South Park

Season 5 Episode 2

Cripple Fight

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 27, 2001 on Comedy Central

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  • Pretty funny

    I thought this was a great episode until the moral at the end. If the scouts excluded black people, would Trey and Matt feel the same way? I guess they think being gay is a choice, but that's just plain ridiculous and they should know better. No one would make a choice that would cause them to be disowned by their family, bullied at school... even driven to suicide. I never chose to be straight, so I seriously doubt gay people had some magical moment where an apparition appeared to them and asked if they'd rather be attracted to boys or girls.
  • Timmy vs Jimmy

    In this episode shows the Jimmy for the first time jimmy is my 2rd favorite kid in Soth Park. Then the Stan, Cartman, Kenny, and Timmy have joined Mountain Scouts troop number 69 and are on their way to their first meeting they meet Jimmy. And then somehow Timmy becomes incredibly jealous somehow I thought Timmy and Jimmy could be like brothers. Then Timmy and Jimmy battle at each other man the fighting was LOL and LMAO and Freaking Timmy made this fu*king funny picture of Jiimy that was LMAO where do they get these Ideas awesome I love south park
  • Cripple Fight

    Big Gay Al is such a characterm he can make you laugh and make you wince with all his flamboyant ways of life. He can also make us sympathise him with this one episode of South Park when he gets kicked out of Scouts for being gay ;D Made me laugh!
    Anyway, there is also a cool cripple fight going on between Jimmy and Timmy (the guy in the wheelchair). An ineteresting mix of all the feelings you could imagine as well as a touch of sarcasm and laughter to ever joke. ;D We need more episodes like this one. Genius!
  • I dunno, something missing from it.

    I thought this episode was OK. It wasn't the best episode, but it definitely the worst. It introduced a character that I've always liked in South Park, Jimmy Vulmer, one of the cripples that participated in the cripple fight. Timmy was very funny throughout this episode, especially when he was framing Jimmy at the end of the episode. I liked Big Gay Al's relevation at the end of the episode, it made me think that being to accepting is just another form of discrimination. Kenny's death is without a doubt the low point of the episode, they really had to reach to pull that out.
  • haha yea very funny epsode haha CRIPLE FIGHT!!! timmy timmay

    this was a really funny episode one of the most known to people haha that was hillariose when the new leader was like "tell any body about this this what will happen" then he starts smashing his hand with a hammer haha that was hillariouse also when the other leader kept calling the silly gooses and the cartmen said it to his dad and his dad was telling him say i will kick ur ass son haha
  • Good episode! There's a lot of fun and mayhem

    Just 2 words: CRIPPLE FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!
    MVP of the night: Timmy.And Cartman. Cartman\'s always the MVP
    What do we want ?
    Gays in scouts !
    When do we want ?
    Timmyyyyy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And, hey , there\'s not Kyle in this episode !
    But there\'s Jimmy for the first time!
    Sorry for all the unusefull things i said but I have to arrive to 50 words. Hey,I did it!
  • Funny as hell!

    This episode is hella funny throughout the series. They took naked pictures, and it is shown on the news, and it was funny. I slightly like the kripple fight, but it is weak as hell. However, it was really unbelievable! Me and my sister were laugheng really hard, because of some non-stopping lines.
  • a hilarious satire of boy scouts and child molestation and gay rights.

    Basically this episode is where Jimmy and Timmy are fighting for gay rights in the Mountain Scouts of America - south park's parody of Boy Scouts. This episode moves along very smoothly with plenty of laughs along it. Jimmy's stand up jokes basically killed it! In addition, it's pretty unpredicable, as what you think will happen will actually not happen, watch the episode for yourself too see.
  • Jimmy,a handicapped child comes to town and joins the scouts with Stan,Cartman,Kenny,Butters and Timmy.Big Gay Al,which is the scout leader,is expelled from scouts due to his homosexuality.Timmy hates Jimmy and they end up fighting.

    This is Cripple fight,which is,for me,a very special episode.You may be asking why its so special,well,becuase it is the birth of Jimmy,my favorite South Park character.And I really liked the part when Timmy and Jimmy began to fight which was awesome! Punches,kicks,throws and pushes and the best thing is \"CRIPPLE FIGHT!\" Thats what Cartman was yelling all around the town and people came to see the fight.On the other line,there is Big Gay Al(although he is not my favorite character,he is my least favorite)who\'s problem is that he is gay and is not allowed to be in scouts.Very great episode and one of my 5 favorites.This episode is the birth of Jimmy.
  • Another classic from Season 5

    Season 5 is by far and away my favourite South Park season. This is a prime example off good it is.

    The idea of two Cripples fighting for long time is just unheard of. You would think that you would be completely disgusted, but I was laughing so much it hurt!

    Timmy and Jimmy's fight is the highlight of the episode for me, everyone came from across the town to watch it.

    Big Gay Al returned as a scout leader, but got fired because people complained that he is gay. A replacement leader is found but he turns out to be a pedophile. Big Gay Al is asked back but he declines. He says scouts shouldn't be forced to accept gays.

    As for Timmy and Jimmy, Timmy comes out on top when he gives the scout leader as picure of Jimmy on the body of a gay man, and gays aren't allowed in scouts.
  • The boys join a boy scouts club and me a new handicapped friend named Jimmy, and Timmy becomes jealous of Jimmy.

    There going to hell for this one. This was aa hilarious episode. Especially when the camp kicked out Big Gay Al because he was gay and then they hired this old mean guy, who turned out to be a pedofile. Then Timmy and Jimmy have a cripple fight. Oh my god are they going to hell. But great episode guys.
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