South Park

Season 2 Episode 10


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 26, 1998 on Comedy Central

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  • The boy's moms devise a plan to give the boys chickenpox.

    This an ok episode, it starts off with the boy's moms devising a plan to give the boys chickenpox.They decide to send their boys to stay the night over at Kenny's house who had recently caught the chickenpox.They all stay over,but everyone except Kyle gets chickenpox.Kyle's mom then sends Kyle bsck to stay the night in an atempt to give Kyle chickenpox.That doesn't work so Kyle's mom decides to talk with the doctor,this is when he discovers his mom's plan.He is mad about his mom planning to give him chicken pox,so he meets up with the guys to devise a plan of their own to get back at their parents.This episode is full of funny moments and a good addittion to the season.