South Park

Season 3 Episode 11


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 03, 1999 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

Cartman learns that he can become "Royal Crown Chinpokomon Master" if he collects all the Chinpokomon. He pleads we his mother to take him to the toy store. At the toy store he finds all the other children there getting their Chinpokomon. The parents are at a loss to explain this new fad that comes from Japan. At the bus stop Cartman tries to trade Chinpokomons with Kenny. Kyle arrives, oblivious to all things Chinpokomon. Kyle goes home and lobbies his parents to give him some money to allow him to join the fad. At the toy store, the owner hears one of the Chinpokomon spewing some anti-American sentiment. Kyle brings his new Chinpokomon to show the guys, who inform him that the dolls are "so last week." They are engrossed in a video game that is encouraging them to blow up Pearl Harbor. The video game causes Kenny to have a seizure. In Japan, the South Park toy store owner goes to the Chinpokomon corporate office to find out the reason behind the Chinpokomon's message. The executives there tell him it must be a mistake, and to divert his attention away they talk about his large American penis. As Cartman and the other children are asleep and dreaming, their Chinpokomon are sending messages back to Japan. At Chinpokomon headquarters, the Japanese are convinced that this time they will take Pearl Harbor.
Stan's parents spend sometime trying to figure out what Chinpokomon is all about. Cartman is on the street singing in an effort to raise some money. Kyle arrives on the scene with his Chinpokomon game controller and learns that now everyone is trying to get money so that they can go to Chinpokomon camp. All the boys' parents decide to let them go to camp. At Chinpokomon camp the children learn that the "evil power" is the American government, and then the brainwashing begins. At school, all of the children appear to have finished "Turning Japanese." The parents demand that the mayor take action and the Chinpokomon executives are there to help with their concerns. The Chinpokomon executives divert their attention, by mentioning the of their large American penises. The executives determine that they need to accelerate their plans. Meanwhile the mayor, who realizes that children are fickle, decides that they just need to come up with a new fad to divert the children's attention. They send their children to a research center where some new toys are shown to them, including "Wild Wacky Action Bike" and "Alabama Man." Both of which the children find totally "gay."
The Chinpokomon executives are leading the children through the streets of South Park, marching them in a military fashion. Sharon Marsh hits upon an idea that will get their children to stop liking Chinpokomon. At the White House, President Clinton, addresses the nation about the growing number of Japanese military bases in the US and that fact that the Japanese emperor assures him that he (Clinton) has a very large penis indeed. At the South Park Japanese military base, the children are preparing for their attack on Pearl Harbor, when their parents arrive, with Chinpokomon of their own. The children realize that Chinpokomon are no longer cool, except for Kyle who arrives late.
Kenny dies at the end, when his body bursts open and rats come crawling out.
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