South Park

Season 2 Episode 12


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 23, 1998 on Comedy Central

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  • perfect

    What I liked: Fat Abbot, the ending with Bebe daring Stan to put a stick up his 'pee hole', Stan being forced to read the note Bebe wrote for Kyle to the class, Cartman having those two 16 year old girls in his clubhouse, amongst other things.

    Really funny episode. I laughed more than a few times, and I thought it was interesting to see Stan's parents separate for some of an episode. A+ episode, definitely
  • An early favourite of mine.

    Wendy and Bebe talk to Stan and Kyle about playing in a clubhouse, but the two boys don't have one, and they don't know anything about such houses. Stan and Kyle decide to build one for themselves and their girlfriends.Bebe develops a crush on Kyle and plans to dare to kiss him. Cartman, not one to be bested, decides to build his own sprawling house with Kenny, and they hold a big party in it. Randy thinks Sharon is cheating on him, so he lets loose and hangs out at Cartman's treehouse for a while. Randy and Sharon get back together, make-out and that's pretty much it for a great episode
  • South Park - Season 2 - Episode 25 - Clubhouses

    This episode was centered around the boys and girls. In this episode, you meet up with Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny are fighting for who can make the best truth or dare game at there treehouse. Stan and Kyle invite Wendy and Bebe Stevens over. Bebe is introduced in this episode, and she is seen to have a crush on Kyle. Meanwhile, Cartman and Kenny invite teenage girls over. Who turn there treehouse into a teen party house. The 2nd plot was centered around Stan's parents - Randy and Sheila Marsch. After many arguments, the couple broke and Sheila meet Roy, her new boyfriend. Stan then meets Roy and think he is lame and he wants Randy back. He gets them together by inviting both of them in his treehouse at night... alone.

    Amazing plot. Another episode with great plot ideas.

    Sub plot? Better! I prefered the plot of Randy and Sheila then the treehouse plot.

    Humor? Not many, but as a few scenes and jokes.

    It needs more humor and the main plot should have been better. Althrought, this is a episode I recommend to watch.
  • Clubhouses

    This episode is based around clubhouses and Bebe and Wendy. Bebe is the sort of girl that every girl would want to be - she is pretty and she sticks up for Stan's girlfriend - Wendy. I like Bebe and Wendy and so does Stan and Kyle. Stan & Kyle Brofloski set up a clubhouse for the two girls to play Truth & Dare in.
    This episode is the worst episode of South Park EVER to be made - as well as Cow Days which is boring and dull. I hate this episode and I always will
    >:( Crap episode. Very bad.
  • After a short hiatus, my reviews and I are back!

    This episode had a fairly boring storyline, but some incredibly funny lines, in my opinion. This episode holds some sentimental value to me, as it was the first episode I ever saw all those years ago. I wish I could say it's one of my favourites, but, alas, it isn't. The storyline of the boys building clubhouses emphasized the fact that they were naive children, something the newer seasons are lacking, but it just wasn't right for me. The funniest parts for me were Roy breaking down whenever Stan said anything to him and Cartman's favourite TV show, Fat Abbott.
  • Take this stick, and shove it up your pee hole.

    This episode centers on Stan’s relationship to his parents, and his parents’ relationship to each other. This episode was great for Stan in particular, as we learn that he’s probably the most mature of the four boys. However, Stan’s parents were given ample time to develop, but they were remarkably out of character for the majority of the episode. The parody was funny, but a bit obvious. Cartman’s subplot with Kenny and the teenage girls was always funny. Actually, this whole episode was pretty funny—I just wasn’t very happy with how out-of-character Stan’s parents were.
  • You said that even though Charl appeared twelve times on the Love Boat, the episode with Captain Antonio got higher ratings.

    In this episode Eric and Kenny build an awesome treehouse to get chicks, Wendy tries to boink Kyle then leaves him [reminds me of 2 of my GF's ;)], also Randy and Sharron break up, leaving Stan confused. This episode was funny it had Fat Abbot, Bebe's note to Stan, D.V.D.A, and the Ewok Village 2000, and Kenny got killed in a Mosh Pit, what can go wrong with that?
  • Treehouses are for making out.

    The main storyline in this episode is good. The boys build treehouses in order to smooch with the girls. Nice.

    But the true brilliance in this episode comes from its B storyline and its background jokes.

    The Marsh's divorce story is hilarious. It is merely what happens when people get divorced, yet, the fact that this is presented in an extremely quick fashion is just hilarious.

    And Fat Abbot... everything that Fat Abbot and Co. says is perfect, hilarious, and definitely quotable.

    In addition, I thought it was very funny to see the way that Cartman got along with the high school chicks. I never thought that Cartman would be good with women, but he is pretty smooth.

    Overall, a good episode.
  • Stan and Kyle try to build a better clubhouse than Cartman and Kenny. Stan's parents are having marriage problems.

    Stan and Kyle build a clubhouse so they can play truth or dare with Wendy and Bebe. Meanwhile, Cartman and Kenny build their own clubhouse, and let two teenage girls live there. Meanwhile, Stan's parents marraige is breaking up. How will he deal with both his parents and the clubhouse?
  • Stan's parents get a divorce and he tries to build a clubhouse

    Well I don't know why only 1 person reviewed thsi episode before because it is actually pretty funny. Stan's parents get a divorce and Sharon is seeign a dorky guy named Roy. Meanwhile, Bebe has become infatuated with Kyle and Wendy tries to get Stan to build a clubhouse to bring Kyle and Bebe together. Stan thinks about his own motives while building the clubhouse. Not a bad episode at all, epecially good in the end when Sharon and Randy get back together and Roy walks in on them. Cartman and Kenny play minor roels in this one but their roels are always funny nonetheless.
  • Great show again!

    Stan and Kyle build a treehouse as well as Cartman
    And Kenny competing with the two for the rights of
    The treehouse! Bebe begins to have a crush on Kyle
    While Cartman and Kenny brings in two teenage girls and also
    A party fool of teenagers. Very funny show as we see
    Stan's parents marriage about to break up!