South Park

Season 2 Episode 5

Conjoined Fetus Lady

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 03, 1998 on Comedy Central

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  • One of the worst of season 2.

    Ok, this episode was another average episode of South Park. Nothing special happend and the main plot sucked ass.

    But really, the humor in this episode saved it from total embarresement. It had great jokes, one liners and moments.

    Now, the main plot. This is what made the episode suck. The main plot was horribly written. They could have put it better by evolving the main plot but no. They had to give us this crap.

    On a side note, the subplot is what made the show interesting - The boys playing dodgeball. That's were most of the humour and action was and I feel horrible for it being replaced by another plot which sucked.

    I recommend this episode for the dodgeball scenes and the humour. Other then that, this episode wasn't that great.