South Park

Season 15 Episode 5

Crack Baby Athletic Association

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM May 25, 2011 on Comedy Central

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  • Excellent, but for a small detail...

    Making fun of college basketball, Slash, EA sports and crack babies. Well done, South Park, well done. This season is really good and I'm enjoying every single episode. Hope there will be many many more seasons and episodes of South Park. The episode was almost perfect, save for one thing, which is why it got an 8.0 instead of a solid 10 rating: Gravy and Fries is not poutine. It's fries and gravy. Poutine requires cheese curds to be added to the mix. So, if you don't know what poutine is, don't mention it... or worse, don't mention it TWICE.
  • An interesting idea however its not as good as it couldve been.

    This was an average episode not terrible but not very good either. I think they missed the mark, and as a fan of the series I think they could have made better jokes, but it was still a decent episode overall. I'll start by what I did like, I liked the concept of crack babies fighting and kyle becoming selfish like cartman but what I didn't like is the fact that they couldve had more on kyle becoming more like cartman and the crack babies idea is ruined by them just focusing on legal rights, prophets and a game from ea. The side plot about slash is random and doesn't fit in with what's going on. So its just an okay episode.
  • Great Satire..Brilliant Observartions..Worked!

    A great episode with BITE. Finally. Cartman wants to use Slaves...AHEM...Crack Babies...AHEM...'athletes" to promote his new business in which he needs a "jew" (kyle) to do the book keeping to make sure he doesn't show a profit while exploiting crack babies for profit. Then there is the Sarah mcLaughlin Joke...'she wa famous Once for a day" LMAO. These days she loans her songs to PETA and they show abused animals--hence--matt and Trey decided to use Crack babies as her outlet. Funny as hell.

    Then there is this SLASH thing...that Slash is seen all over the place since Guns N Roses broke up. (which is so true). I mean,,no matter what charity concert is held..there is SLASH. he is ALWAYS there..and where is AXL..nowhere. (What did happen to Axl Rose?) LOL.

    I loved that Cartman KNOWS exploitation when he sees it and is SMARTER than the College recruiter so he goes along and disguises his capital exploitation as enterprise. Cartman uses Kyle and then Kyle learns a hard lesson about businessmen. So Slash, Businessmen who use athletes for profit, and Crack Addicts. Oh yeah..This featured a nice appearance by Terence and Philip ..AH..and the Ending is priceles. Who do you think paid for the crack Baby center..SICK. I.m not sure I was LMAO during the entire episode but Matt and Trey have pierced the bullshxt of exploiting athletes and using celebrities who liek to hit below the belt to push their annoying "cause". Way to go..9.5 LOL
  • perfect

    felt kinda weird that kenny was not in this one.

    there was a lot in this one that made me laugh:

    the ending to the episode. the whole 'slash/santa' thing is pretty chuckleworthy, as was Stan revealing he was told Slash 'wasn't real' when he was 5

    the EA guy. "Get the f out of my office!"

    end of act 1

    Cartman as a Southern guy

    this gets a 5/5 from me. not one of the bests ever, but an enjoyable way to spend time and just sit back and laugh. The jokes are what save the episode for me. A somewhat weak plot saved by numerous good jokes.
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