South Park

Season 3 Episode 11


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 03, 1999 on Comedy Central

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  • Suprisingly freaky but excellent episode of South Park.

    In Chinpokomon; All the kids except for Kyle, are going crazy over Chinpokomon, a new toy, game, and TV show set that's just arrived from Japan. And when the kids are brainwashed into bringing down the American Government by all means possible; it looks like South Park will never be the same again. This episode is essentially one continuous go at the Japanese but rather than the usual sushi, sumo wrestling and cheesy game show gags which was found in the Simpsons episode based in Tokyo. The culturally enriched Trey Parker and Matt Stone go for the more subtle approaches which includes an in - joke as to what "Chinpoko" actually means. (You'll have to look that one up because i'm not saying it here.)

    By the way; if you didn't know that the anime series Pokemon caused seizures, has bad animation and lip - synching, cheesy characters, Japanese in - jokes and drove it's young fans into obsession. These are (not so) subtly referenced to in this episode.

    The plot is the classic South Park method of taking a mild thing way too far until it's utterly ridiculous but that's what makes it so irresistable. The jokes also border along the lines of too much but you can't help but respect it. The visuals in the first seasons were rough and dog ugly but in the later seasons it's so cinematic and detailed that the true spirit of the show is obscured but this episode is right in the middle of them and it's great. We're also treated to some creepy live action sequences.

    Same goes with the audio; in the early seasons they were premature and in the later seasons they're a little broken but here they're at their best. This is also one of your last chances to hear Mary Kay Bergman as the female characters on the show as she's taken from us in about 4 episodes time. Overall this is a superbly surreal experience.
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