South Park

Season 14 Episode 11

Coon 2: Hindsight (1)

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 27, 2010 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

In Cartman's basement, "Coon and Friends" are having a meeting. Tool Shed (Stan) wants to know why they are called "Coon and Friends". Tupperware (Token) says they should be called the "Extreme Avenger League". The Mosquito (Clyde) says why not "Mosquito and Friends". The Coon (Cartman) says it will only cause brand confusion, since everyone knows who the Coon is and no one's ever heard of the Mosquito. The Coon wants to them all to get to the bottom of a recent crime wave. He assigns Mysterion (Kenny) and The Human Kite (Kyle) to check the computer, while Tupperware and Mosquito check the news and Tool Shed & Iron Maiden (Timmy!) conduct a perimeter check. Meanwhile Coon has a talk with Mint Berry Crunch (??) to try to find out what his deal really is, to really be part of the team the Coon feels a more clear and more superhero identify is needed. The Coon Alert goes off, there is a big fire in town. There are 20 people trapped inside a burning building. "Coon and Friends" mobilize, but to get downtown, the Coon has to ask him mother to drive them. The Coon's choice of language almost keeps them from getting started, but after apologizing to his mother, "Coon and Friends" are on their way downtown. They arrive at the scene of the fire, where the firefighters have all but given up hope. "Coon and Friends" want to help, but the firefighters only see them for what they are, children. Suddenly up in the sky one of the firefighters spots Captain Hindsight. Captain Hindsight is a hero of the modern age. Captain Hindsight lands and is brought up to speed on the situation at hand. Using his incredible powers of hindsight, he identifies everything that could have been done to the building beforehand that would have allowed those people to be saved. With his job done, Captain Hindsight flies off. He's not the only one to leave, with no hope to save anyone, all the emergency personnel leave the scene. Only "Coon and Friends" are left to watch the building burn with people still inside. Later at the Marsh home, Randy and Sharon discuss the deaths of those in the fire, repeating all the points that Captain Hindsight had made. Suddenly a "Coon and Friends" Alert mounted in the Marsh home goes off. Stan asks to be excused, while Sharon and Randy ponder where that alarm unit came from. If only Randy had some tools, he could remove it. Tool Shed, with all his dad's tools, arrives at "Coon and Friends" headquarters. The Coon has called them all together, to see if they can figure out who Captain Hindsight is and get him to join "Coon and Friends". Professor Chaos (Butters) interrupts them from his holding cell, asking if he can be let go; it's been like six days and he's already filled his poop bucket with nothing to eat. The Coon denies his request. Mysterion doesn't care if Captain Hindsight joins them or not, but the Coon does. Mysterion suggest they wait until the next big disaster, which the Coon doesn't think is possible, and beat Captain Hindsight to the scene. The fine folks at BP make a big disaster possible, one of their oil drilling rigs springs a leak in a marine sanctuary and oil begins washing up on the shore. "Coon and Friends" and see the disaster covered on their Coon-O-Vision, unfortunately they also see Captain Hindsight arrive on the scene. As usual, with his great hindsight, he points everything that could have been done and then takes off. The Coon can only reiterate that they must get Captain Hindsight to join them.

Cartman goes to Captain Hindsight's palatial home and gives him a preapproved offer to join "Coon and Friends". The Captain is interrupted by some calls from the Gulf region, asking for his keen Hindsight on what should have been done. Cartman picks up where he left off with his sales pitch; but Captain Hindsight tells him that he works alone. Cartman says if he doesn't join the union of superheroes known as "Coon and Friends" then Captain Hindsight is a scab. Captain Hindsight has Cartman thrown out. The oil spill is getting bigger, public anger is growing, the president of BP apologizes "We're sorry." The company also changes its name from BP (Beyond Petroleum) to DP (Dependable Petroleum). At a "Coon and Friends" meeting the Coon lays out his plan to get Captain Hindsight to join them, they are going to get pictures of him naked with Courtney Love. Since the real Courtney Love is not available, they plan to dress up Professor Chaos and have him pose with a homeless guy. They'll then Photoshop in the Captain Hindsight's head. The Coon's friends don't like the plan, they rather help the people in the gulf. They stage a bit of a revolution and decide to go with the Mosquito's plan to hold a bake sale to raise money. "Coon and Friends" are making their way to the grocery store, when the Coons Coon Sense starts tingling warning him to defend himself. He attacks the Mosquito and Mint Berry Crunch. The revolution has been undone, "Coon and Friends" are back to what they were before. In the meantime, DP has had another accident and has opened up a rift to another dimension, where all sorts of weird creatures are coming from. Once again the DP president apologizes "We're sorry."

Captain Hindsight doesn't know what to make of the naked photos of him and Courtney Love. It keeps him from focusing on the current problems in the gulf. Everyone is asking, "Where is Captain Hindsight?". With Hindsight out of the way, the Coon wants to know what they should do next. The friends decide they need to tell the Coon something first. They've voted to kick him out and have the support of Cartman's mother; she escorts the Coon from the basement lair and sends him to his room. The board of DP tries to decide what to do next. The DP president has an idea of drilling on the moon to help reduce its gravitational spill on the ocean swells. They execute the plan, but it's an utter failure as it's caused an even greater problem; they've released the dark and mighty Cthulhu. Darkness and madness will reign for the next 3,000 years. "and Friends" decide they need to go to the gulf. The Coon also decides he needs to act.

To be continued next week.