South Park

Season 2 Episode 4


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM May 27, 1998 on Comedy Central

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  • Chickenlover is a classic as it introduces many populer catchphrases and gives us a look into the (empty) mind of Officer Barbrady.

    In this episode; chickens at a local farm have been molested by a person known as the Chickenlover who leaves a note behind as a clue, forcing Officer Barbrady to admit his shameful secret: he's illiterate. The Mayor sends Barbrady back to elementary school to learn how to read before he can return to work. Desperate to stop the Chicken Lover before he strikes again, Barbrady enlists the help of the boys in solving the mystery.

    The mystery part of the episode never really develops tension; (partly because the entire premise is impossible) but that doesn't matter as Cartman's story as well as Officer Barbrady's makes this the most notable of the second season.

    Any scene with Cartman in his cops - style show and with Officer Barbrady at school is downright hilarious as is the running gag of Kenny not dying until the very end. It's just a shame that party - poopers Stan and Kyle are given more screentime than what's required. It's impossible not to picture Cartman these days without recalling this episode where he's wearing a cop uniform, beating innocent people with a club and saying his immortal line "Respect my Authoritah!". With this episode Officer Barbrady progresses from a one - dimensional comic relief element to a person who is facing real problems of illiteracy and disgrace, the final part of the episode falls back on a cliche but the journey to that point is enough to make this episode worth it. And can i just add that the whole raping chickens sub - plot is exceedingly creepy. Chickenlover lacks visual smoothness but certainly looks better than the previous season. Trey Parker (Officer Barbrady and Cartman) and Matt Stone (the Booktastic Bus driver and Kenny's Dad) both deliver excellent performances and the characters i put next to their names are what i think were their best voices of the episode. Mary Kay Bergman is underused as only the Mayor and Kenny's mother but makes a positive effect and once again Issac Hayes is totally wasted.

    Chickenlover can safely be called a classic; it establishes Cartman and Barbrady as two legendary characters and all - around is a great watch.