town and pretending that he was affected by radiation. The conclusion of this episode is very surprising, let's just say that Cartman gets what he deserves...
  • perfect

    Kyle is going to Casa Bonita for his birthday, Cartman's favorite place in the world. But, Kyle can only take three friends, and he chooses Stan, Kenny, and Butters. Cartman is outraged and tries to make it so that he can replace Butters. But at what drastic measures will Eric Cartman go to get what he wants?

    Good episode. It was really funny and it had a relatively simple plot, but it was executed well. Cartman was hilarious in this episode, and the end was really funny too. No real complains, a pretty stellar episode, and so because of all of this my final grade for this episode is an A+
  • We once again see Cartman being an evil little brat. Nothing groundbreaking here. Or funny, for that matter.

    According to Matt and Trey, they included this piece of garbage on the first Hits set because it perfectly defines Cartman's character. Um, yeah. Lots of episodes have done that in not only a much better fashion than Casa Bonita, but also a much more hilarious one as well (Scott Tenorman, Kenny Dies, and Probably all come to mind). Here, Cartman convices Butters that the Earth is going to end and puts him in hiding for over a week in order to go to Kyle's birthday party, which happens to be at Cartman's favorite resturaunt in the world. The problem is that the entire episode only focuses on this and nothing else with no buildup to this like the other episodes. As a result, it soon winds up becoming incredibly dull and almost painful to watch. So we just see a painfully boring 20 minutes of Cartman being selfish and greedy again, excpet this time there's no humor or surprise behind it. Wake me up when a good episode pops up.
  • Casa Bonita! Casa Bonita! Food and fun in a festive atmosphere! More sopapillas, please!

    Kyle's got good news. His birthday is a trip to Casa Bonita, a mexican restaurant that has attractions like cliff divers, a scary cave, fun foods, which is a "Disneyland of Mexican Restaurants." His mother is allowing four of his friends to go. Cartman, getting really hyped up, is informed that he can't go because he is not a friend of Kyle after ripping him off several times so he invites Butters. Feeling sad, Cartman tries to get himself to be nice but fails so he decided not to go with him...or does he? So gets the idea to inform Butters that there's a meteor to hit the earth in less than four hours so Cartman sends Butters to a bomb shelter and leaves him there so "he can get the others." Meanwhile,Stan, Kenny, Kyle, and his mother are waiting for Butters but Cartman shows up and he takes his place for Butters. Unfortunately, Butter's parents show up too about Butters missing. So the boys decided to look for him except Cartman

    Still missing, Cartman finds Butters and tells him to stay in the shelter because of the "toxic radiation that the meteor hit." Three days later, police inform the people to look deeper, including bomb shelters. Quickly, Cartman takes Butters outside but hidden in a box and finds a refrigerator and hides him there, to which he was escorted by a truck to take to the dump. Some days later, Butters gets out of the fridge and sees "the damage" and finds a dog so they can team up

    A week later, Butters tries to "rebuild society" and sees a lady who happens to be a worker and finds out that Butters has been missing so he calls his parents. Meanwhile, Cartman, Stan, Kenny, Kyle, and his mother all go to Casa Bonita and were informed by phone that Butters has been found and it was all behind Eric Cartman. The police arrive and Cartman hides inside Casa Bonita so he can have fun. He goes through most of the attractions but was stopped by cliffdiving and will be sent to juvenile hall for a week. It was totally worth it

    I've seen this episode many times and I love watching this episode, not to mention the Casa Bonita song is very catchy :D
  • Cartman at his hillarious best.

    Definetly one of my all time favourite South Park episodes. It follows the hillarious antics of Cartman as he goes to extreme lenghts to make sure he will be attending Kyle's birthday at Casa Bonita.

    One of the highlights of the episode would be Cartman cutting loose on Kyle when he says he isn't invited. He then apologies and when Kyle still says he can't com he goes off at him again.

    To be able to go to Casa Bonita, Cartman is going to have to make sure Butters can't make it. He makes Butters believe that a meteor is going to hit the Earth and he hides Butters in a bomb shelter. Then he tell's Butters the Earth has been taken over by radioactive canabal's.

    With Butters out of the way Cartman finally gets to go to Casa Bonita, but when the boys finally arrive, Kyle's mum finds out Cartman is to blame for Butter's disapearance.

    In a hillarious end to the episode Cartman runs off into Casa Bonita and in a rush enjoys all that Casa Bonita has to offer while police are in hot pursuit.

    Another highlight of the episode would be Cartman claiming to have never made fun of Kyle for being Jewish. This is followed by a monatge of Cartman calling Kyle a Jew.

    You gotta love Cartman centric episodes. And I especially enjoy episodes that revolve around Cartman & Butters. They seem to play off each other really well.

    Overall a fantastic episode. 9.8/10
  • Cartman goes crazy to go to casa bonita.

    Kyle comes over with news that he can invite 3 of his friends to his birthday celebration to Casa Bonita, Colorado's version of a Mexican Disneyland. No one is more excited than Cartman, since it is one of his favorite places in the whole word; however, Cartman has always been a dick to Kyle, and Kyle isn't inviting him. Kyle is taking Butters instead. Determined to go, he tries to be nice to Kyle, but it doesn't work. Cartman gives up trying to be obviously nice to Kyle and apologizes for his past transgressions. As a reward, Kyle tells Cartman that if for some reason Butters can't make it to his birthday, Cartman can take his place. That was all Cartman needed to hear and he invites Butters over to his house, where he tells him about a meteor that he's been observing in his telescope. The meteor is on a collision course for Earth. For their safety, Cartman directs Butters to Jimbo's bomb shelter. He convinces Butters to stay there, while he goes for help. It's time to go to Casa Bonita and Butters is late. Cartman arrives in time to give Kyle a present and get invited to take Butters place on the trip. Before they leave, Butters' parents come to the Broflovski house looking for their son. With Butters missing, Kyle decides they can go to Casa Bonita some other time and he and the other boys (sans Cartman) go in search of Butters.
  • Weird, but funny as hell, Cartman is once again awesome.

    Cartman is a character that this show needed, and the way he lied to Butters in this one will have you laughing a lot, as this fool believes everything he said. All that just to go to Casa Bonita, way to go Cartman. I liked how Butters got into the dump yard and thought the whole town was actually destroyed so he builds new buildings out of trash and wanted to mate with a garbarge woman. LOL, I just cracked up on that part. Cartman expresses his plot in crazy and weird but very funny ways to keep me entertained. Yep, it's one spectacular episode in this season, so that's really it.
  • When have I ever ripped on you for being a Jew?

    In this episode we see how much of an evil mastermind Eric is as he kidnaps Buters and hides him so that he can go to Kyles Birthday Party at Casa Bonita, and he creates an entire plot and keeps everyone from finding him. When he is found in a Junkyard making a town [Cartman told him a Meteor hit] and tries to "repopulate the earth" when the woman told him what happend, so Eric was caught and he ran through the entire restraunt, he got a week in Juvie, but in his words, it was worth it.
  • Good episode, pretty funny, I like when Cartman and Butters interact.

    I like when Cartman and Butters interact. Seriously Butters always falls for Cartman's evil pranks and manipulations. I think he's cute and I love watching what Cartman does to manipulate people. I can't believe Kyle really believed his little speech. either way there were funny moments and the overall plot was okay. Nothing crazy funny or crazy boring about this episode.
  • Good ol\' south park

    Oh, man erection day and die,hippies are some of the best episodes by far. This show possesses immense brilliance. Creating satirical referencs on \"ratings\", news casting, euthanasia (in \"Death\"), celebritydom, cults, timeshare, EVERYTHING this is such intelligent humor, but it\'s not full of itself because it has the essence of potty humo, too. The protesting is pretty funny too. Boredom leads to protestion. \"youre all judases\" from the damien episode, that was hysterical.
    wisdom too: Your family isn\'t who you share blood with, it\'s who you care about.
    Also clear that I HATE missionaries. They just manipulate and try to sucker people into changing their believes, amazing bs.
    Cartman\'s cheesy-puffs, wroks for the money audition was hysterica.
    the spookyfish with the double cartman personality was hysterical, too. yeah, spookyfish was done with sienfeld\'s bizarro world, but seeing the alter egos was hysteical. the merry xmas with manson with CArtman\'s family was great. THey could have done a lot more with that episode, though, with cartman\'s famiy. the prehistoric iceman from 1996 with fargo and ace of base \"hisroical archives\" was hysterica.
    The rich family one with token was funny. reminded me of some connections. where I actually dressed differentl;y to be like that with my very successful parents. sticks and a pine cone vs. autographed bats, funny. The \"they took our jobs\" from goobacks was funny, too. Hey, hysterial when he played enya as the deathlike experience grandpar was feeling. but after \"The Rhinplasty\" episode with the substitute clearly Wendy is not to be messed with and cartman is not to be messed with after Scott Tenorman.When the v-chip reversed and cartman killed of saddam, was another sp moment in blu. MR. KIM Okay, welcome aboard **** Airrines. This is your captain speaking. Rooking about a two hour fright. I\'ll be turning on the seatbelt sign now. If your seats have seatbelts, this is the time you will fasten them. Please sit back, relax, and enjoy your **** fright. Herro from the cockpit, this is your captain speaking. As you can see, it appears that we are goin\' down. Now would be a good time to refrect on your rife, and pray to whatever deity you bereive in. Thank you for flying **** Airlines. We know you have a choice in airlines, and it looks like you made the wrong one.
  • Great episode overall. Cartman wants to go with Kyle to Casa Bonita so he tricks Butters into thinking a metor hit the Earth.

    Kyle is having a birthday party and going to Casa Bonita. He invites Stan, Kenny, and Butters. Cartman is mad he didn't get invited. Kyle says if Butters can't go, he can take his place. Cartman tricks Butters into thinking a metor is going to hit the Earth. He makes Butters go into a safe house. After Kyle post pones his birthday party for another week so they can help search for Butters, Cartman has to trick Butters. He puts Butters in a junkyard where he is found by a woman, who explain the Earth wasn't destroyed. Cartman, Kyle, Stan, and Kenny are at Casa Bonita when the police show up, looking for Cartman. He runs from them, doing everything he wanted. He gets caught and the police ask him if it was worth going to juvy for and he says "Totally."
  • Kyle won't let Cartman go to his birthday; instead he invites Butters. However, since Butters didn't show up on the day they would leave for the Mexican resteraunt Casa Bonita, he gives in and lets Cartman go. Little does Kyle know that it was Cartman's f

    Kyle won't let Cartman go to his birthday; instead he invites Butters. However, since Butters didn't show up on the day they would leave for the Mexican resteraunt Casa Bonita, he gives in and lets Cartman go. Little does Kyle know that it was Cartman's fault that Butters didn't show up. This is a good episode that has a funny storyline and a good moral as well. Cartman was being mean to both Kyle and Butters, and he didn't deserve to go to Kyle's birthday. In addition, once the cops get Cartman, it's a funny and cliffhanger ending to the episode.
  • Hilarious. One of Cartman's bests.

    This episode was absolutely hilarious from start to finish. I believe this is Butters' best episode, and one of Cartman's greatest. Kyle is inviting 3 friends to go with him to a place called Casa Bonita for his birthday, a place where there are cliff divers, a scary cave, puppet shows, and a great atmosphere. This is Cartman's favorite place in the world, but when he figures out that Kyle isn't planning on inviting him, he goes to EXTREME measures to rid of Butters. EXTREME. Chaos ensues, including some of Cartman's most brilliant (or stupid) ideas and some hysterical (made-up) reasons to keep Butters in hiding. "There's blood-thirsty cannibals EVERYWHERE!!!"
  • Casa Bonita is my favorite South Park episode. It shows Cartman at his best (worst). It's hilarious.

    Kyle is going to Casa Bonita for his birthday, but he's not inviting Cartman. Instead he's taking Butters, Kenny, and Stan. Cartman loves Casa Bonita and tries to get Kyle to take him. Finally Kyle says if Butters can't go, Cartman can go. "Bingo," Cartman says. Most of the episode involves Cartman trying to keep Butters out of sight until they all go to Casa Bonita. But the absolute best part of the episode is when Cartman finally gets in trouble for hiding Butters. He's inches from the Casa Bonita entrance and he can\'t resist. It's so funny watching Cartman running around trying to do everything in Casa Bonita. Classic lines are "Dive, a**hole" and "Oh, scary... I'm so scared!" Finally, a policeman asks Cartman if it was worth causing the whole town panic, losing his friends, and having to spend a week in Juvenile Detention. Cartman's floating in the water and calmly says, \"Totally." This episode is awesome, dude.
  • 107th Episode

    Any episode with Butters in it is bound to be funny and of course, this episode is, Cartman keeping Butters in a bomb shelter so he can go to Casa Bonita as Kyle’s fourth “friend” after he pretends to be nice to Kyle and becomes Butters’ backup.

    The flashbacks of every time Cartman called Kyle a Jew are brilliant as is Cartman’s excuses to keep Butters down in the shelter such as radioactivity and cannibals. I also like Kyle’s line beating up a cripple doesn’t make Cartman nice.

    The ending couldn’t have been better, Cartman desperate to experience Casa Bonita racing through and trying everything and when asked if making the whole town worried and kidnapping Butters was worth it, he replies “totally”.

    A very good South Park episode with very good scenes and very good jokes in a very good season.
  • Some background info on Casa Bonita

    The first time i saw this episode, i turned it on in the last few minutes of it, as Cartman makes his run through Casa Bonita. I saw it later that week, and i loved it. Why? because i have been there before. I live in Golden, Colorado, a few miles from Evergreen. Im pretty sure I went to k-2nd grade at the school South Park is based on, but i digress. Casa Bonita (or "Casa Don't-eat-a") is indeed a real resteraunt. It's called Casa DOn't-eat-a because they are known for environment and entertainment, not the food. The food is disgusting, and the plates are never clean. The only thing to eat that isn't gross is the sopipillas, which are amazing. They give you a small flag at your table that you raise when you want more sopipillas, which is the flag Cartman raises when he says "More sopipillas please!". The cliff divers are usually High School kids, with a flimsy plot attached to why they dive. The mexican band actually just walk around, they don't have a stage. Black Bart's cave is just a crappy cave with smoke, plastic skeletons, and bats and crap. Fairly frightening, if your five years old. The puppet show is located right by the cave, but hardly ever have shows. It indeed does look like that, a huge pink builing with a tower and water fountain in front.
    The cliff is fairly high up, and once my sister's friend jumped off. He was arrested, not unlike Cartman.

    There you go, some information on Cartman's favorite place in the world.
  • Totally epic!

    Tour de force! I would reccommend anyone to see this great episode of South Park. Kyle tells Cartman he can't go to his birthday party at Casa Bonita, and that Leopold will go instead. Cartman then comes up with a scheme to get rid of Leopold for a few days. But can Cartman keep Leopold hidden long enough when the entire town is looking for him?
  • The episode where Cartman wants to go to Cassobinita but finds out butters is going instead, so he does all this stuff to butters to make him suffer, so Cartman ends up going. But all the stuff he does to Butters ends up getting Cartman put into Juvy.

    I loved this episode! I thought it was really funny when Cartman started acting like a cannibal just to make Butters scared. I did feel bad for Butters in this episode though. Being stuck in a bomb shelter for 2 weeks by Cartman was really really mean. I also thought it was funny when Cartman acted so anxious to leave right away when the subject of Butters\' missing came up. But when Cartman found out he had to keep Butters in the bomb shelter for a few more weeks, he new he couldnt do it so he put him in an old refrigerator in the Junk Yard. But when Butters was found when they were half way too Cassobanita, the police were after cartman sooo fast. im glad cartman got put into juvy for it.