South Park

Season 3 Episode 11


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 03, 1999 on Comedy Central

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  • great

    What I liked: the Bill Clinton scene, how the Japanese kept talking about the lengths of penises, the Japanese man showing Sharon his penis to prove it is small, Kyle always being slow to catch up to the fad, the ending of the episode, Kenny's seizure (great reference to a real-life incident), amongst other things.

    Stellar episode. It's not one of their best episodes but it did have a nice plot with some really funny parts. B- or so is going to be my final grade, I think is fair for this particular episode
  • Good older episode of SP

    To be honest, I don't like the first 3 seasons of South Park as much as season 4 on, but this is one of the best older ones. In this episode, the boys all get addicted to "Chinpokomon" (obvious pokemon parody) from Japan, to the point where they're going to Summer Camp for it. It turns out that the Japanese are using the Chinpokomon figures to brainwashing the kids to unleash an aireal attack on Pearl Harbor (again!) The main problem with this ep, is that the story is a little too wacky here, and there are too many penis jokes with Japanese. Overall, a good older episode. 8.5/10 B
  • Suprisingly freaky but excellent episode of South Park.

    In Chinpokomon; All the kids except for Kyle, are going crazy over Chinpokomon, a new toy, game, and TV show set that's just arrived from Japan. And when the kids are brainwashed into bringing down the American Government by all means possible; it looks like South Park will never be the same again. This episode is essentially one continuous go at the Japanese but rather than the usual sushi, sumo wrestling and cheesy game show gags which was found in the Simpsons episode based in Tokyo. The culturally enriched Trey Parker and Matt Stone go for the more subtle approaches which includes an in - joke as to what "Chinpoko" actually means. (You'll have to look that one up because i'm not saying it here.)

    By the way; if you didn't know that the anime series Pokemon caused seizures, has bad animation and lip - synching, cheesy characters, Japanese in - jokes and drove it's young fans into obsession. These are (not so) subtly referenced to in this episode.

    The plot is the classic South Park method of taking a mild thing way too far until it's utterly ridiculous but that's what makes it so irresistable. The jokes also border along the lines of too much but you can't help but respect it. The visuals in the first seasons were rough and dog ugly but in the later seasons it's so cinematic and detailed that the true spirit of the show is obscured but this episode is right in the middle of them and it's great. We're also treated to some creepy live action sequences.

    Same goes with the audio; in the early seasons they were premature and in the later seasons they're a little broken but here they're at their best. This is also one of your last chances to hear Mary Kay Bergman as the female characters on the show as she's taken from us in about 4 episodes time. Overall this is a superbly surreal experience.
  • Great filler episode.

    This episode of South Park was a pretty good one. I kept on finding it funny how there was a big fad and all of the kids kept on getting the new kind of Chinpokomon item such as dolls and video games and then Kyle was always one step behind the others in getting the same item as the others. I mean this episode was almost just like pokemon because Pokemon kept on coming out with something new such as games, cards, dolls, and averything in between. But I will say this, those Japanese are smart and can get kids to buy into just about anything.
  • The greatest tribute to Pokemon ever.

    Stan, Cartman, and Kenny and the rest of America, besides Kyle are all caught up in the fads. The newest fad Chinpokomon turns out to be a terrorist attack on the american government. This is my 3rd favorite episode of South Park is the best. Tou should go watch it right now.
  • One of the best South Park episodes.

    This is my favourite South Park episode. It's just hilarious. The fact that the Chipokomon toys and shows, which are of course parodying the Pokemon products, are really trying to trick the kids of America into bombing Pearl Harbour by getting them to believe that their government lies to them, is just priceless!! So now it's time to conclude my review so hear is what I have to say. I don't care if you love or hate South Park. All I know is that you need to watch this episode. If you don't at least chuckle then you basically have no soul.
  • Japanese toy makers use the popularity of chinpokomon dolls to set up military bases in america. When questioned, they assuage the concerns of the americans by stressing that they are a simple people with very small penises.

    This episode is so well written. It is the one south park episode that I can watch over and over without getting sick of it. The fact that the writers are able to make fun of american stupidity and japanese genitalia all at the same time is quite clever. The voices that the japanese characters use is hilarious, especially when the sidekick, hirohit, says that his penis is "so small." Also, cartman is great in this episode when making fun of kyle for not having the newest and coolest toys. Everything about this show works. This is my favorite sout park episode ever.
  • Easily one of the best South Park episodes ever!

    This episode was great. It had lots of funny moments in it and a plot to destroy Pearl Harbor! The boys become fasinated with the new cool toys, Chinpokomon. But what they don't know is that the Japanese are using the Chinpokomon to brainwash them to destroy Pearl Harbor. The Japanese trick the U.S. people by saying that they are jealous that the U.S. people have big ******* and they have small ones. Luckily, the fad of the Chinpokomon wears off and the kids don't destroy Pearl Harbor. This is a classic episode and the best episode of Season 3. Plus, they make fun of Pokemon!
  • a true south park classic!!!

    This episode of South Park is a true classic.It is about these toys taking over the kids minds by telling them to kill the goverment.The funnyiest part is the part were this japan guy builds that wall and these men on horses keep running ofer it, and another very funny part in this episode is the reason that the Japan people have for making the toys say Kill The Goverment. This is one of the best episodes of the 3rd season.It is a episode that doesnot get boring and it is a episode that gets funnyer as it goes. I give this episode a A+.
  • Now this, I like.

    Chinpokomon is hillarious. This episode takes the show Pokemon, analizes it's faults, exaggerates them and the end result...AMAZING! However my favorite part had to be the whole Japenesse penis thing. "Japenesse penis very small, American penis huge." Who wouldn't laugh at that? The show perfectly does the whole "Parents don't know what the hell the show is about" thing. Season 3 was really the beginning of hillarious South Park, and the fact that this episode is the best of the season is amazing. Really great episode, though you might not get every joke if you never heard of Pokemon before.
  • Chinpokomon - Pokémon

    I think a lot of people might know this South Park episode because it makes fun of Pokémon. I guess this is one of those "you can't be indifferent" episodes, like "Cartoon Wars" when you had to decide who to cheer for : Cartman or Kyle. I supported Cartman with my strength because of my hatred for Family Guy. Talking about "Chinpokomon", some Pokéfans I know just hate it, anti-Poké people around me praise it - and I do like it a lot.
    The anime "Chinpokomon" has about the same plot as the original Pokémon : Gotta catch 'em all, have to buy toys/video games/cards/whatnot and you will be a master. Now, I kinda like Pokémon (or at least liked it), but it actually has a ridiculous 'message' and it kinda lacks a real point. I also liked the anti-USA behavior of the Japanese guys who have very small penises...that was hilarious. This episode is also about going with the crowd or staying out of it. I say going with the crowd is a really bad thing, just be yourself, be an individual and be normal, sane. Don't go with the crowd. But if everyone thought like I do, there'd be no crowd we're talking about. However, I felt so sorry for Kyle, whenever he got a new toy it wasn't cool anymore. The episode ends with Stan convincing Kyle but that doesn't matter since Kyle usually stays out of the crowd and the fashions. Awesome.

    My favorite part : I have two. The first is Cartman fighting for a Penguin with Kenny is the store. The second is Mr. Garrison(-san) trying to teach the children math with "Hat-san". The '-san' stuff totally reminded me of Wapanese fans, it was funny !
  • At the time I was a little boy who was obsessed with Pokemon like a lot of people. Now I watch this episode and laugh at how it is being made fun of.

    Toward the end of the year 1999, I was in the first grade. I was obsessed with Pokemon like many people in my grade. My Ivysaur was traded for a Graveler (which evolved into a Golem) and I was constantly beating the Elite Four. At the time, I thought all of that stuff was the best in the world. However now, about eight years later, I am in the ninth grade and I watch this episode of South Park, which my parents finally let me watch. After it ended, I was thinking, "wow, if that had happened, I would have almost bombed Pearl Harbor..." This episode did teach me a lesson about fads, and when to avoid them. But it did also give me a laugh about what I used to cherish so much.

    When I watched this episode, I noticed how ridiculously into Chinpokomon all the kids were. I was not that obsessed with Pokemon in 1st grade, but probably some kids were. It also brought me a lot of laughs about how stupid and pointless the surface part of Chinpokomon was. The episode brought me so many laughs, and now I wonder if there really was a conspiracy behind the whole thing. It's okay, I'm just kidding :P
  • Chinpokomon

    As you know, Kyle is stupider (even if he is the best out of the four kids) than all the other three young kids apart from Kenny who is just skint and his Dad is an alcoholic. Kyle is a jew and his Mom and Dad just do not have enough time for his bull crap about the "other kids", as you know - these kids always have the lates stuff and Kyle doesnot. When the collective Chinpokomon are released, Cartman rushes to the store to just find everyone else that have already taken the Chinpokomon. The episode carries on from there...
    ;D Good episode.
  • It is a parody of pokemon.

    The episode Chinpokomon was a parody of Pokemon (a very popular kids show at that time). I remember I was very into Pokemon when I was a little kid so it was very fun to watch. This episode shows the boys getting obsessed with Chinpokom. Kyle doesn't really know what is popular so he is always one step behind what the other boys like. Then the toy falls and the toy store clerk picks it up and then the toy says "down with America". The Japanese are able to avoid stuff by saying us Americans "have such big penis and our penis so small". Overall this episode is very funny.
  • IT COMBINES TWO OF MY FAVORITE SHOWS!south park and pokemon!

    pretty good i guess. but why did pokemon make a lotta da*m sezuies? it didnt do anything wrong. anyways, pretty good south park episode. not my favorite( my favorite is the first episode) but still good. the chinpokomon did look a little like some pokemon. thats all i got. here i go h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h i did this on purpose h h h h h h h h h h h h when does it stop? h h h h h h h h almost there h yahh im there!
  • An obvious parody on the then world-wide popular pokemon.

    This episode is fairly overrated in my point of view, it didn't make me laugh anywhere near as much as I expected and episode that averaged a 9.3 from South Park fans on Not to say the episode didn't make me laugh, because of course, we all know Pokemon was invented to take down the Americans, pratically everything is. I like how flattery threw the American males off, but also made fun of asian penis size, that was very funny. But Kyle's story of not being able to keep up with the fad was sad, because exclusion like that occurs in real life.
  • Parody of Pokemon.

    The episode Chinpokomon was a parody of Pokemon (a very popular kids show at that time). I remember I was very into Pokemon when I was a little kid so it was very fun to watch. This episode shows the boys getting obsessed with Chinpokom. Kyle doesn't really know what is popular so he is always one step behind what the other boys like. Then the toy falls and the toy store clerk picks it up and then the toy says "down with America". The Japanese are able to avoid stuff by saying us Americans "have such big penis and our penis so small". Overall this episode is very funny.
  • There was a time when it seemed like Japanese video games, toys, and animated films were taking over the youth of the nation. This episode takes this idea to an extreme wherein the Japanese attempt to take over the United States through its youth.

    There was a time when it seemed like Japanese video games, toys, and animated films were taking over the youth of the nation. This episode takes this idea to an extreme wherein the Japanese attempt to take over the United States through its youth.

    It was hilariously entertaining to see all the kids become more and more influenced by the products. As they spend more time with their toys, videos, video games, and eventually the Chinpokomon Camp, they become more and more like the characters in the games.

    Japan slowly begins to take control of the children on their mission to again bomb Pearl Harbor.

    A great episode.
  • The boys get into the new Chinpokomon fad and the craze begins. However, it is all a plot against America by the Japanese to get kids to bomb Pearl Harbor. Eventually, the parents figure out a way to get their kids off of the Chinpokomon fad.

    This is one of my top 5 all time episodes because the general concept of the Pokemon spoof is helarious. It is also very funny because of what the Japanese use to divert the attention of the American men. I think if you saw the episode, you'll completely agree with me. This is definately Matt and Trey Parker at their best and Season 3 I beleive is the beginning of South Park's Golden Age. Matt and Trey hit the very top of their creativity here and I thank them for all they have given us over the past 10 years. I can't wait until season 10 continues!
  • The latest fad has come out in south park. CHINPOKOMON!! The Japanese attempt to brain wash kids around the world to buy their toys, games and attend their camp. In turn they turn the kids into soldiers and send them off to bomb Pearl Harbor.

    This is an excelent episode. Gotta love the Pikachu take off with the gun in its hand. Amazing how all the Japanese words are actually real Japanese. Pokemon gets a real serving as the boys are brain washed into buying toys, games and bombing Pearl Harbor.

    And everybody knows that the Japanese have very small penis. This was used fantastically to aid the Japanese in their plan to crush the American Capitalist Government.

    Very funny take off of pokemon trainer Ash from the original talking incredibly fast like Japanese people are known to do. Then the random occurence of the strange lady brainwashing you.

    Getting seizures from video games, Cartman singing hippie songs on the street, people with tiny penis\'. A truly unforgetable episode.
  • Pokemon gets a serving!

    South Park takes a crack at Pokemon in this episode.I loved the crappy names they gave the creaures! Its the same as the actual show, kids find them cool, but their actually quite lame!

    Chinpokemon was a fad, Its a shame that Pokemon wasn't a fad.

    The main problem I had with this episode was that it seemed to be quite offensive to the Japanese language. I love it when South Parh has a go at celebrities because of their bizzare behaviour (Paris Hilton and Tom Cruise) but having a go at person or a culture for no particular reason isn't as funny.

    But the taget is Pokemon so I was able to see past that.
  • The boys get into Japanese fad Chinpokomon and soon are possessed.

    Sure, this episode may offend some viewers because it makes fun of the Japanese language and such, but overall, it was a funny episode despite the fact that I don't really like Pokemon anymore. By far, the Chinpokomon parody of Pokemon is funny, especially how they made fun of Mr. Garrison's penis. Those of you who are japanese might not like this as much as anyone who's not Japanese. I just liked the way the writers satired the Chinpokomon fad like the Pokemon fad in real life.
  • Awsome Episode! All about Penis!lol

    A really Funny Episode! All of the nonstop jokes about Big American Penis just left me laughing in tears! lol.

    This episode as actually quite interesting actually, I really hate pokemon but Its interesting being made fun of. I really Liked the other toys as well besides Chinpokmon.

    Great Episode!
  • loved the fake pikachu which looks to be holding a blaster. penguin is a character which i dont think excists. love the way they smile and talk and laugh in japanese style. with the big eyes which are portrayed in anime. all american's have big penis, ver

    here is racism in your face and we don't even know it. the japanese are having american chldren bomb pearl harbor. i bet the vets loved this one especially if they had escaped pearl harbor the first time. it also has a blast messing with pokomon which is already dead.
  • You know what I'm talking about

    Japanese references to SOuth Park:

    1. The new toy craze just has to come from Japan.
    2. The toy wants the kids to destroy the US government and support Japan.
    3. The shop owner is distracted by the large pen-- comment.
    4. The Chinpokomon camp happens to be like a Japanese youth camp.
    5. When the kids are being Japanese, everyone complains but get shushed by another p--is comment.
    6. The fighter jets to bomb Pearl Harbor and the parents finally outsmarting the Japanese by likng toys that the kids like to make it not cool.

    Whatever you want to add, I don't care but this was a great episode.
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