South Park

Season 14 Episode 7

Crippled Summer

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 28, 2010 on Comedy Central

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  • A slightly disappointing first half episode finale for Season 14.

    "Crippled Summer"

    Grade: D

    With the first half of season 14 ending with this episode, I'd hope it would be quite entertaining. Unfortunatly, for me at least, I felt Crippled Summer was quite repetitive and not that funny. Up The Down Steroid did a better job with a similar plot, whilst the Towlie documentary subplot fell mostly flat on its face, due to the fact I don't find his character that funny anymore, but the intervention Towlie/Cartman part did give me a few laughs I won't deny that one. Nothing much happened to the handicapped plot, because Jimmy still wins it and I thought it just got too stupid with the red team rivals (though the Shark Mating whistle scenes were quite funny) because you already know its going to go wrong, no matter what. Towlie's has a simple and predictable conclusion as well. I also felt those blank screen messages became kind of a hindrance as well, though they did deliver a small little chuckles from me. Overall, could have been better, yet a hell of a lot worse, but also much funnier too.
  • It was alright

    The first half finale of season 14 ends with a bang? Nah, dud?..nope, more like a forgettable episode with a few laugh out loud moments. Jimmy and Nathan are in tough competition at camp while Towelie continues to abuse drugs. The first thing I thought of when I discovered the episodes title was maybe they'd do something with the Beach Boys, like play a song while Jimmy surfed, but I didn't get that, bummer. Anyways, the episode was alright, although seemed sloppy and rushed, although we can't blame M&T for this since they had alot of bullsh*t on their mind at the time. I'll give Crippled Summer a safe 8 rating, not great, not bad.
  • So how do you review an episode where a disabled little boy is repeatedly raped by a shark with a 9 inch penis Carefully…

    Crippled Summer, as the title suggests, is not one for the easily offended. The episode manages to teeter on the brink of decency by parodying a selection of sources, in an attempt to neutralise any offensive content with an equally ludicrous scenario. Much of the humour stems from these shock tactics and even I winced a few times in places. But due to a lack of depth, the jokes quickly wear thin.

    The premise is that Towelie's penchant for Marijuana, has tumbled into an addiction to crystal meth and crack. His story unfolds in a spoof of the show 'Intervention', consisting of shaky camera footage, generic mood music, and diary entry style voice-overs. Being British, I had never heard of this show and so some of the impact may have been lost on me. However, I am familiar with the style of documentary and so was aware of what they were trying to do. Unfortunately, it simply wasn't all that funny. 'The Long Arm of the Law', which saw Cartman in a parody of Cops, was far more effective and the repetition of black and white text, detailing a selection of silly facts, became rather tiresome by the end of the episode. It was a nice idea and a great way to bring Towelie back into the mix, but it didn't seem to have the legs to fill a half hour slot.

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  • Laugh out loud hilarious!

    I loved the whole, Nathan/Mimsy villain sub plot that was a shout out to old classic cartoons. Nathan's bluntness in his feelings towards Jimmy and then everytime he thought he had a diabolical plan to foil Jimmy's talents at winning in each camp event was hilariously foiled by what he believes to be Mimsy's stupidity. I laughed out loud at each one. So great! I loved everything about this episode, even the Towlie/Intervention plot had me in stitches. I always thought that show was completely ridiculous and I now believe the South Park team feel the same. Mocking it by showing Towlie undergoing a rough, spooge filled patch of drug addiction was fantastic. Great job South Park.
  • While Timmy and Jimmy compete at a handicapped summer camp, Towlie's friends in South Park try to get their friend off of drugs and into rehab. A far, far better episode than I initially expected...

    When I initially heard the synopsis of 'Crippled Summer', I wasn't looking forward to it very much. It sounded like a retread of season 8's 'Up the down Steroid' (which some loved but I didn't care for at all), and just didn't really grab me. So it was to my surprise that I really enjoyed 'Crippled Summer'.

    Bar the terrible opener, 'Sexual Healing', season 14 has really been on a roll, with a run of top-notch episodes, and 'Crippled Summer' doesn't break with that tradition.

    Although he has his fans, I've never really been a fan of Towlie. To me, he's always been a one-joke character (although in fairness that's what he was designed to be), but in this one, I found him to be the funniest he's ever been – in a bittersweet way, of course.

    Living in the U.K., I'm not familiar with the 'Intervention' TV series of which much of this episode is based, but it didn't really matter, as I'm familiar with the style of show, and I found the regular text screen interruptions to be really amusing.

    I also liked the Looney Tunes spoofs, both with the designs of the various disabled kids at summer camp, and Nathan and Mimsy's continual doomed attempts to bump off Jimmy so they can win the events.

    There were only a couple of minutes featuring Cartman in this episode, but it was hilarious Cartman, as he used Towlie's 'Intervention' to launch a(nother) scathing attack on Kyle. All-in-all, this episode turned out far better than I had initially expected, and I really like it. I know there are some who didn't take to it at all, but personally I enjoyed it enough to give it a solid 9.5.
  • Best Episode of the Season

    Where do I start with this episode? First, the intervention parody was PITCH perfect. I mean, as a fan of the show, they simply could not have implemented it into an episode any better. The previous reviewer simply must have a retarded brother to not find the gags in this episode funny. Cartman's jew bashing? The best yet.
    Tardicaca land shark with a 9 inch penis HOLY SH!T.
    This episode is easily the best of the season from matt and trey. Sooooo many good punch lines, suucch a well done parody of intervention and other dumb cartoons. And... I mean... Towlie? How could this episode possibly suck. I'm baffled right now.
  • Need to understand the jokes here!

    Aight, obviously it's gonna be hard to be a good episode coming off of a hilarious 2 parter (200). The thing is many people may not like this episode becuase they 1. Need to have watched the show Intervention on A&E
    2. Need to have watched a lotta looney toon cartoons

    The black screens did get tiresome after a bit (but the shark part had me in stitches!). Cartman was only in it for about 2 minutes (but a VERY FUNNY 2 min). Overall it was a decent episode, hardly season "finale" material though. They should have made the facebook episode the season finale, but from what I hear Stone and Parker usually make these episodes a day or two before they air so maybe taht's why.
  • One of the best episodes so far this season.

    This episode has two stories through it. The first is Towelie being addicted to drugs and the main boys holding an intervention after Towelie get's fired from his job. The second story is Jimmy going to a handicapped summer camp, where there are two teams in a competition (the blue team which Jimmy is captain of, and the red team whose captain is Nathan, a character which hates Jimmy).

    The highlights of the episode for me are: when Towelie and his girlfriend have a child, Washcloth; when Nathan's incompetant sidekick (Mimsy) blows a shark mating whistle above land, causing the shark to swim up and essentially rape Nathan; and basically any time when Mimsy speaks.

    Overall it's a great episode.
  • silly episode

    The first-half ends with Crippled Summer. At the moment, this is getting hated on pretty bad. I don't know if I'm just a diehard South Park fan? Because I loved this episode. Towelie returns yet again, this time getting into much harder drugs. While the boys try and get help for him, Nathan tries to hold back Jimmy from winning anything at Camp Tardicaca. Overall, its a silly, but strong episode, featuring shark humping and Native Americans. I'm happy with what we've gotten for the first half of season 14, and heres to the 2nd half being even better! I give Cripples Summer a 9.5
  • An episode very well set out.

    now for anyone who saw the commentary on an episode sometime ago. Matt and Trey discussed having this Towlie intervention parody back during "a million little fibers" but ended up not having room for it. So just like the episode "Cartmen Sucks" they found a way to bring that scene back and have something to go with it.

    now the episode itself wouldn't be that strong since it almost seems like they ran out of ideas. but it makes of for it by having a great parody of intervention and turning the what I feared would be bad Crippled Camp into a homage to the old theater cartoons as several characters are basically loony tunes and I noticed Droopy in there too from the MGM cartoons.

    if there is any weakness to this episode it's that it might be like I was with the episode Whale Whores where I couldn't like it as much as others because I'd never seen or heard of the show it was commenting/make fun of. the same can be true here especially with people not coming up with those old cartoons even on re-runs as I did unless you force them nowadays.

    So I can understand why some might dislike it but otherwise it was a good mid-season closer and gives me kinda the same effect "Super Fun Time" did where it got better watching it again later.