South Park

Season 2 Episode 10


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 26, 1998 on Comedy Central

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  • The boy's moms devise a plan to give the boys chickenpox.

    This an ok episode, it starts off with the boy's moms devising a plan to give the boys chickenpox.They decide to send their boys to stay the night over at Kenny's house who had recently caught the chickenpox.They all stay over,but everyone except Kyle gets chickenpox.Kyle's mom then sends Kyle bsck to stay the night in an atempt to give Kyle chickenpox.That doesn't work so Kyle's mom decides to talk with the doctor,this is when he discovers his mom's plan.He is mad about his mom planning to give him chicken pox,so he meets up with the guys to devise a plan of their own to get back at their parents.This episode is full of funny moments and a good addittion to the season.
  • A episode with a clever plot, but no humour.

    Ok, this episode was a another typical average South Park episode. Basically, every in town (except for Kyle) has the chickenpox. Which is later revealed that there parents are causing this. For revenge, the boys call a woman, which will effect every item of the house with herpes. If they touch it, they will have herpes.

    Now, let's cut to the chase....


    The humour in this episode was not at its best, some were well tought but mostly. You will feel that the jokes aren't as funny as some of the past South Park episodes.

    The plot was cleverly made. It had great storyline. Which made the episode even watchable at the first place.

    Nonetheless, this is a episode which I might watch not more then 2 times. Since this episode lacks in the humour zone. Althrought, the character devoloppment of Geral Brofloski and Stuart McCormick add points to this episode aswell.
  • The boys all get chickenpox "herpes"

    This is one my very favorites episodes because it is just such random in it's humor and the plot is killer. Who could think of something like this other than Matt and Trey? Kenny gets chickenpox and the moms learn that it is much better to get the disease while you are young. Naturally, they send their boys over to Kenny's for a night to ensure that their kids will get it from Kenny. They boys eventually realize what's going on and they hire a hooker to give their parents herpes. Extremely funny ending and even better plot. Great episode.
  • Not the funniest, but a must see of fan's of Cartman's "In the Ghetto"

    Not the funniest, but a must see of fan's of Cartman's "In the Ghetto". First time they really SHOW that kenny is poor. Secondly this has a clever way of showing how the children feel the parents are tying to GIVE them chickenpox. Third, we see that Kyle and Kenny's fathers used to be best friends until Kyle's Dad's law degree (which in turn gives him more money) makes Kenny's Dad jelious.

    The biggest down side of this episode, this that they have philip have cancer for absolutely no reason. This is a great show, but there is nothing funny about cancer.
  • The boys, except Kyle, get chickenpox. They find out their parents are behind it.

    After Kenny gets the chickenpox, the boys parents let Kenny infect them. Only Stan and Kyle get it. Kyle find out what their parents did and the boys plot revenge. A pretty good episode. There's some funny moments, espically when the boys let the hooker give all their parent herpes.
  • The parents try to purposely infect the children with chickenpox, and we also get to know Kenny's poor family. Plus, this is the episode that "My Future Self 'n Me" ripped off.

    Stan's sister Shelly has chickenpox, Dr. Doctor says that children are more likely to recover from the disease than older people, so parents of Stan, Kyle, and Cartman send them to play with Kenny, who also has chickenpox. Gerald (Kyle's dad) and Stuart (Kenny's dad) also go fishing. This is an enjoyable episode of South Park, from an otherwise mediocre season. It may seem as random as a Family Guy episode, but at least there's a coherent plot and relevant-to-the-plot jokes here. In addition, we get to laugh at the stupidities of the parents. And, like in "Weight Gain 4000", Cartman whines to his mom again! If you've seen that pathetic sixth season of SOuth Park, especially "My Future Self n' Me", I think you should watch this episode, because this is the episode that "My Future Self" kinda ripped off. This is worth your time. Go ahead and download it off iTunes, while you let all those pathetic season 6 DVD's collect dust in the stores.
  • Frozen waffles

    Kenny’s home life is portrayed in great detail in this episode, and it’s also the first to mention that Kyle’s father is a lawyer. This may be my favorite episode of the season. Kenny’s family is a laugh-out-loud riot (Callicovision!!!), and Cartman’s addiction to calamine lotion is equally hilarious. It’s well-paced, well-written, and backed up with a great deal of stylish shock value.
  • Old Frida and the Monkees: comic gold.

    Today's world is a new world, filled with panic and fear and mistrust.

    In an old world (the world of my youth), parents would get kids sick with the chickenpox on purpose so that they wouldn't have to go through the illness as an adult.

    This is also true in the world of South Park, and this episode is centered around this idea.

    Of course, the kids don't understand the reasoning behind this, and decide to get thier parents back by giving them herpes.

    Overall, this is a good episode. There are a lot of good moments throughout, including Cartman and his calamyne lotion, and his closing line: "It looks like we're all going to need a lot more calamyne lotion!"
  • Everybody except Kyle is fair game!

    I don't know why Kyle was immuned from the chicken
    Pox as he was very healthy and that everybody's parents
    Were sending their kids to Kenny's house as Kyle uncovers the plot
    And the kids seek to get revenge on their parents by seeking a prostitute to make them all sick.
    Very funny and Kyle does get sick in the end!
  • We don't have a Nintendo. We got a Coleco Vision plugged into the black and white TV.

    In this episode Stans evil sister Shelly gets Chicken Pox, and the moms try and get the kids to get it early so it is not as bad. But it hurts them all, so they come up with a plan to give their parents Herpe's [Old Frieda and a Monkees song was great]. Funny episode, good kenny moments, good Urkel.
  • Chickenpox

    If you love Eric Cartman, which most kids do in my class then you'll be glad to know that this episode is based loosely on Eric Cartman and the fact that he has Chickenpox.
    This episode is interesting and fresh - the plot is simple. The kids have Chickenpox and the parents are chasin` them around for some reason. I can not really explain the episode `cause I am on Season 8 at the moment and it has been along time since I watched it but I enjoyed it even if Eric is a spoilt bastard... I like his Mom
    :) Good episode!
  • The Pox is upon them!

    This episopde of South Park shows the evil plotting of parents versus children as Shelley gets chicken pox and so Mrs. Marsh suggests that all the boys get the disease before they die from it considering that you can't die at age 8, so they went a little cuckoo. The boys are sent to Kenny's house "in the ghetto" as Cartman puts it, and sleeping with the infected Kenny. The boys have to endure frozen waffles, and rats in Kenny's room. OK, Stan and Cartman are affected but Kyle no matter what, can't get the pox from Kenny no matter what Mrs. Broflavski does. Revenge is plotted against the parents with herpes and not chicken pox. Kyle does get ill and Kenny dies, so what else is new?
  • I did not like this episode very much. It got this high-a rating because it is South Park.

    This episode disappointed me. This episode was not one I could remember seeing in the past and I looked forward to watching it, but when I did it had one of the most disappointing storylines of the entire series. There was only one funny joke in the entire episode and that was the "I understand there won't be any side-dishes with our frozen waffles..." Kenny's death at the end of the episode was incredibly weak and the boys getting a prostitute to give their parents herpes was plain disappointing. I'm willing to let it go because there aren't many bad episodes in the series of South Park.