South Park

Season 6 Episode 12

Child Abduction is Not Funny

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 24, 2002 on Comedy Central

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  • You guys want logic? Really?

    It never fails to amaze me when I read through these reviews and people point out things that are unrealistic. What do you think you're watching? The Mongolians are there for the same reason the kids travel to China via school bus - because it's absurd. If you don't find absurdity funny, fine, but you're watching the wrong show.

    The only reason my rating is a 9 and not a 10 is I think the Great Wall plot ran a little too long. The rest of the episode was pure genius. Randy is my favorite character.
  • 90th Episode

    I didn't laugh once in this episode, proving that the title of the episode right, "Child abduction is not funny" is not funny.

    Even the poorer episodes of South Park usually have a few good laughs here and there but this one was ridiculous, the city wall bit getting old after the first scene and the overreaction of news reports having been done to death, though in this case wouldn't have been funny if the reports were an original source of paranoia on South Park.

    This episode is predictable and boring, not like most South Park episodes which provide memorable moments and intriguing plots.
  • the person how owns city wok has to build the wall around south park and hes chines lol to keep out chilled maltsters

    this episode is the awesome! One of the classics of south park. If you have not seen this one you should be ashamed of your self. Its has to be in my top 5 at least. so suggest you take a look at it or else stop watching south park until you see this one. Ya its that good so GO SEE IT. You will love it and if you don't some thing wrong with you I mean really you must have no seance of hummer or it could be that you are chines and that a fends your people. But if you cant laugh at your self then how will you laugh at.
  • Sray ello to mry rittle riend Mongrolians!

    This episode delt with the Child abductions and how over reacting parents are. The Child Tracker 2010 was great as was how the parents beleived anything that those idiot newsmen said. I loved "Chitty Wok Guy" constantly being beaten by the Mongolians. This was just a goofy episode making fun of child abductions and I liked it.
  • The parents overreact to a news report about child abduction. The Mongolians come in response to the city wall.

    This is one of those episodes that takes something real and exposes it and then throws something crazy in for good measure.
    Basically the parents keep overreacting to seeing the news reports about child abductions. Each time they thing they have solved the problem, the news changes and their solution becomes obsolete. They want a city wall consturcted, just like the Great Wall of China, so they call the steroypical Chinese restaurant guy. Why do the Mongolians show up? Well why not, and it makes the show a little more light hearted and silly since child abduction is a serious topic. I love Stan\'s reaction to the parents and his comments about hating this town.
  • A fairly funny yet mediocre episode of south park. One of my few favorite eps of season 6.

    South Park enters total chaos after parents actually trust the news of reserach on child abuse. The kids run away to Mongolia and the manager of the local Chinese restaurant tries to build a "Great Wall" to isolate the town from strangers. Well, after much debate myself, I feel that this is just an average South park episode, not as funny as most others. I don't feel that the "Great Wall" thing is intolerance. Remember, Isaac Hayes (voice of Chef) left cuz he thought south park was getting towards intolerance. And, I think the mongolian thing could've been replace by child molesters or something. If u wanna watch this ep don't waste $100+ on the season 6 dvd, tape it off tv or somewhere.
  • Tweek was almost abducted by the (correct me if I\'m wrong) Ghost of Human Kindness(?). All the parents are freaking out and have the owner of the chinese restaurant build a wall around it. Then Mongolians try to tear it down.

    Okay maybe it is not the greatest storyline of all time... I\'m not crazy about the Chinese part, but the way he retaliated to the Mongolians was great. I also liked \"ChildTracker,\" Kyle\'s mom when Cartman called him a stupid Jew, and the ending is priceless. After only four days, Randy Marsh is telling Stan, who has joined with the Mongolians, \"Staaaaaaaaan... Your name.. Was Staaaan.\"
    And by the end, Stan was like, \"God, our parents have done some stupid s**t before, but GOD!!\" Basically, with the exception of \"The Terrance & Phillip Movie Trailer\", Season Six is one of the best seasons.
  • This is fantastic episode, which shows the true face of Mongolians and Chinese! I never seen such a good description of relationship between Mongolians and Chinese.

    Perfect! You could exacty describe the characteristics or personalities of Mongolians and Chinese and their very historical relationships. Specially the eposode, where Mongolians come to the wall and Chinese try to protect the wall is very realistic. It was really funny to see, we had really good laugh. Thanks a lot.
  • The best summary of the episode can be found on this site, so there is no point to re-tell the story.

    The \"Great Wall\" and the Mongolians... Doesn\'t that sound awfully familiar? When I was watching this episode I was absolutely sure it was just created last week-- Comedy Central couldn\'t have found better timing for its re-run! The scene when the parents are trying to communicate with the kids in a broken \"Mongolian\" is hilarious! Bravo!
  • Child abduction isn't funny, and neither is this episode.

    I think this episode had a lot of potential, but it started out much funnier than it ended. Don't get me wrong, it had some good parts: Tweeks parents twisted scare-tactics, the Spirit of Human Kindness, the man on the railroad tracks -- but a few good ideas do not a funny episode make. I thought the part with the Mongolians tearing down the wall was enjoyable... the first two times. After that, it felt like the writers were trying to stretch out a miniscule B plot to fill the episode, and the joke became tired quickly. Not to mention that the episode didn't focus nearly enough on the kids, and relied on an entire town's worth of paranoid/stupid parents to make the plot work.

    Now, I get that most episodes rely on a sense of absurdity as part of the humor, but the absurdity here wasn't funny, it was just stupid. The overreaction to abduction stories would have been much funnier if it were the parents of one child who overreacted (say, Tweeks or Butters, something like that), IMO, and a little more believable. To me, this is the worst episode of season six.
  • Lovely episode.

    This was a cute episode, more intellegent, less gory and disgusting than the usual stuff.
    Although the guy with the wheelchair on the railroad, was pretty nasty, I liked it!
    The Ghost of Human Kindness was a great way to convey the episode's message which is that TV reporting shows only the bad things in life.
    The town people shouting "Rable Rable Rable", is funny as it is true that many people sound like that. The Chineese guy building a Great Wall fighting off Mongolians is a nice historian homage to the thousand of years that Chineese blocked out the Mongolians. "Child Tracker" is yet another cute idea about technology that supposed to help us prtect our child. Hillary Clinton's Ass joke was at the spot - I like it when they put an news report endings. Butters' Parents hugging the huge Mongolian was amusing - Butters is always treated unfairly.