South Park

Season 16 Episode 2

Cash For Gold

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 21, 2012 on Comedy Central

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  • South Park struck gold.

    As it is, I am very weary about those "Cash for Gold" businesses, claiming that you could make a lot of money selling your gold jewelry to them. This episode does a great job of poking fun at this racket, and of course, Cartman jumps on the band wagon to make some serious scratch. I especially enjoyed the scene depicting how the gold goes from the sweatshop in India, to the shopping network, to the consumer, who gives it as a gift, the recipient then sells the jewelry to the Cash for gold place, which is then sold to a smelter, then shipped back to India, and thus the process starts all over again in an infinite loop.

    It is sad though about Stan's grandfather's Alsheimer's disease, costing the grandfather memories of his dog, and Stan goes out to help him. That part of the episode was actually touching.

    On another note, the "Tacos for Gold" bit was great. a 6-layer burrito for a gold bolo tie? That is one expensive burrito.
  • it is bad to laugh at this ?

    was a slow burner of an episode, but the fact that the host seemingly does kill himself says a lot

    they nail'd the scam artists that are shoppng channels and indian sweat shops, i wonder how many people noticed the jewelry was mostly fake or cheap crap, the faux saphire faux mean sfalse people..and some of the titles of stuff were total bs.

    old people are always suckers for this kind of thing they only certain things and believe alsorts..

    the icing on the cake for this ep was stans grandpa telling him the neck chain looked gay and the stupid host blowing his 'brains' out
  • @silenttom......Learn your South Park

    If you think this is a bad episode you obviously don't understand Matt and Trey's line of comedy....for the past 12 years (the first four years were more their own idea's) about 90% of their episodes are the equivalent of turning on the news and hearing a report about a current event... however they add their blunt and hilarious spin to it....this episode is hilarious BECAUSE of that exact they explained the gold trade is 100% accurate and downright if this episode doesnt tickle your funny bone how the hell have you watched south park all these years?

    Now thiis ismore like it....Those TV channels selling junk all day DO make most of their money selliingto old people. Pathetic hiuman beings selling Junk. Stan had it right--just kill really--kill yourself...I wont be sad. Loved it...The FCC USED to investigate fraud and so did the BBB but these days TV shopping is like a lose..too bad--you wanted us to you..that's why you COME to a Casino, that;s why you Shop and Buy off TV, that's why you can be SOLD are a senile, old fool and yo uwill buy what we sell...thought Cartman';s formula (math) was actually Brilliant..he had it right!!!!
  • Absolutely boring!!!

    This episode is by FAR the worst i have ever seen. Yes i understand the southpark humor, but atleast make it interesting and enjoyable to watch.

    The episode showed the same thing over and over and with each time it just made me more and more frustrated. i was sitting there bored as hell and waiting for the episode to end.

    Southpark, i hope you guys can do better than this!
  • Great season this?

    This is by far one of the worst South Parks I've seen in recent memory. Altho I rank Lice Capades as being the worst episode of South Park ever made so its not that bad but it was close. This episode was just flat out boring the only funny thing about this episode was Cartman exploiting old people for cash but as a whole this episode did not stand on its own and throughout the episode I found my self bored and actually wanted it to end. After the great season 16 opener I had high expectations. While I won't completely shoot down the rest of the season I'll still give it a chance as I learned throughout the years South Park does get a few bad eggs here and there but nothing to cry over. Altho I liked the message of this episode nothing really stood out hopefully they bounce back next week and give us another great episode.