South Park

Season 2 Episode 5

Conjoined Fetus Lady

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 03, 1998 on Comedy Central

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  • great

    Kyle gets a nosebleed playing dodge ball and is scared to see the nurse because of it. He is forced to and learns the nurse has a dead fetus on her face. Kyle tells his mom, who tries to help the nurse because she thinks the nurse feels like an outcast. Meanwhile the South Park elementary dodge ball team is headed to the finals; will they win?

    Good episode. The dodge ball plot interested me more than the nurse plot though. The nurse plot bored me for the most part. Still an enjoyable 22 minutes though, my overall grade is a C+/B- or so\, I think is fair
  • Awesome.

    This episode wasn't the best of the second season of the wonderful show of South Park. It wasn't very good. The two plots with dodgeball and the conjoined dead fetus thing wasn't very good. Also, I didn't think that it was necessary to have two plots. These old South Park episodes seem to be doing that. Maybe the creators were trying to find their style.

    The nurse of the South Park school has a condition that on her head is a dead fetus. The town tries to make a conjoined.. whatever it's called awareness month so people can be aware of her condition and not discriminate her. On the second plot is that the dodgeball team at South Park becomes world championship because of.. get this.. Pip. Yep.

    This episode wasn't very funny. It was just boring. Not as boring as the "Pip" episode but it was quite boring.
  • Conjoined Fetus Lady

    Conjoined Fetus Lady is another of the colourful episodes of South Park that comntains crudeness, laughs, emotional parts and even more of Kenny Death trivia. If you enjoy fresh new South Park episodes then you will love this TV MATURE slice of S P treat.
    Starting off with a trip to the School Nurse by Stan (dreaded by all the children, as they think that the nurse is a scary monster)... Stan realises that the Nurse Gollum isn't as bad as she seems and even if she does have a baby on the side of her head she really is kind.
    :) Good episode
  • One of the worst of season 2.

    Ok, this episode was another average episode of South Park. Nothing special happend and the main plot sucked ass.

    But really, the humor in this episode saved it from total embarresement. It had great jokes, one liners and moments.

    Now, the main plot. This is what made the episode suck. The main plot was horribly written. They could have put it better by evolving the main plot but no. They had to give us this crap.

    On a side note, the subplot is what made the show interesting - The boys playing dodgeball. That's were most of the humour and action was and I feel horrible for it being replaced by another plot which sucked.

    I recommend this episode for the dodgeball scenes and the humour. Other then that, this episode wasn't that great.
  • Well, who really expected her to have a fetus on her head?

    This episode lacked something that other Season 2 episodes had. But nonetheless, still a very quality episode. The funniest things about this episodes were Gerald's social fau pars at the table when Nurse Gollum was over for dinner and just the boys in general, mainly bagging Pip. But without a doubt, the funniest thing was the asian commentators and their making fun of Americans, "Good thing they can see the ball, with those big, round American eyes." or "I'll use my credit card", "Is the non-fat dairy creamer?". Hilarious. One of the better storylines of the series, but with a weak finish.
  • Horrible, horrible, Horrible. It's like being forced to watch 9/11 happen on an endless loop 10 million times! :(

    The only thing worse than shows that try to shove a learning experience down your throats is a learning experience that tries to do the same thing and botches it horribly! I think that with the exception of "Mecha-Streisand," "South Park" has Never managed to pull off a singly successful learning experience episode that didn't manage to ruin the whole thing with their incessant grossness and rudeness! I mean, I can't even talk about this episode! That's how bad it is! This episode is a crime equivalent to Adolf Hitler murdering 6,000,000 Poles, Jews, and Slav's during the Holocaust! That's how bad it is! I bet that if many people were introduced to television through This episode, they'd foreswear to Ever watching television again! That's how bad it is! I feel sorry for people who can't see the ugliness of this show, I truly do. That's why I wrote this review, to make people more aware of this ugliness. Enough said, true believers! :idea:
  • Awareness, shoved in your face

    The scenes in South Park with the Conjoined Twin Myslexia Awareness Week were very funny and multi-layered with social commentary, but the dodgeball scenes were repetitive and often silly. As usual for Season Two so far, this episode draws focus away from the four kids that stole the show in Season One, this time centering on Nurse Golem and Chef, with Sheila and the mayor as the strongest supporting characters. The racist jokes directed at both Americans and Chinese were very funny as well, but this episode dragged a little from time to time during the motions between the school bus and the dodgeball games.
  • Conjoined twin myslexia!

    Nurse Gollum has a problem. She's got a dead twin growing out of her head. We need to make her problem known so that people can be tolerant about it instead of laughing at her and making her feel like an outcast. Who should lead our acceptance crusade? Kyle's mom!!

    However, many people with physical defects want to be treated like everyone else. They don't want their physical feature to be the first thing that people notice.

    ...hilarity ensues.

    Meanwhile, the boys are on their way to China to compete against China in the World Dodgeball Championships. There's something wrong with the way these guys play...
  • The boys go to the finales for dodgeball and Kyle's mom feels sorry for the nurse because she has conjoined twin mylexia.

    Kyle's mom wants everyone to help the nurse feel better, even though she feels fine. Meanwhile, the boys dodgeball team is going to the finales. They don't like dodgeball. They find out Pip is really good when he gets mad. The town has a big celebration day for the nurse. A pretty good episode overall.
  • Mrs. Broflovski feels sorry for the nurse because she has conjoined fetus.

    This episode was very unusual is many different ways. One may have been the concept of the whole conjoiend fetus thing. How insane is it to have a fetus stuck to your head? Well, it's just soemthing that Matt and Trey thought of I suppose. The other weird thing is the fact that South Park's Pip actually gets some glory. Pip turns out ot be a fantastic dodgeball player even tohugh he pretty much sucks at every other sport. South Park then beats China in the world Dodgeball championship. Not one of my favorites overall, but not bad, pretty funny the first time.
  • From the mediocre second season of South Park. pretty hard to follow by.

    While Kyle's mom is urging the public to stop teasing the school nurse because of her unusual conjoined twin syndrome, Kyle and friends are playing in Chef's dodgeball team around the nation. Hmm, I don't really appreciate the structure of this episode's plot line very much. But this has its classic humor and moments. This episode is pretty uninteresting, but hey! Seasons 6, 9, and 10 are Lots worse than this. So watch it and prepare to be bored. Season 3 is much better than most other SP seasons.
  • Another great episode from Matt and Trey!

    Kyle gets hurt and goes to the nurses office and find out she has a dead fetus on her head and Kyle's mother teaches them not to make fun of her and starts Conjoined Twin Myclexia Week. Meanwhile, Pip is a star player in Dodgeball and wins every game and they go onto the finals in China. The team gets beaten, but Pip get angry when they make fun of him for being American wins and everyone has decided not to win, but they win anyway and Pip is hated again. lol. Great job Matt and Trey.
  • Despite coming through, Pip gets short end of the stick

    The kids get to go to China to play in
    The finals and that they will play dodgeball before the
    Sport became very popular due to the movie of the same name
    Poor Pip, the British boy, always seems to get the
    Short end of the stick. As a nurse with a dead fetus in her head, shocks everybody in the town!
  • Joung Ming Hong Fong

    This episode sure topped other episodes because the kids played dodgeball with them trying to hurt their classmates. Nurse Gollum was properly introduced with the fetus being an attention-getter. Nice job!

    I believe that the road to the world championships of dodgeball should be distirct, state, qualifiers for nationals, nationals, and maybe a round-robin tourney with other nations culminating in the finals. South Park may have been passed off because they're hicks. Kyle's mom this time reversed her hair up the *** technique and tried to interfere with a poor woman's life. Focus on your kid's life and be proud that he is a world champ at dodgeball, thanks to Pip who got a chance to prove to people that British kids can thrive in the US. They all hate him in the end.