South Park

Season 2 Episode 7

City on the Edge of Forever (a.k.a. Flashbacks)

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 17, 1998 on Comedy Central



  • Trivia

    • Before the Red shirt kid gets eaten by the monster, Wendy is seen as one of the kids going towards one side of the window with the rest of the kids.  But yet, she is not seen anywhere else in the episode, except in flashbacks.

    • When the parents are passing out missing child posters Ms. Cartman looks slimmer than normal. This is especially noticeable in her face.

    • Kenny can be seen in the 6th window of the bus as it is tipping 15 minutes in. Which is odd considering he had previously been killed by the monster. But after the bus is done shaking and they show the windows again Kenny is no where to be seen. Then Eric tells what happened during when monster attacked the second time but in the flash back Kenny does not die.

    • In "Volcano" Scuzzlebutt had Patrick Duffy for a leg, but in the flashback he has Brent Mussburger for a leg instead.

    • Ms. Crabtree never said that the monster that would eat the kids if they got off the bus was black, but the kids make reference to it being black before they even encounter it. In the video, it was called a "big, scary monster."

    • When Ms. Crabtree first meets up with the truck driver, his name is Mitch; however, after that she refers to him as Marcus.

    • Kenny gets taken away by the monster; however, just before the bus falls into the big tub of ice cream, we can seen Kenny back in his seat on the bus.

    • Ms. Crabtree's manual referred to videotape 35, but the narrator on the video tape said "Hello and welcome to tape 7 of..."

    • All of the kids positions changed when they were stranded throughout the whole episode.

    • In the Jay Leno Show, when they were showing the names of Ms. Crabtree and that woman, the person who was speaking said "MRS. Crabtree".

    • Technically Kenny didn't die in this episode as it was a dream which means there were 2 episodes where Kenny didn't die before season 6.

    • When you first see Scuzzlebutt you can see that the person on his leg is wearing a red shirt, but when they zoom in to show it is Brent Musburger he's wearing a blue shirt

    • Because of the changed look of the show over the episodes, it's very easy to tell the old and new footage apart

    • When the bus first started tipping over, it was daytime and it switched to a commerical. When the commercials ended, the bus is still tipping but now it's nighttime. Has the bus been teetering for hours while everyone's been panicking?

  • Quotes

    • Cartman: Hey, you guys! What if Ms. Crabtree doesn't come back and we're all trapped up here forever!
      (The kids all gasp.)
      Kyle: We couldn't get trapped up here forever, Cartman; we'd die after a couple of days…
      (The kids all gasp louder.)
      Stan: Dude…!
      Kyle: What?
      Cartman: (scared) I don't wanna die on this bus with you assholes! You guys suck!
      Stan: Dude, would you just relax? We've been in a lot worse situations than this, and we've come out of them just fine.
      Kyle: Worse than this??
      Stan: Oh, sure. Don't you remember the time the alien visitors kidnapped your little brother Ike? Now THAT was scary!

    • (all the kids are panicked and making a lot of noise)
      Ms. Crabtree: All right! (she opens a box and pulls out a revolver and a rabbit) Everybody shut up or the cute little bunny DIES!!
      (everybody shuts up)
      Stan: She's always trying to get us to shut up by threatening to kill that bunny, but do you think she ever would?
      Kyle: Oh she would dude, she would.

    • Cartman: I can't possibly finish this whole chocolate cake by myself. Oh yes I can.
      Kyle: Shut up Cartman!

    • Kyle: Dammit Cartman! You are such a fat f**k!!
      Ms. Crabtree: What did you say?!?!

    • Stan: Oh my god! Kenny... killed... Death...
      Kyle: You... bastard?

    • Mrs. Crabtree: Let me have some of your aspirin.
      Man: Uhh, miss, those are actually rufies.
      Mrs. Crabtree: Rufies, aspirin, right now I don't give a rat's ass!

    • Executive: How would you like to make a million dollars, baby?
      Mrs. Crabtree: How'd you like to suck my ass!

    • (Cartman's Flashback)
      Dr. Mephesto: Cartman's father is John Elway.
      Cartman: All right!
      John Elway: Come on son, let's go get some ice cream.
      (Outside the flashback)
      Cartman: Now that's what I call a sticky situation.
      Stan: John Elway's not your dad, it's your mom because she has a penis.

  • Notes

    • Running Gag #1: Each flashback ending with everyone eating ice cream.
      Running Gag #2: The kids saying "Now that's what I call a sticky situation" after telling their flashback story.

    • Hidden Alien - When they show the flashback of Cartman's dad there is an alien in the background.

    • While Henry Winkler is credited as "The Scary Monster" in this episode, I don't recall the monster having any discernible dialog. However, Fonzie (Winkler's Happy Days character) is heard to say "hey" several times, just one of Fonzie's catch phrases. Through his credit in this episode, is Winkler implying that Fonzie character may have been a scary monster? Or is something else up?

    • Brent Musburger's name is misspelled in the end credits as Musberger.

  • Allusions

    • Elvis:

      The truck driver in the episode is a reference to Elvis Presley, the driver has the same hair, the same accent, and also drives a truck, which Elvis himself did before becoming a famous singer.

    • Macaulay Culkin:

      One of the kid's pictures that gets hung up by the parents is of Macaulay Culkin, most famous for the "Home Alone" movies of the early 1990s, and has starred in "Saved!" and "Party Monster" more recently.

    • Brent Musburger:

      For those of you who might not know, Brent Musburger (Scuzzlebutt's leg in this episode), is a sports anchor for CBS.

    • Star Trek: TOS:

      City on the Edge of Forever is actually the name of an episode of the classic Star Trek series.

    • Jurassic Park: The Lost World:

      The scene where the bus hangs over the edge, a student falls out the back window, and then the bus breaks in half, plus when the monster tears into the top of the bus are both from a scene in the 1997 film, Jurassic Park: The Lost World, when the dinosaur comes after it's child in the trailer, except it is a backpack that falls.

    • Star Trek/Red Shirts:

      During the episode, a kid in red shirt says: "Well I'm not going to sit here and wait to die like the rest of you!"

      The kid in the red shirt makes a run for it, but is killed by the big scary monster. Star Trek had a reputation for killing off its extras, especially if they happened to be wearing red shirts.

      The Red Shirts being killed was never more apparent than in Star Trek's "The Apple," an episode where 4 red shirts were killed within the first 10 minutes of the show. The kid in the red shirt has never been seen on South Park before (thus making him an extra), and he even had a Star Trek emblem on his shirt. In addition, this episode's title is a nod to the Star Trek episode of the same name.