South Park

Season 15 Episode 6

City Sushi

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 01, 2011 on Comedy Central

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  • china vs japan again

    In this week's story, Butters causes an "asian turf war", as age old bad blood between Japan and China comes out strong. It's City Wok versus City Sushi, as Lu Kim takes on South Park's new Japanese resident, who is the latest stereotypical caricature in the show's storied history. The main plot and side plot are both funny and interesting, they manage to tie in together at the end of the episode but in a smart way unlike Royal Pudding. I found the butters plot to be funny at points but ultimately just good, however the other plot City Wok versus City Sushi was very funny.
  • OMG! LMAO--finally! A new Classic.

    I loved it! I LOVE "CITY WOK" guy... LU is ALWAYS hysterical. His accent, his look, his "city beef and city he built the Great Wall Around South Mongolains kept knocking it down ..

    I want to state my rating on this episode is a 9.7 not a solid 10 but you can';t rate anything 9.7. South Park gets (and this now happens all the time in my area) a 'competing" Japanese Sushi House right next to the City Wok. This pisses off Lu Kim (well just about everything pisses off Lu Kim) and he starts a fight with the japanese guy whose voice sounds a whole lot like Trey Parker who sounds a whole lot like Lu Kim LOL. We Need a "TWEETY! " A Tweety?" You mean a Teaty?" No a Tweety" What's a Tweety" And then Lu KIm says "OK it was a little of like PEARL Little Sneaky". This was Gloriously racist! The ending was sublime Japanese man feels he has been shamed and must commit Hari-kari. The Subplot--Butters---at first I didnt know what to make of psychiatrist who is whacked in the head trying to analyze all of Butters innocent personnas. Then Butters surveilance system shows him pissing on butters. And I was still not sure where that was is movie-PSYCHO---that ALL of these personnas are REALLY One man---LU KIM. This was superb--I loved it! I doubt you will find a funnier 22 minutes on television this year. Butters, always takes the brunt of all the psychos in South Park. But as the Japanese guy said to City Wok Your City Chicken is really City CAT" LMAO.

    I took off .3 point because I thought they could have abused Butters even more than just pissing on him I would have had him force feed him Some City Wok Beef and broccoli.
  • superb

    the description i found online was vastly different from what we actually got. in the description in the episode, it said butters was diagnoses with multiple personality disorder, which came true, but it also mentioned that the boys would help him. if i recall the boys did not appear (they appeared in the scene where the city wok guy is in the school's gym, but they did not have any lines). I was kinda disappointed because I wanted Stan, Kyle, Cartman (possibly Kenny) to help Butters, but instead, it turned into this wacky (IMO) thing where it turns out the therapist is the city wok guy.

    the episode succeeded in the goal of making me laugh, though. I liked Butters taping his room while he was asleep. The line where he actually references Paranormal Activity though kinda killed it; if you saw the movie you would have known what was being parodied, and if you hadn't, well, it's not like it would have made it different. Having Butters actually say 'this is like paranormal activity' kind of ruined the joke for me. other parts i laughed at were the school gymnasium scene, "What the (bleep)?!" being screamed by city wok guy (i don't know why but i think it must be the accent that made this funny) "Tender, love and medication. Heavy medication." The episode got kinda dark near the end, but I can't tell if it was supposed to be taken seriously or not. One thing I love about this show, besides the humor of course, is how they have twists. I never saw the therapist being the city wok guy. I don't know if others predicted this or not but I certainly did not see it coming. I thought it was clever. The only main disappointing thing for me is that the episode was not about stan, kyle and cartman attempting to help butters of this 'disorder' of his, but it was still a heck of a lot of fun, i thought. I don't know whether to give this a 4/5 or 5/5, so i'll give it a 4.5/5 .
  • That is more like it

    Just when you think South Park may have run out of steam. . they pull this episode out of the bag. Funny from start to finish, and packed with weird and wonderful twists. You can't help but feel bad for butters. He is always on the wrong end of some mentally unstable adults. This episode was based around the premise of a Japanese "city sushi" opening up right next door to City wok. It soon degenerates in to all out mayhem between the rival owners. Butters side story seems him diagnosed with multiple personality disorder, and you wonder where the butters angle is going for a while. . but it is wonderfully spun in to the main story line. Great episode. More like it please!