South Park

Season 4 Episode 7

Chef Goes Nanners

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 05, 2000 on Comedy Central

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  • Chef is angry with the residents of South Park, because their town flag depicts a black man being lynched by four white men. Wendy makes an unlikely ally in Eric Cartman during her debate against the flag. The townspeople join the arguement.

    This episode was a direct satire of the furor over the South Carolina flag's confederate sybol. Satirizing a subjects like racism and lynching is a difficult and a tricky endeavor. The episode starts off with Chef protesting the South Park flag's racist overtones. The racist overtones are intentially exagerated by depicting a black man being lynched by four white men. My thoughts initially were how are they going to get out of this one? For me, they never successfully do. Two camps spring up, those against the racist nature of the flag, and those who support the heritage the flag represents. But it begs the question, what kind of heritage do these people want to celebrate? A heritage where black men where joyfully lynched?

    Uncle Jimbo begins to be uneasy when the Klan supports him during his rallies. Uncle Jimbo and Ned infiltrate the Klan to change the Klan's support. In one of the funniest scenes during the season, The Klansmen jump around and show what they have under their robes.

    The B story of Wendy and Eric although interesting, seams forced and distracting to the viewer. The conclusion to me was weak and lame. The boys somehow don't realize that it's a black man being lynched? How would Kyle feel about a flag with a gas chamber on it? Then Chef apogizes and is happy that the new flag has a black man being lynched by a multi-racial group instead of an all white one?

    For me they painted themselves in a corner and tacked on a weak a stupid ending. Which is ashame because it started out as a great episode. *This was one of the last episodes to feature a "b" or "c" story. Which is good because you only have so much time in a half an hour to handle such tricky subjects.

    *IMO, the best South Park episode dealing with race, was from seson 11 entitled "With Apologies to Jesse Jackson"