South Park

Season 14 Episode 7

Crippled Summer

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 28, 2010 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

"This program contains subject matter and language that may be disturbing to some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised." Towelie has agreed to be in a documentary about addiction, what he doesn't know is that soon he will be faced with an Intervention, in an episode on the A&E television series. Towelie admits to being addicted to marijuana (9 years), crystal meth (7 years) and finally crack. Stan, Kyle and Butters comment on Towelie's recent behavior. Meanwhile at Lake Tardicaca, Jimmy and Timmy are at a summer camp for the handicapped. Towelie is also at the summer camp, the boys got him a job there, but Towelie is nowhere to be found, he's off getting high and he doesn't care about anything. Jimmy is leader of the blue team and he plans to beat the red team again this year, in fact they've beaten them the last three years. Nathan, the red team leader, has a different idea. Towelie is angry at everybody. Butters recounts Towelie's journey from being a happy towel with a girlfriend and their child together (Washcloth), to his becoming the drug addled mess he is now. The competition begins and the first event is the canoe race. Nathan wants Mimsy to put a Black Mamba in blue team's canoe, but Mimsy puts the snake in the wrong canoe, his own team's canoe. The red team abandons "ship" and gets wet. The camp counselors go to find Towelie. They find him having oral sex with older men for money. The next event is the scavenger hunt and Nathan gives Mimsy a map to the Tardicaca Indian reservation. He wants Mimsy to switch that map with the Blue team's map. Of course, Mimsy screws up again and Nathan finds himself in the midst of the Tardicaca Indian burial ground, where he is attacked by the tribe. Intervention returns, and Towelie is shown no longer using hard drugs, as he can't afford them. He's now inhaling 2,000 cans of computer duster a day. Back at camp, the blue team is ahead. Nathan's new plan is to get a Tardicaca Shark (the deadliest freshwater shark in Colorado) to attack Jimmy during the surfing competition. He gives Mimsy a shark whistle that he is supposed to blow underwater. Mimsy goes swimming underwater while Jimmy is surfing, but he waits until he is on dry land to blow the whistle. The shark (equipped with a nine-inch penis) comes out of the water and starts mating with Nathan on dry land. Butters brings Towelie to the room where the intervention is going to be held. Butters and Kyle, read their statements about how Towelie makes them feel. Cartman starts reading his statement, but (of course) it's about Kyle and the Jews. Kyle's attempt to stop it is ignored, even though it is way off topic. The blue team performs during the talent show portion of the competition. The red team has planted C4 in Jimmy's ukulele. They are waiting for him to hit just the right note during a solo for the explosive to detonate. Cartman finally finishes his statement about the Jews and finally Stan makes his. Towelie is incensed and starts to leave, until Butters reveals that he has brought Washcloth to the event, this hits Towelie where it hurts. Back at camp, Jimmy has skipped the ukulele solo and gone onto the next verse, causing a serious setback in Nathan's plan. He tells Mimsy to go up and demand the solo. Jimmy says he has forgotten how it's done. He asks Mimsy to show him. Nathan comes up front in time to stop Mimsy for playing the sour note, but in a moment of not thinking clearly, Nathan plays the note himself. The ukulele blows up sending Nathan sky high. Nathan lands on the beach, where he is attacked by the Black Mamba, the Tardicaca Indians and the shark attempts to mate with him again. At the intervention, Towelie breaks down and agrees to go to rehab. An ambulance is at the camp and Nathan is going to be taken to the hospital. Jimmy says a few words to Nathan, which just make Nathan hate him with every fiber of his being all that much more. Towelie checks into rehab, but he is only the second most psychologically damaged towel, the first one belongs to Kirstie Alley. Towelie is on the road to recovery.
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