South Park

Season 2 Episode 10


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 26, 1998 on Comedy Central



  • Trivia

    • The Monkees' hit song "I'm A Believer" plays during the scene when the prostitute is giving herpes to the parents.

    • This is the second and last episode to have the word "chicken" in the title. The other was Chickenlover.

    • Everyone's house addresses were same as previous episodes: Chef = 10465, Kyle = 1002, Cartman = 28201, Stan = 2001, Kenny = no number.

    • Cartman only needs seven bottles of Calimine lotion to fill an entire bathtub.

    • The decal on Stuart's (Kenny's dad) truck says "Know Fear."

    • The doctor's nametag says "Dr. Doctor."

    • In the end of the show, when all four kids are in hospital beds, Kenny dies when he flatlines. However, when the shot pulls back to all four beds, Kenny's heart monitor still shows signs of life.

    • In this episode we find out Kenny's brother's name is "Kevin."

    • Kyle said he doesn't give a rat's ass about Kenny. However, in the episode Kenny Dies, he cared the most.

    • During Stuart's line "So Kyle, your dad still brings home those fat big lawyer paychecks?" he moves his elbow in an angle that should have made his drink spill onto the floor, but it is seen clearly that his drink stays.

    • The pox kept disappearing and reappearing on Cartman's hands.

    • It takes about ten days to get chickenpox. It makes sense that Kyle didn't get them for a while and Stan could have caught it from his sister. But how is it that Cartman started showing symptoms the day after being exposed?

      Perhaps Cartman had been exposed to chickenpox earlier, and the others just didn't know about it.

  • Quotes

    • (The Marshes are discussing Stan's essay assignment)
      Stan: Not Mr. Garrison, Mom, he's a sick weirdo.
      Randy: Yeah it's true, he is.

    • Stan: We gave you guys herpes!

    • Randy: I can't believe you boys gave us little rascals.

    • Cartman: You have rats in your house, too, Kenny?
      Kenny: Mm-hmm.
      Cartman: Seriously, you better stop being so poor or else I'm gonna start huckin' rocks at you.
      Kenny: Well maybe if we get a f**king roof, we won't have rats.
      Stan: Oh.

    • Cartman: (while at Kenny's house) Where is the Nintendo?
      Mr. McCormick: We don't have a Nintendo. We got a Coleco Vision plugged into the black and white TV.
      Kyle: Oh my God, this is like a third-world country.

    • Mr. McCormick: (saying grace) Lord, we thank you for this staggering payload of frozen waffles you have bestowed upon us. And since we have been faithful to you, we know you will send us some good fortune, one of these days, even though you sure as hell seem to be taking your sweet time. Amen.

    • Mr. McCormick: Hey! Is it my fault you don't know how to cook!
      Mrs. McCormick: What am I supposed to do with frozen waffles, clamhead, you put 'em in the toaster and you cook 'em.
      Mr. McCormick: You just don't know how to use spices and stuff.

    • Mrs. Broflovski: Are you sure you stayed over at Kenny's house?
      Kyle: Yeah, dude, I told you, we had bread sandwiches for breakfast.
      Mrs. Broflovski: Did you sleep in the same room?
      Kyle: Yes, why?
      Mrs. Broflovski: Bubbe, how would you like to spend the night at your friend Kenny's house again?
      Kyle: No way, dude, it sucked ass, they don't even have cable.
      Mrs. Broflovski: Well I think you need to spend more time with your friend.
      Kyle: Kenny's not really my friend, Ma, I don't give a rat's ass about him.

    • Cartman: Man, your family sucks ass, Kenny. Who ever heard of frozen waffles for dinner?

    • Mrs. Broflovski: How would you boys like to have a little slumber party at your friend Kenny's house tonight?
      Cartman: No way, dude, Kenny's family is poor, they live in the ghetto.

    • Randy: Well, ya see, we had Stan and his friends play with a kid who already had chickenpox so they could catch it.
      Dr. Doctor: Oh wow…you did…oh wow…you guys suck.

    • Terrance: I'm afraid you have cancer.
      Phillip: Oh no.
      Terrance: See this? This is your ass. See this line? This is your ass collapsing.
      Phillip: Does this mean I won't be able to fart anymore?
      Terrance: No, it means you won't be able to live anymore.

    • Mr. Broflovski: Remember when we built that huge fort in your backyard?
      Mr. McKormick: (laughs) Yeah, it took us nearly 2 damn years to finish it. (laughs)
      Mr. Broflovski: (laughs) Whatever happened to that old hunk of junk?
      Mr. McKormick: (firmly) That's where I live now.

    • Mr. Broflovski: Aren't weekends the best?
      Mr. McKormick: When you're unemployed, weekends are meaningless.
      Mr. Broflovski: Oh, ri-right, of course.

    • Cartman: So, what kind of side dishes are we going to enjoy this evening with our frozen waffles?
      Cartman: Am I to understand there will be no side dishes?
      Mr. McKormick: So, Kyle, your father still brings home those big fat lawyer paychecks?
      Mrs. McKormick: Now, clamhead! Don't even get started!
      Mr. McKormick: What? I was just asking a question. Your father and I used to be best friends. But he ended up going to law school because he has rich parents.
      Mrs. McKormick: That's not why he was sent to law school! He had dreams that didn't involved getting lazy and drunk all the time!
      (Waffle pops out of toaster)
      Kevin: My waffle's done! My waffle's done!
      Mrs. McKormick: Now now, Kevin. We don't have enough for everybody. You have to split that with your brother.
      Cartman: My god, are you f(beep)king kidding me?
      Mr. McKormick: Hey! We don't say f(beep)k at the dinner table, you little assh*le!
      Cartman: (muttering) Yeah, well apparently, they don't say side dishes either...

    • Cartman: I'm going to kick her square in the nuts!

    • Mrs. Broflovski: You certainly have a humble home Mrs. McKormick.
      Mrs. McKormick: Yeah, well, unfortunately my husband is a washed up hunk of s(beep)t!

    • Mrs. McKormick: You want some more hot water?
      Mrs. Broflovski: Oh, no thank you, it's terrific though. You don't have any tea bags or coffee grounds to go in the hot water do you?
      Mrs. McKormick: No, we don't care for any of that hoity-toity rich folk stuff.

    • Mrs. Marsh: You mean Stanley's missing?
      Doctor: No, no, he's not missing. We just…can't seem to find him at this moment.

    • Kyle: They knew that staying at Kenny's house would make us sick, and they made us do it anyway.
      Stan: They did?
      Kyle: Yeah, and I think I figured out why.
      Stan: Why?
      Kyle: Because they're a bunch of assholes.

    • Kyle: Here's Kenny's house.
      Cartman: (singing) In the ghetto. On a cold and grey Chicago morn, another little baby child is born in the ghetto. (In the ghetto!)

    • Mrs. McCormick: That ain't why, Stuart! It's because you are an alcoholic retard and he has dreams of not eating frozen waffles for dinner every night!

    • Mr. Garrison: And, so, children, that's how you tell a prostitute from a police officer. Now, are there any questions? Yes, Kyle?
      Kyle: What the hell does that have to do with American history?
      Mr. Garrision: Good question, Kyle. Are there any other questions?
      Kyle: Mr. Garrison, I'm the only one here. Everyone else has chicken herpes.

    • Kyle: Oh my god, this is like a third world country!

  • Notes

    • This episode features Cartman singing "In the Ghetto" for the first time.

    • In this episode, Phillip has cancer. This means that Scott (the guy that T&P referred to as a 'dick' on at least seven occasions in Not Without My Anus) was successful when he tried to give them cancer with his mind.

    • The picture on the back of the classroom when everyone was absent from Chickenpox except Kyle was a picture from Trey Parker's "American History", an animated short Trey made during college.

  • Allusions

    • Family Matters: While sleeping at Kenny's house, Cartman has a Steve Urkel sleeping bag.

    • Wrong Side of the Tracks:

      When the children go to Kenny's house they cross a railroad track. On the left side of the tracks, the town is clean and the houses are nice, while the side on the right is messy and run down. This is a reference to the expression "the wrong side of the tracks" which is used to describe "the bad part of town" and the people who live there. The phrase comes from the days of coal-powered trains. The tracks would run through the town and when a train would pass through, because of the wind, it would put out a lot of pollution on one side and not the other. Eventually one side of the town would gain a higher value than the other resulting in a schism where the rich and the poor were physically separated. Despite coal-powered trains being rare these days, the effects are still present and the bad part of town is now often called the slums, ghetto, or skid row.

    • I'm a Believer/The Monkees:

      When the kids are getting their parents back by getting Frida the prostitute to spread her herpes, the song playing is I'm a Believer by The Monkees.

    • Final Solution:

      Kyle's "final solution" essay is inspired by Adolf Hitler and the Holocaust. This is especially ironic since Kyle's Jewish.

    • Elvis Presley:

      The song Cartman sings as he walks to Kenny's house is called "In The Ghetto" originally recorded by Elvis Presley.

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