South Park

Season 2 Episode 13

Cow Days

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 30, 1998 on Comedy Central
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Episode Summary

It’s the annual “Cow Days” festival, but the cows themselves are not interested in the event as they have become transfixed on a memorial statute. The cows relocate the statue but the town thinks that their two tourists are responsible. Meanwhile the boys want to purchase some Terrance and Phillip dolls and to get the funds they enter Cartman into a bull riding contest; but a freak accident during practice results in Cartman believing that he is a Vietnamese prostitute.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • South Park is back in the house.

    This episode is centered around the four boys.

    The episode first starts when a couple wins a trip to South Park for there annual Cow Day festival. Back in South Park, the boys try to win Terrence and Phillip dolls. They suceed by "forcing" the owner to give there dolls by winning. The dolls are crap in the end. As they want a re-fund. The owner denies it and the boys go find another ride to spend the day.

    Meanwhile, the couple are having a hard time getting into South Park, as they are framed for the forcing killing of the cows.

    For the cows, they are worshipping a cow statue. Which seems stereotypicially, making the cows kill themselfs.

    Cartman get sinjured while trying a bull. He is now confused and thinks he is a vientimiam. The boys get that chance to enter the confused Cartman in the bull riding contest. In the end, they win and spend the money on good Terrence and Phillip dolls.

    Plot: Original idea. Loved the Cartman/vientnam scenes.

    Sub-plot: Great. The couple and cows idea was a original twist to keep you watching.

    Humor: Yes. This episode has full of humor. A must watch episode for any South Park fans.moreless
  • Cow Days

    This episode is based around cows and the members of South Park Season Two. This and Club Houses are some of the most pathetic episodes of South Park ever. There are good episodes, classic, silly episodes or just ridicolous **** episodes like this one.

    This episode is the worst episode of South Park EVER to be made - as well as Club Houses which is boring and dull. I hate this episode and I always will. Please do not watch this episode. Go home and watch Family Guy or Season 4 of South Park instead.

    >:( One of the worst ever episodes.moreless
  • Cows Cults and Vietnamese prostitutes.

    This episode was a fairly funny episode. My favourite storyline was the cow cult one, the fact that the cows follow a mooing clock and are willing to kill themselves so they don't get in trouble is absolutely hilarious is my book. The Cartman as a prostitute story wasn't really that funny in my opinion as he only said the two lines. This episode produced one of my favourite lines, "shenanigans!" and the funniest part of this episode is the chamber of farts, I thought it was absolutely hilarious!! "How about some...MORE FARTS!!!" that place is pure evil...I hope 'Chef Aid' is better than this episode.moreless
  • Now entering the Chamber of Farts!

    This was a great Cartman episode, and definitely one of the high points of the season. This has to be one of the greatest Cartman stories in history—he gets hit on the head and thinks his a Vietnamese prostitute. Some of the old Season Two repetition bogs it down a bit, like the constant footage of the growing cow cult, and the constant scenes of getting ripped off, but overall this one was worth plenty of laughs.moreless
  • Sucky sucky five dolla?

    This episode is boring and mundane, except for one thing: a vietnamese prostitute.

    As I've said many times in my Season 2 reviews, the episodes are not as good overall, but there are GREAT moments within each.

    This episode fits that form. The cow worship idea doesn't yield many jokes, nor does the entire Terrance and Phillip dolls joke (though the balls in Jennifer Love Hewitt's mouth is a good one), but when Cartman becomes a vietnamese prostitute that quotes lines from "Full Metal Jacket" the episode is able to soar.

    Even though the rest of the episode is mediocre, the Cartman jokes more than make up for it.moreless
Trey Parker

Trey Parker

Voice of Stan Marsh; Eric Theodore Cartman; Herbert Garrison; Officer Barbrady; Terrance; Timmy; Ned Gerblanski; Satan; Randy Ma

Matt Stone

Matt Stone

Voice of Kyle Broflovski; Kenny McKormick; Gerald Broflovski; Pip Pirrup; Jesus; Jimbo Kearn; Phillip; Saddam; Various Others

Mary Kay Bergman

Mary Kay Bergman

Voice of Wendy Testaburger; Liane Cartman; Sheila Broflovski; Sharon Marsh; Mrs. McKormick; Mayor McDaniels; Ms. Crabtree; Princ

Isaac Hayes

Isaac Hayes

Voice of Jerome "Chef" McElroy

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

    • After the boys win the doll, Stan is seen holding two Phillip dolls. In the following scene, he has a Terrance doll and a Phillip doll.

    • Visitor Sighting: When Kyle tells Kenny to give him the food stamps, an alien pops out of the "Freaks" booth behind the boys. An alien is also seen through tinted glass driving Leonardo DiCaprio's limo at the very end.

    • In the scene where the cows are watching the cow clock, it strikes one but it already struck one after Jimbo removed the blanket covering it.

    • The fake Phillip dolls have black hair, but their hair should be blonde. Although considering they're fake, there's bound to be issues.

    • When the carny at the Toss-A-Ball game told Kyle he has to win 7 times to get the Terrance and Phillip dolls, he says "seven" but he holds up eight fingers.

    • At the near end of this episode, before Cartman appears to join Stan and Kyle while they are playing with their Terrance and Phillip dolls, Stan (holding the Terrance doll) says, "Say, Terrance, let's go look for treasure" and Kyle (holding the Phillip doll) says, "Okay, Phillip, let's go look for treasure." Stan should be holding the Phillip doll and Kyle should be holding Terrance for this scene to make sense.

    • The stallholder hands over 2 Philip dolls rather than a Terrance and a Philip. This suddenly fixes itself a couple of shots later.

    • The boys are told the line ride is 7 tickets, but are then later told it's 5 tickets.

  • QUOTES (15)

    • Jimbo: What's all the ruckus over there?
      Mayor: Sounds like somebody declared shenanigans.
      Jimbo: Oh, hell, I have to run home and grab my broom!

    • Announcer: Wow, and this Vietnamese prostitute can really ride a bull! I guess she's had a lot of practice, if you know what I mean.

    • Stan: Dude I'm having second thoughts about this.
      Kyle: What do you mean?
      Stan: I'm starting to think that maybe it's wrong to put someone who thinks they're a Vietnamese prostitute onto a bull.

    • (After two contestants win on a game show)
      Announcer: Tom and Mary, put on your cowboy hats because you're going to beautiful, South Park, Colorado!
      Mary: Where?
      Announcer: That's right, just in time for "Cow Days" the worlds 45th biggest Rodeo and Carnival. Every year South Park celebrates Cow Days, and you're going to be a part of it! You'll stay at the Super 7 Hotel, Ride the rides, play the games and the world famous "Running of the Cows"! Congrats!
      Mary: Shit!

    • Doctor: Boys, I'm afraid your fat little friend has suffered a head trauma.
      Stan: What's the matter with him?
      Doctor: Well, apparently he thinks he's a Vietnamese prostitute named Ming-Li.

    • Stan: (about the T&P Dolls) Oh, dude. We've GOT to get one of those!
      Cartman: How much to play?
      Carnie: Only five dollars for three balls, kid.
      Cartman: Five dollars?! Jesus Christ!
      Carnie: Don't worry, kid, it's easy; you just gotta put one ball through Jennifer Love Hewitt's mouth.
      Cartman: That's easy!

    • Officer Barbrady: Young man, you can't just go around declaring shenanigans on innocent people; that's how wars get started!
      Stan: Sorry, Officer Buttbaby…
      Officer Barbrady: Barbrady!
      Stan: Oh, I'm sorry. What did I say?
      Officer Barbrady: You said "Buttbaby"!
      (The boys laugh.)

    • Cartman: What the hell makes you think Cartman rides a bull?
      Kyle: Because you spent all our money on those stupid rides, fat ass! Either you're getting on a bull, or I'm gonna break your f(beep)king head open!
      Cartman: Okay, I'll get on the bull.

    • Kyle: Shenanigans!

    • Kyle: Well Cartman, this is just my opinion, but I think the line ride sucked donkey balls!

    • Jimbo: Hey, where's she going? That's the wrong way, you stupid cow.
      (cows line up on a cliff)
      FBI Executive: Oh, dear Jesus, no!
      (the cows jump off one by one)
      Jimbo: No! They're killing themselves! Stop please! Can't we do anything? Oh God, the humanity, Ned, the humanity!
      FBI Executive: This is the first mad cow suicide I've seen in at least eight months.

    • Kyle: How much money do we have left Cartman?
      Cartman: Ahh three dollars.
      Kyle: What? You said we had plenty of money, Cartman!
      Cartman: Yeah but I didn't take into account the fact that I suck at math.
      Kyle: YOU SON OF A BITCH! (attacks Cartman)

    • Kenny: (muffled) Oh my god! They killed Cartman!
      Kyle: No, we didn't kill him; he's still breathing!

    • Stan: (imitating Philip) Hey, Terrance! Let's go look for treasure!
      Kyle: (imitating Terrance) That's a good idea, Philip!
      (Cartman arrives at the bus stop.)
      Stan: Oh hey, Cartman. How are you feeling?
      Cartman: Hey, guys. I just had the weirdest dream last night.
      Kyle: Really? What about?
      Cartman: Well, I dreamt that I was a poor Vietnamese girl, and then you guys made me ride a big scary bull, and then Leonardo Di Caprio gave me a spankin' for several hours. (sees T&P dolls) Hey, where did you guys win all those Terrance and Phillip dolls?
      Stan: Oh, nowhere…
      (Stan and Kyle laugh.)
      Cartman: Wait a minute! You guys DID make me ride that bull!
      Kyle: No, Cartman! That was just a dream!
      Stan: Yeah!
      (A limousine drives up to the bus stop.)
      Leonardo Di Caprio: Bye, Ming Li! Thanks again!
      (The limousine drives away; Stan and Kyle continue to laugh.)
      Cartman: Ah! Son of a bitch!

    • Cartman: Sucky sucky, five dollah. Ooh me so horny. Me love you long time.

  • NOTES (2)


    • The Jetsons
      When Cartman is riding a bull for the first time he tells his friends to "Stop this Crazy thing."  This is a clear reference when George Jetson tells Jane the exact same quote when he gets in a crazy fix in the end credits of the TV cartoon The Jetsons.

    • Running of The Bulls:

      South Park's "Running of the Cows" is a parody of the actual tradition of the running of the bulls called La Pamplonada, most notably done in Pamplona, Spain. Bulls are released and run down the city streets alongside numerous human participants. It's also notably done in San Miguel De Allende, Mexico, called "La San Miguelada."

    • Full Metal Jacket:

      Cartman's dialogue when he thinks he's a Vietnamese prostitute is a reference to a scene from the 1987 film, Full Metal Jacket.