South Park

Season 14 Episode 13

Coon vs. Coon & Friends (3)

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 10, 2010 on Comedy Central

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  • A bit disappointing but it was still great!

    This episode was a conclusion to the semi revealing Mysterion/Coon trilogy. I have to admit I was a bit underwhelmed with the conclusion since Kenny is my favorite character however there were some really funny moments like Cthulu killing Justin Beiber and Mint Berry Crunch ultimately saving the day (I saw that coming but it was still hilarious)
    There were some plot points that were completely left out like BP Oil and Captain Hindsight but something tells me Captain Hindsight will return.
    As for Kenny, though I thought he was not given justice back-story wise, I thought he was given justice in terms of personality. He's not just that side character who dies or gives into sexual activity. He's determined, brave, and very aggressive in a funny way of course. Hopefully in future episodes Mysterion will come back and Kenny will be fleshed out more.
  • A very good cap to the Coon trilogy and a wonderful trilogy in all with lots of character development, humor and a great plot and great writing too.

    This episode was amazing, really great job they did here. There were tons of funny moments like every single Mint Berry Crunch scene and just Cartman being his manipulative, bigoted self and I was pretty much laughing throughout the entire thing. I'm glad there treating Kenny like a character now, I just don't think Mysterion acts how Kenny would act, it just seems like a different character in a lot of ways, but it still worked out good. I don't like how it didn't really explain why Kenny kept coming back to life and why everybody forgot his death (even though on several occasions in the past they have remembered him dying).

    Overall, A very good cap to the Coon trilogy and a wonderful trilogy in all with lots of character development, humor and a great plot and great writing too.
  • Mint berry Crunch!

    I honestly thought that after so many seasons, this show would become stale and die off. I was wrong and couldn't be happier. This episode was great. The characters are as great as ever and Mint Berry Crunch was so stupid, yet it fit perfectly into finishing the trilogy. Of course, you just have to love Cartman. His antics are priceless such as beating up a child for pissing him off and acting as a pet/master to a demon. There is just no way that people can hate this. With episodes like this one and the Jersey Shore, South Park will outlast the Simpsons.
  • perfect

    In the thrilling conclusion to the Coon and Friends trilogy, The Coon continues to wreak havoc on all, and Mysterion tries to figure out why he can never die. Will Mysterion and the others stop The coon and Cthulu? And will Mysterion find out why he cannot die? Find out when you watch this episode!

    Pretty great. I laughed at a lot of stuff. The only thing I disliked was Justin Bieber, it seemed to just happen and be a "Hey, let's reference a singer a lot of girls like, for no reason, and then kill him!" At least it felt like that to me. But the rest of the episode was really funny and well-done, so it overall gets an A+ as a grade from me
  • another solid episode of south park

    this was yet another solid episode of south park, and concludes the coon 2 three parter. i think this is the best episode in the three parter. this was a great episode and overall its an 8 out of 10 not perfect but it was still a great and solid episode. the reason why its not higher is because of the fact of the conclusion to the three parter i wish the fight was longer and more convinceing i also feel that maybe captin hindsight couldve been in this episode and he got his powers back. so in the end their was some flaws but it was still a great episode.
  • Good ending

    Just for the Biever shot, i've give this episode a freakin 10!!!!! DAM, THAT FEEL GOOD!!!! Rubbin is wang like hell and singin Hanson Brotha Style, then got brainpop by Cthulu. This time, im with Cartman. Just for doing that, is got my vote. Even if Ken was right
    (cause we all know Eric' a big fat selfish prick HE KILL THE BIEVERMAN!!! Can watch this back and forth and back and forth... The mintberry twist was pretty awsome. The way Misterion watch him and watch the weird guy, back too mintberry...
    Overall, a very good trilogy (+ the first coon episode).
  • Trilogy Ends

    This episode ends the trilogy of the Coon saga and it starts off with Bradley/Mint Berry Crunch tells the story and no belives that Kenny/Mysterion's power that he can never die and no one remembers and them Cartman has tame Cthulu and use him to make the world a better place and the one of the best things about this episode is that Cartman had Cthulu destroy Justin Beaver that was the best part. And to think that Mint Berry Crunch is from another planet and he ends up having super powers and safes the day well I guess that ends the Coon Trilogy I hope in the next season has Coon again
  • Great cap to the trilogy here and the best of it. Just still not 10 material due to some flaw.

    This trilogy if you will had one thing going for it. it was Supposed to go into the BP oil spill as that was what the first and a little of the second had in mind along with captain Hindsight.

    the jokes flowed well though there were some cheap shots to them like JB's death. this episode just doesn't go anywhere plot wise to advance what the subplot was of the first 2 parts. They never really say anything bad happens to BP for doing this and Hindsight is taken out completely from the story for this part. Which Ironically in hindsight was better for the episodes.

    Still While better than Poor and Stupid, it doesn't top anything else in this season aside from it's previous parts. I got a laugh having followed this so far but it's only good for that twisted sense of seeing once.
  • This trilogy was just about throwing around more information for the serious South Park fanatic.

    Is it just me or does it feel like the story could just go on and on and on? There are no advancements on the plot. Instead it feels like everything is tangential. I didn't see the Mint Berry Crunch happening at all. That definitely surprised me. Nice usage of the 'LeBron tactic'. The episode itself had a nice end though, I still wish we knew more about Kenny's powers. Sadly, because I think Matt and Trey like to mess with our minds, I think that's the last bit of information we get on that. This episode overall was a good cap to the trilogy.
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