South Park

Season 4 Episode 6

Cherokee Hair Tampons

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 28, 2000 on Comedy Central

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  • Kyle's life depends on...Cartman.

    When Kyle gets very sick, he needs a kidney to replace his. Now, Cartman is the only one that has the same blood type as Kyle. Meanwhile, Mr. Garrison is on haitus as a teacher. He starts writing romance novels. A new store opens up that sells fake medicines. Stan and Kyle's parents start buying the things at store that's ran by Ms. Information. Kyle gets worse and worse everyday. Stan and Kenny have a meeting to try to get Cartman's kidney. Only Butters and Timmy came. They failed to try and get it. Stan starts crying while Kenny dies, but he's not dying about that. He's crying about Kyle about to die. When the parents go to the store again, the "Native American" guys said to take Kyle to the hospital. Everybody started beating up Ms. Information. The parents and kids tricked Cartman to sign a release form to give his kidney to Cartman. Kyle is saved at the end of the episode. Overall, I give this episode a 9.3.
  • Kyle is very sick, and Cartman's the only one who can help.

    I liked this episode a lot its one that is always just as funyn no matter how many times you watch it it's just that awesome. But then again, all of SP is liek that, so what am I talking about? I don't know I'm kinda drunk right now but who cares. Miss Information lies to South Park about the medicien and they wnana kill her. The peopel in town and the doctor trick Cartman into doning Kyle his kidney but he gives Kyle the bad kidney so Kyle has milk come out of hsi nose when laughs too hard. cool.
  • Cherokee Hair Tampons

    This episode is based around basically nothing and is probably a plot filler but it is a very memorable and special enjoyable episode filled with laughter and magic and wisdom! Ha ha ha ha ha! Please excuse me, I am a bit hyper today.
    I am finally up to date with all the South Park episodes after watching Imaginationland Part II and I honestlty think the best episodes are the ones with Ike based around him and all about his past and who he falls in love with (ha ha... Ms. teacher Bangs A Boy ahem)
    ;D Another great story in a great series.
  • This is not an episode I enjoyed too much.

    This isn't an episode that I really enjoyed that much. The whole hollistic medicine storyline isn't really one I enjoyed that much and they"ve done the whole Kyle could die thing before as well. The whole milk coming out of the nose because of a crappy kidney is one of the funniest parts of the episode and it wasn't really that funny. The fake ad for this episode was downright boring and the only thing that kept me watching was the fact that I could never turn off an episode of South Park, which is also why it got such a high rating.
  • This episode is obviously a comment on natural medicine and how bogus it is.

    I've always greatly enjoyed the way that South Park experiments with its own reality. That is, they use live action stills, live action videos, etc. This is great. In this episode (much like the original Mr. Hankey episode), there is a live action advertisement for the Cherokee Hair Tampons.

    This episode is obviously a comment on natural medicine and how bogus it is. People believe that sicknesses can be easily cured and prevented by simple and natural methods, and that the Native people are the people to talk to about it. It's a bunch of crap, just like a Cherokee Hair Tampon.

    Great guest appearances.