South Park

Season 2 Episode 4


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM May 27, 1998 on Comedy Central

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  • perfect

    It is revealed Officer Barbrady cannot read, so he is sent to school to learn. A mysterious person is going around south park, "loving" chickens, and Barbrady needs to figure out who it is, with the help of Cartman, Stan, Kyle and Kenny. Can they figure out the mystery?

    Good episode. Funny episode! Barbrady was really hilarious in this episode. And the mystery aspect of it was really well done. This is easily one of my favorite episodes from season 2, if not my favorite. Everything works so well in it, and it is really funny. The mystery aspect was great too, albeit a little too predictable, I think. A+ definitely
  • Warning: Contains spoilers.

    Chickenloving is wrong, so next time you want to love a chicken, it better be mentally and not physically with your genitals. That being said, I want to say that this episode was hilarious. I loved the scene where Mr.. officer guy was sticking his thumb out and he was paused. It was hilarious. It could make you think that the episode was over but it's not. I also loved that the officer said that reading totally sucks a. That was just funny.

    After a man starts having sexual intercourse with chickens, someone has to stop them. But, the officer of the law can't read, so he has to learn to read to read the notes the chicken lover is leaving behind. Although, why couldn't just someone else read it? Maybe it only works when the officer learns to read.

    This episode was awesome and I reccomend it.
  • Chickenlover is a classic as it introduces many populer catchphrases and gives us a look into the (empty) mind of Officer Barbrady.

    In this episode; chickens at a local farm have been molested by a person known as the Chickenlover who leaves a note behind as a clue, forcing Officer Barbrady to admit his shameful secret: he's illiterate. The Mayor sends Barbrady back to elementary school to learn how to read before he can return to work. Desperate to stop the Chicken Lover before he strikes again, Barbrady enlists the help of the boys in solving the mystery.

    The mystery part of the episode never really develops tension; (partly because the entire premise is impossible) but that doesn't matter as Cartman's story as well as Officer Barbrady's makes this the most notable of the second season.

    Any scene with Cartman in his cops - style show and with Officer Barbrady at school is downright hilarious as is the running gag of Kenny not dying until the very end. It's just a shame that party - poopers Stan and Kyle are given more screentime than what's required. It's impossible not to picture Cartman these days without recalling this episode where he's wearing a cop uniform, beating innocent people with a club and saying his immortal line "Respect my Authoritah!". With this episode Officer Barbrady progresses from a one - dimensional comic relief element to a person who is facing real problems of illiteracy and disgrace, the final part of the episode falls back on a cliche but the journey to that point is enough to make this episode worth it. And can i just add that the whole raping chickens sub - plot is exceedingly creepy. Chickenlover lacks visual smoothness but certainly looks better than the previous season. Trey Parker (Officer Barbrady and Cartman) and Matt Stone (the Booktastic Bus driver and Kenny's Dad) both deliver excellent performances and the characters i put next to their names are what i think were their best voices of the episode. Mary Kay Bergman is underused as only the Mayor and Kenny's mother but makes a positive effect and once again Issac Hayes is totally wasted.

    Chickenlover can safely be called a classic; it establishes Cartman and Barbrady as two legendary characters and all - around is a great watch.
  • Chickenlover

    Although this episode is offensive to hens and all types of chickens... this episode can be rather funny in parts including the beginning-middle before it gets stupid.
    There is a strange man that is invading chicken's huts and raping their little butts. After a sick starting scene and the whole beginning and the "Disruption of the South Park town".
    I enjoyed this episode for its clear story and hilarious parts, but in other cases it was crude, rude and just silly. Some episodes of South Park are great and others are just colourful and crude. This episode is one of the crude ones.
    Good episode :)
  • Trey & Matt are doing allot of series classic lately...

    This episode has to be the best of season 2. It had a clever plot, clever humor. Pretty much what a South Park episode needs.

    I must say, Trey & Matt possibly spent time on this episode. It takes allot of work to make a episode with clever humour with a clever plot-wise episode.

    Other then that, it was another nice addition to be Officer Barbrady as the main character for once. He is the most under-used character I've seen in South Park. He's hilarious, he deserved his own episode.

    This episode also debuts my favourite Cartman line: "Respect my AUTORITAH!"

    Now, I recommend this episode allot for South Park viewers. Its a series classic that you cannot miss.
  • At a crisis like this is just best to calm everyone down. RESPECT MY AUTHORITAH!

    Somebody's being intimate with the town's chickens. Officer Barbrady's having problems solving the case because he's illiterate. He takes a leave of absence and returns to grade school, and the kids are deputized. Naturally, the power goes to Cartman's head. Respect his authoritah! The main bestiality story just isn't very funny. I mean, really, what's funny about sex with poultry? Everything surrounding it, though, is pretty damn funny, like Mr. Garrison's teaching methods ("Wrong, dumbass!"), the television news coverage of the events, Barbrady's book report, and especially Cartman's forays into law enforcement ("Poor people tend to live in clusters," he says to the Cops film crew while responding to a domestic disturbance call at Kenny's house).
  • A special episode based around everyone's favourite officer.

    This episode is my favourite of Season 2 so far. It is one of the funniest episodes of South Park yet. The parody of COPS is the highlight of the episode for me. It developed Cartman as a character and introduced his trademark "Respect my Authoritah!" which is my favourite Cartman quotes of all. The ending of the episode tells us what most 8 year old boys think, reading sucks ass, which I must say I agree with. The whole Barbrady can't read was the weak point of the episode, but I am very glad Officer Barbrady was included in the episode.
  • Reading sucks.

    This Barbrady-centered episode was very entertaining, especially because this episode sees him attempting to read for the first time. Cartman’s Cops parody was pretty funny as well. The revelation that South Park’s biggest ordeal is a guy who has sex with chickens was very funny, and Barbrady has more than enough great lines to back up this plot.
  • Lol. This episode was awesome! "I am a cop, and you will respect my attoritah!"

    This is one of the reasons I watch this show. It was so funny when cartman pulled over Stan's dad. Lol. "Yah, your the guy who plugs up the toilet at our house" Also, anthour favourite thing that happend in this episode is when Cartman comes over to Kennys house "Poor people tend to live in clusters" LOL. And then anthour favourite part would be in the same shot, when Kenny's mom yells at Kenny's dad, and beats him up! HAHAHA. I started laughing with Kenny. This episode was awesome... now I know why I should watch Cops. Also... I really wasn't paying attention to what was happening in this episode... only Cartman... haha!
  • Respect My Authortiah!

    It was a great episode, with Cartman as a cop and Barbrady couldn't read. Just one of the best south park episodes ever made is this one. It was haloruis and just funny! This shows what south park is really made of. Chickenlover is one Best south park episodes. Respect My Authortiah!
  • So you ****** a bunch of chickens?

    In this episode Officer Barbrady needs to learn to read to solve the case of the "Chicken ******", also Cartman exerts his "authoritah" as a makeshift cop beating up people with a night stick while Barbrady is off work. The funniest parts of this episode was how goofy Barbrady was, and Cartman in the cops parody... "swing set swing set up and down I go"!
  • Deputy Cartman. Authoritah!

    Reading is magical in South Park!!

    This episode tackles the very important subject of chickenlove. Is it okay or not okay for a young man to love chickens to get Officer Barbrady to read?? What does the town think when Cartman becomes a police deputy? And how about his "authoritah"? What about the CHiPs reference?

    This episode deals with all of these issues, and answers the above questions. It also tackles the question of reading. Is reading cool? The answers to all of these questions will shock you. So instead of watching some other, lesser TV program, tune in to South Park.
  • Officer Barbrady can't read and a criminal is on the loose, and he's having sex with chickens.

    One of the best Season 2 episodes. A criminal is having sex with chickens. After admitting he can't read, Barbrady quits his job. He goes back to school to learn to read. Then, he starts to enjoy school to much. Stan, Kyle, and Kenny help Barbrady find the criminal while Cartman gets authorita!
  • Officer Barbrady quits his job after admitting he can\'t read.

    This was the very first episode of South Park I ever watched and it was this episode that would get me hooked on South Park for the next 10 years and counting. The episode was very very funny and also pretty disturbing in a funny way, but that\'s how most South Park episodes are. They make you say \"What the hell just happened?\" So Officer Barbrady admits he can\'t read and is therefore unable to solve the case of the chicken****er. The boys help him learn to read, they catch the culprit, and all is well in South Park once again. Great episode.
  • Officer Barbrady can't read and quits his job.

    Nice episode, a man having intercourse with chickens and we find out that Officer Barbrady can't read and resigns from the police force, and Cartman steps into fill in for him. Cartman goes around town saying "Hey, respect mah authoritah!!" Classic and well done Matt Stone and Trey Parker. Thank you for another great episode.
  • Officer Barbrady acts like a kid

    Officer Barbrady can't read or write and it is up
    To the kids to teach him how to do so and
    Cartman becomes the "cop" temporarily as he beats up on
    Adults and even cracks me up for someone who can't stand
    Him as he keeps saying to the adults "Respect my authority!" Very funny show again!
  • Barbrady is one funny character!

    Why don't we see more of Barbrady now? Thats what I'd like to know! Officer Barbrady really needs to get more air time like Wiggum gets in the Simpsons.

    Barbrady can't read and he follows a bunch of clues to find out who has been "loving" chickens!

    Its funny! In a sick and very twisted way, but funny nonetheless.

    Idiot cops make really funny characters and those final credits where he is giving a thumbs up to the camera are simply hilarious!

    Where is Barbrady now! why are we forced to put up with disgraceful character like "Mrs" Garrison now?!

    Still this is a great episode!
  • A great episode and so very funny.

    This episode is perhaps one of my favourite South Park episodes. This is one of the early ones where Cartman turned out to be the star of the characters. In was in this episode where he took on the role of a police man on his bike, and proceeded to ride around town chanting \' Respect my Author-a-tay\'.

  • This episode is mad hilarious.

    Something goes wrong in south park a reading teacher is making love to a chicken.Uh oh it's up to cartman,kyle,stan and kenny to stop this chicken lover.This episode is mad funny especially when they were trying to discover who the chicken lover is I liked it when it was really the reading teacher was the lover I also liked how this episode was kinda like a spoof on cops.
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