South Park

Season 7 Episode 9

Christian Rock Hard

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 29, 2003 on Comedy Central

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  • I wanna feel his salvation al over my face!

    This was a brilliant episode of "South Park". In this episode Eric makes a Christian Rock Band [loved Tokens comments on playing Bass] to win a bet against Kyle. But he is mainly rewriting pop love songs replacing "baby" with "Jesus" and things like that. And people thought he REALLY loved Jesus. But "Faith + 1" becomes a huge band and sells 1 million CD's much to Kyles dissapointment as their band "Moop" has nothing and is protesting piracy of Music [a great parody of that, besides those ******** have enough money]. Then Eric had "Moop" come to his bands party in which he spent all of the money only to discover that it was a "Myyrh" album and not a Platinum one, and Eric screamed "**** Jesus" and then Token kicked Erics ass and Butters told Eric to **** himself.
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