South Park

Season 4 Episode 7

Chef Goes Nanners

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 05, 2000 on Comedy Central

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  • Rather than discuss this episode, I would like to discuss a single moment in this episode, which I have remembered and talked about again and again since I first saw it.

    Rather than discuss this episode, I would like to discuss a single moment in this episode, which I have remembered and talked about again and again since I first saw it.

    Wendy and Cartman work together the entire episode, and end up hitting it off. Wendy passes it off as sexual tension from being so close for so long. In order to ease this tension, she kisses him.

    Which brings us to the single shining moment. It is the last shot of the episode. Wendy lets Cartman down, and he pretends he agrees. Then, she leaves the frame, Cartman faces towards the camera, sighs, and looks downward. In this moment, when Cartman is alone, with no one around to affect his behavior, and no other motives to suggest that he is fabricating the emotion, we can see his disappointment. Simply and completely. This moment gives us insight into the TRUE Cartman, and the humanity that indeed does lie within. Cartman is one of the most multi-dimensional characters on television, and this single moment is one of the best on the show.

    For this, I applaud greatly. Well done.
  • And now it's time for us all to come together, and…do our cake raffle!

    In this episode, Chef tries to change the town's flag (which depicts white men hanging a black man) and the whole thing goes crazy. Eventually it's up to the children to decide whether the flag is changed or not.

    This episode was one of the best, in my opinion. The way they make fun of the Ku Klux Klan was one of the funniest things I've ever seen. The whole Cartman and Wendy thing was just adorable. Yes, I know they'd make a strange couple..but..I don't know :) The ending was a bit sad, though. I also loved Kenny's bizarre death and the annoyingly indecisive townspeople.

    "I Think It Is History. I Think It Is Racist."
  • Chef gets angry with South Park over the town flag, depicting white men hanging a black man. As a result, the children have to debate over the flags fate, and help the town make their vote.

    This episode was funny for a lot of reasons. The whole show played off racism in real life and the media, then put the childrens colourless views in as a twist, removing the rasist theme and turning it into one of just violence. It's another example of how this show pushes boundaries, yet remains clever with their material while doing so.
    This episode showed us a softer side of Cartman, when he ends up falling for her after she kisses him. The ending is a rather sad one for South Park, just leaving Cartman (as cruel as he is) alone and depressed, walking away...then the scene cuts to credits. I don't know, this struck me as kind of strange; I'm sure it was some sort of intention joke/stab in Cartmans direction.
    Over all it was a great episode like much of this season, and is a perfect example of this shows style.
  • Kinda good, a little bad

    My favorite part : Jimbo and his friend Ned shooting at birds, a squirrel and... Chis Peterson !! *laughs out loud*

    Okay, so Chef wants to change the flag, huh ? What I say is that it should stay the same. It's so funny !! XD Plus it was funny that Stan's team protected the flag and didn't figure out just why it 'should' be changed. :-) I really enjoyed Kyle's speech. "Killing has been around since the begining of time. All animals kill and the animals that don't kill are stupid ones, like cows and turtles and stuff. So people shouldn't be so upset about killing." In my opinion, great.
    What I disliked about this episode was the Wendy & Cartman thing. I hate all the girls of South park so I didn't like Wendy's whining. And I believe Cartman didn't have feelings for Wendy, he was just happy that someone liked him, in any way. Plus he could tease Stan for a while (he hates Stan, just much less than he hates Kyle). Considering that most kids hate him, he was just most probably hoping that somebody didn't hate him. But he was wrong. And the whole incident doesn't stop him from calling Wendy a whore. :-)
  • Chef made a great impact in this episode.

    I loved this episode. It was almost perfect. The only thing that made it not perfect was Wendy Testaburger kissing Eric Cartman! I like seeing Wendy Testaburger and Stan Marsh together. That seperated a 9.9 from a 10. I really think that Chef made a great impact on this episode. Chef is one of my favorite characters. He is always so funny. Same with Jimbo and Ned. They finally have an episode that shows them a lot. The KKK thing was very funny. That was ridiculous, but it was still kind of funny. Overall, I give this almost perfect episode a 9.9.
  • Chef protest the south park flag and the town votes if they should or not.

    This is yet another funny, satirical epsidoe of the "South Park" series, where Chef, an African-American resident of SP, deems the city flag offensive and organizes a vote to change it. IT is just plain hilarious: The debate, where all the kids screw up; The KKK (though you should know that the KKK is very bad and never mention it to sensitive people; and the death of Kenny (I won't spoil that). This is my second-favorite episode, behind "Soth Park is gay".
  • An excellent episode for the somewhat contraversial subject of racism...what a great subject to poke fun at.

    All the racism that goes on in our world today is really getting way out of hand with how sensitive you have to be. South Park expresses freedom of speech by poking fun at it. As do I. None of the South Park residents want to seem racist but some don't want to change the flag. For those that haven't read the recap this episode is about changing the South Park flag. Chef sees the flag as racist but some people in South Park don't. In this episode Chef converts to Islam and takes on a new name because he will " longer by called by his slave name." It turns out by the end of the episode that they whole debate that the children are having over the flag is one big miscommunication. This is one of the reasons that I love this episode. Nothing should be too sacred to make fun of...ever...
  • This episode touched on the topic of racism.

    This episode had some very special scenes, but a weak sub-plot kind of let it down. I liked Chef getting up in arms about the South Park flag and I had a laugh at the fact that the town had that as its flag in the first place. The weak sub-plot was Wendy and Eric's blossoming love. As I have stated in previous reviews, I do not really like Wendy that much at all. I will always remember the end scene, showing that Cartman is only human and he can have his feelings hurt. The funniest part of this episode was the KKK members.
  • Chef Goes Nanners

    Chef is pissed off because he thinks that the flag of South Park is racist (it is, trust me) but I'm afraid that the tight hunting guy jimbo disagrees and there is a big debate in the town (this includes 3rd Grade as well).
    The kids are sent in with a supply teacher to debate this Chef Goes Nanners thing and it turns out that the whole Colorado town are interested in the debate. An interesting episode, but it is not one of the best slices of South Park.
    :) Funny, and enjoyable. Another episode based around Chef and his life being African-American.
  • Chef is angry with the residents of South Park, because their town flag depicts a black man being lynched by four white men. Wendy makes an unlikely ally in Eric Cartman during her debate against the flag. The townspeople join the arguement.

    This episode was a direct satire of the furor over the South Carolina flag's confederate sybol. Satirizing a subjects like racism and lynching is a difficult and a tricky endeavor. The episode starts off with Chef protesting the South Park flag's racist overtones. The racist overtones are intentially exagerated by depicting a black man being lynched by four white men. My thoughts initially were how are they going to get out of this one? For me, they never successfully do. Two camps spring up, those against the racist nature of the flag, and those who support the heritage the flag represents. But it begs the question, what kind of heritage do these people want to celebrate? A heritage where black men where joyfully lynched?

    Uncle Jimbo begins to be uneasy when the Klan supports him during his rallies. Uncle Jimbo and Ned infiltrate the Klan to change the Klan's support. In one of the funniest scenes during the season, The Klansmen jump around and show what they have under their robes.

    The B story of Wendy and Eric although interesting, seams forced and distracting to the viewer. The conclusion to me was weak and lame. The boys somehow don't realize that it's a black man being lynched? How would Kyle feel about a flag with a gas chamber on it? Then Chef apogizes and is happy that the new flag has a black man being lynched by a multi-racial group instead of an all white one?

    For me they painted themselves in a corner and tacked on a weak a stupid ending. Which is ashame because it started out as a great episode. *This was one of the last episodes to feature a "b" or "c" story. Which is good because you only have so much time in a half an hour to handle such tricky subjects.

    *IMO, the best South Park episode dealing with race, was from seson 11 entitled "With Apologies to Jesse Jackson"