South Park

Season 16 Episode 2

Cash For Gold

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 21, 2012 on Comedy Central

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  • South Park struck gold.

    As it is, I am very weary about those "Cash for Gold" businesses, claiming that you could make a lot of money selling your gold jewelry to them. This episode does a great job of poking fun at this racket, and of course, Cartman jumps on the band wagon to make some serious scratch. I especially enjoyed the scene depicting how the gold goes from the sweatshop in India, to the shopping network, to the consumer, who gives it as a gift, the recipient then sells the jewelry to the Cash for gold place, which is then sold to a smelter, then shipped back to India, and thus the process starts all over again in an infinite loop.

    It is sad though about Stan's grandfather's Alsheimer's disease, costing the grandfather memories of his dog, and Stan goes out to help him. That part of the episode was actually touching.

    On another note, the "Tacos for Gold" bit was great. a 6-layer burrito for a gold bolo tie? That is one expensive burrito.
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