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Season 11 Episode 6


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 11, 2007 on Comedy Central

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  • superb

    Mrs. Garrison is mad because she was dumped and takes it out on the 4th grade class. She starts hanging out at a lesbian bar, but when the bar is in danger of closing, Mrs. Garrison and the other women go to extremes to make sure it is kept open. Will they win?

    Good episode, but it gets boring as it keeps going. It starts off strong, like the boys asking the Mexicans for help on their homework, but by the end I was a little bored, which hurts my grade some. It was overall a good episode, even though bits and pieces were boring. Final grade for this episode is going to be a low B from me
  • Not the best.

    "D-Yikes!" wasnt a very good episode. throughout the whole thing, I sat there saying, "Why? Why? Why can't you just let them have the bar!". It was like watching a soap oprea but it wasn't a soap oprea. It was more like an oprea. I do have to agree the parts with the kids homeowkr and the hispanics was quite funny. I just can't believe the women fought that hard just to save a bar. Why couldn't they just find another place? I also kept asking myslef that. Alot of the storyline didn't make much since. But oddly, I liked it!
  • Admit this episode deserved more than the reviewers from this site gave it. Mr/Mrs Garrison turns into a lesbian and has to fight the persians that are trying to take ownership of their lesbian bar. - comical rip-off of the Movie 300.

    It actually makes me a little angry when episode like this that are funny, relevant, and absurd get a worse rating than that of an episode such as 'the snuke.'

    Maybe it's because I'm not american and don't really understand all the celeb rip-offs they do, but really this episode has everything: racial generalisations, shems, crazy garrison turning gay...AGAIN and a story that we can relate to slash have seen the movie of.

    D-Yikes is one of my favs in this season, and I think the south park writers are smarter than those of family guy, even if they don't generate as many laughss

    (ps - jumps the shark? what the?)
  • 300 parody, whats with all the new parodys?

    Once again, another great SouthPark episode for Season 11. this time it's a parody of the current film 300. With the stylish camera angles, dark clouds, the persians as enemies, voice over narration, and of course, the slow-motion & fast motion editing techniques. This is all taken straight from 300. The parody starts a little later in the episode, with the earlier part surrounding the boys quest to get their paper done, and Mrs. Garrison first discovering she's a lesbian.

    Other various quarks of this episode are the portrayal of the Mexicans, and the idea of lesbian sex being called "scissoring." this term will definitely catch on with fans. I immediately loved it, and knew i would repeat it as a common SouthParkian catch phrase. the Mexican portrayal was quite humorous. not too offensive, not overdone in any way, but just a nice little addition to the episode.

    Overall, this episode was great. Not sure how it will be viewed in years to come, like many SouthPark episodes, they really on current political issues, or other media sources (ie. the last two episodes, parodies of 24 and the Da Vinci Code). Anyways, I believe that in the future this will still be considered a humorous episode...Now...who wants to scissor?
  • A fantastic episode.

    In this season 11 episode. We join Mrs. Garrison wo is pissed about man judging them by there bodies. She sends her class on a essay about the "old man and the sea" on the weekend. The boys hire Mexicans to do it for them. Meanwhile, Mrs Garrison goes working out in a female gym, when she trains to reduce her "pissed" off attitude. She meets another woman who agrees with her and offers Janet (Mrs. Garrison) to a girl club called "Les Bos". Once arriving, Janet discovers its a lesbian bar. She freaks out until she realises her "lesbian attitude" and joins the club. Althrought, the Persians are planning to re-decorate the club to make it there own club. The lesbians fight over the Persians. In the end, the lesbians win and the persian leader is actually a female, who is lesbian.

    Great episode. Loved this one. Had a great and original plot idea and the humor was excellant.

    A must watch South Park episode for all the fans.
  • Mr(s). Garrison starts visiting a lesbian bar, and soon decides that she is attracted to women. So when (s)he and her new friends find that the place is to be taken over, (s)he leads them all-out in saving it, in this silly but watchable episode...

    This episode isn't really a classic, and quite silly in places, but it's not a bad one, and definitely an improvement over saw some of the weak offerings we saw last season.

    The series seems to be trying to get more and more graphic, this time showing Mr(s). Garrison's sexual escapades.

    Meanwhile, the boys try to get some immigrants to do their homework assignments for them. I liked how the two plots eventually meet, although Mr(s). Garrison's plot outweighs the other one, which very much gets forgotten after a while.

    All-in-all, not one of the series classics, but a watchable and in some places funny tale. And Mr(s). Garrison is one of my favourite characters, so I'm glad to see him/her get an episode to him/herself.
  • A bit weird

    Overall this was a pretty funny episode. The only thing that bothered me was the "unnessecary scenes" if you get what I'm saying. But I thought the Spartan-Persian parody was funny. And the fact theat "Ms." Garrison is now a lesbian is pretty ironic being that he she's not really a woman, and the boys are happy about it being that they faied to do their homework because the "people for hire" misunderstood what they meant for them to do. The "battle scenes" and the people for hire spy mission on the Persians were great. The final outcome of the "epic bar battle" was also funny and ironic.
  • I loved the comparison to 300. Also, after all these years we find out that Garrison likes women, but only if she is one herself.(Is Garrison Mr. or Mrs. now that she's a d-yike)

    Mrs. Garrison meets a friend who introduces her to the world of les bos. While she finds that she now has a peculiar liking for her own kind, she may never be able to socialize with them as the cubans want to take down the famous "Les Bos" and turn it into a restaurant. In an awesome comparison to the movie 300, the crowd at Les Bos hold their place in front of the building in hopes of defending their rights as d-yikes. How far will Mrs. Garrison go to keep the Cubans out? Only time will tell the great ending to this great episode.
  • Southpark seems to be losing their spark

    I must admit this wasn't a really funny ep.I loved the movie 300 and i thought it was cute how they made fun of it but the creators of southpark seem to be forgeting about what made southpark so funny i don't like the new ep's the are boring and this is one of the worst.
  • Whoever saw the movie 300 knows that most of this episode is basically straight out of the movie, that's great because I thought that such a great movie would be above being made fun of but I'm really glad that it's not even though I absolutely loved it.

    I thought that the fact that Matt and Trey made a whole episode devoted to 300 and lesbians was cool. I mean, how could you really get any better? Janet Garrison, Les Bos, the Mexicans out back writing "essays", it just can't get much better. Although this episode was filled with funny and original jokes they were more one liners rather than the usual "instant classic with some real stain power", as Timmy would put it. Matt and Trey did a great job on this episode and I really did like it but I just don't think that it had its usual "stain power". Usually after I watch an episode of South Park I will be thinking about it for days but with this one I found myself thinking not so much about the episode as a whole but about specific lines. Most shows couldn't and can't really give anything more than one liners so in comparison to other shows this episode was GREAT but in comparison to the usual "South Park Standard" (SPS as my friends and I love to call it. Hint: when you see something funny with some real "st-st-st-stain power" call it SPS!) that we all know and love.
  • Not to be rude but funny episode.

    Whoa! South Park never made an episode like this!

    I dont recommend this to gays because it's going to get them angry and sue South Park.

    I recommend this to peo[le who knows about gays and lebians.

    The most funniest part was the Mrs.Garrison ones.

    The slow-motion scenes were the best in my opinion.
  • this episode is just about mr garison who preveiously turned into a girl turns into a girl lover

    this episode is a classic but at the same time it was exstremely desturbing I mean mr garison had a sex change and has now turned into a girl lover and does scissors ( for the people who dont know what that mean well you really really dont want know ) on other girls . Apart from that this episode got to be in my top of favourite southpark episodes. this episode isnt about the 4 main characters it is more about mrs garis and the **** . I wonder if mrs garis is going to be a girl lover forever well youll just to to wait for the other half of series 11 in 5 months of hell don don don doooon.
  • I think the guys behind South Park are losing their touch

    This episode was a waste of my time. The main storyline was not funny at all. The only time I did laugh is when the characters went to the Mexicans and hire them for whatever they wanted. I wish they could make a full episode just on the Mexicans. And as for ripping on "300", wow... they really did a bad job. I did see 300, and I loved the film. Parker and Stone just did a poor job on making fun of the movie. When I heard they ripped on 300 I couldn't wait to see what the boys came up with, and now I wish they tried less harder. Come to think of it, they should really stick to making episodes where they don't focus on a real person or event that took place. Its just not funny anymore. With the return of "Family Guy", im afraid South Park is just obsolete.
  • An episode which managed to spoof a movie, whilst holding on to its originality

    This episode i thought was really pretty well done. The show took the basic outline of the most excellent movie 300 and twisted it to thier own storyline, the lesbians. ALthough this technique has been used alot recently by the south park writers, I thought that this episode in particular was very funny. The show had its own plot and storyline, and Trey Parker merely used the 300 parody for comic effect - which worked perfectly. Some of the comments were hilarious, such as Mrs. Garrison kicking the Persian in the nuts to the exclamation "THIS - IS - LES - BOS!"

    Very, very funny
  • theres people you can hire to do that kind of stuff lol

    i loved this episode because it mad fun of what i always thought would be right for mat and treyy to make fun of. MEXICANS, and it was funny they way they put it. watching this episode reminded me of my old school, where all the teachers were dikes. they probally scizored all night! lol i have been a follower of this series forever and will continue to remain my favorite show on television. My friend and used to keep a folder of south park scripts and one day i actually brought it to school! and i was in 3rd grade! yep, i've had some good times with this show =)
  • Ms. Garrision becomes a lesbian because men keep dumping her. She starts going to a lesbian bar, but it seems that Persians have bought the bar. In a parody of 300 the "Les Bos" face off against the Persians and their leader Xerxes.

    This was a great episode. I loved their parody of Xerxes and all the 300 references were really funny. The Mexicans were great too. I loved the part were they told the story of the Old Man and the Sea to Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Cartman. I also liked how they turned the Mexicans into Persians. The essay joke and Butters saying you gotta be careful with scissors were also priceless. I liked that this episode for the most part was just one story and that they were able to fully develop the story, say and do what they wanted to, and then ended the episode.
  • Very funny, love the mexican parts. and the reference to 300

    Ms. Garason is mad because men are only caring for them selves. so she goes to a girls only gym and meets a girl there and is taken to a "Girl bar" Then there she turns into a L*****n Stan Kyle Cartman and kenny didn't get their home work from the mexicans because they wrote them to their essays. When Ms. Garason finds out that the bar is going to be taken by persins she is determind to stop it. The persins come in but they are blocked off, so they have xyrxys come and talk to her, but then ms. garason knows that she was a girl. so they keep their bar. and mexicans teach the class
  • Ms. Garrison takes it upon herself to protect a "girl bar" from Persians.

    The episode begins with Ms. Garrison irate after being dumped again by MEN! So, she takes it out on the class assigning an essay over "The Old Man and the Sea". However, after a workout and meeting a girl named Alison, Ms. Garrison reveals she's a lesbian. Soon, Ms. Garrison is invited to the local "girl bar", "Les Bos", to meet with her friends. However, Persians want to buy out the bar and Ms. Garrison will not stand for it. I love this episode for two reasons only. One being the 300 parody, which you gotta love. The second being the Mexicans that the boys and Ms. Garrison hire. Has there ever been a funnier one-time appearance than these guys? Seriously, I hope they are in future episodes (although unlikely) because they were laugh-out-loud hilarious. The "Season Eleven is Awesome" train moves along with another great episode to showcase.
  • Loved it, loved it.

    Maybe the 300 parody was fun and at times unfunny but when Mrs. Garrison has sex with Xerxes who turned out to be a woman, that hit the spot. This episode had some wonderful jokes in it. Mrs Garrison who was once a man, became a woman to have sex with men, and now becomes a lesbien was classic.

    "Good news, I'm gay!"

    Then Cartman asking those mexicans to write their essays was classic as well when the mexicans wrote TO THEIR ESSAIES. That cracked me up, then of course the whole sicsor thing was funny because it was expecting to happen. This would make buying the season 11 dvd worth the money.
  • Les Bo, classic all women bar lol

    I actually thought this episode was really funny, i have to admit though right now, if you have not seen 300, you will not really understand many of the jokes in the episode. that said I thought the mexicans were all really funny as well, like a freindly no questions asked work force lol.
    Some kinda pervy moments, but its to be expected from southpark.
    Generally a good episode and im sure lesbians around the world will agree, not lol.
  • The episode mostly revolves around Mrs. Garrison and the trouble that she/he has with men..

    What do you get when you mix 300 with South Park? A silly cartoon, with a lot of potential, that remains on so many levels un-reached. Previous episodes from South Park focused more on the adventures between the four boys, this episode chooses to focus more on Mr. or Mrs. Garrison( call him as you may). Seeing as how other episodes that had Garrison as their main character came out successful, I expected the same to happen with this episode. My expectations however proved to be in vain. This was a lousy attempt at humour, with a couple of jokes here and there. South Park could have done a much better job than this...yet hope still remains for the episodes that have yet to come.
  • Yea it was funny the fact about the 300 parody.

    The only reason I like this episode is because of the 300 parody and the thing about the mexicans with them dressing up and they mistaked essay for essai. Which means friend in spanish lol. But the rest of the episode was pretty disturbing..I mean alot of mr. or now known as ms. garison's episodes are alittle disturing. But the 300 parody, and the mexican part was really funny. Besides that I was saying to myself WTF am I watching? Because Ms. Garison is pretty disturbing yet funny charcter. This episode could have been better but for now it deserves a 8.5....
  • Lesbian revolution in South Park !

    One of the most hilarious episodes ever. I must say even though I really didn't expect it Season 11 is absolutely awesome. Mrs.Garrison finds out that she is gay again...a lesbian and goes to the lesbian club. But as soon as she goes down there she finds out that the club had been sold to the Persians. They stand against the Persian and defend the club from entering and it is extramly hilarious because it all happens in 300 movie style.
    The spoof is amazing and absolutely hilarious like almost every South Park spoofs.
    Amazing and Hilarious episode. Season 11 is so far the best personally.
  • A Hilarious 300 Spoof compare and contrast Included with Review

    I enjoyed this Episode so Much, just like I did with 300, The beginning was a bit slow, but it did have its moments when I was trying to hold on to my chair with laugher such as the Scissor Part, but once the Persians came into the storyline It got Tremendously Hilarious, I was Amused!

    Apart from the Irony that Mrs Garrison was a homosexual man, turned into a woman, turned from Straight to Lesbian, Xerxes depiction is downright accurate to the 300 film.
    Apart from the Secret Ms Garrison got to know about him/her/it.

    I heard a friend of mine, who really enjoyed it say that on Forums, there were people who were saying "it was one of the worst episodes of this season".

    Well my reply to those people is to stop living under a rock and to go Watch 300 the movie (hell it broke box office records, why you haven't seen it yet is a mystery to me).
    And In my opinion, the worst episode of this season is Lice Capades, it was one of the most boring episodes, but to compare D-Yikes with that is beyond me.

    In contrast D-Yikes (or Dykes') is a very exciting episode, because it is based on 300 , which means it keeps your eyes glued to the screen.

    Compare and contrast
    The Battle Scenes are very much similar to 300, especially the first battle, watching 300 3 times gave me a very sharp eye at noticing things, which in D-Yikes are Obvious Spoofs from Scenes of 300.

    The first 300 Spoof, starts when the Persian Messengers from Club Persh, try to convince the dykes to back off.
    Contrast with D-Yikes and 300
    Persian:"I dono why you are trying to be so difficult "
    "this is Crazy"
    Mrs Garrison: No..this isn't crazy
    Mrs Garrison: THIIIIS ISS Les Bos
    *slow mo Kick to the balls*
    Persian: oooahhhhhh
    Mrs Garrison walks off with Cool Music and slow-mo.

    Persian: Madman you're mad man
    Persian: This is Madness
    *King Looks at fellow spartans and back to persian* King Leadonas: heh, THIIIS ISSS SPARRTAAA
    *kick to the Chest*
    Persian: Oahhqqqqhhhhqh
    King Leadonas walks off with slow mo, persians get thrown down the well.

    30 Lesbains, 60 Persian Battle:

    For instance, the first battle scene the decorators ask them to move (not in 300), but when the Les-Bos refuse them entry to the Gay Bar, a man shouts and points to the Les-Bos and shouts "UAHHHHH" which is a particular scene in 300, The spartan King tells them "give them nothing, but take from them Everyting"
    Mrs Garrison Posing as King Leadonas, leaves a rather shallow immitation of the king , by saying "remember this day, remember this fight"
    while in my opinion, if she shouted "Give them Nothing" while another dyke shouts hold.
    Would have made me laugh, while I was rather laughing because I knew it was a Spoof of 300.
    I laughed at Mrs Garrison when she shouted
    "don't give em an INch" which was poorly Timed...and she should have shouted "PUSSH PUSSSH"
    Theres also another similarity, when a persian hits garrison in the face and she shouts "Bring it ------ , when in the film a Spartan gets slashed at the arm, he gets pissed off and knifes the persian back.

    Theres also a Scene where Xerxes Meets Leadonas...which is very like when Xerxes meets Mrs Garrison.
    He Puts his arms on his shoulders, same thing occurs in South park which is funny.
    End of compare and contrast.

    One of the funniest scenes in D-Yikes was that of the Coffee, and overuse in Slow-Mo which heavily used in 300.
    It was Very Well Done.
    The Mexicans were also a good source of Irony, especially at the end when the kids find out that they were better at teaching then Mrs Garrison.
    Even though they doubtfully had any qualifications.

    Over all I must say, In this season, I had never enjoyed an Episode as Much as this!!
    This Episode in my book takes the tops as A Season Classic, just like "the Easter Special" with cool jesus and his Star Blade.

    But Of course I say this as a 300 Fan.

    I might not have laughed or Enjoyed it to the Extent if I wasn't so Impressed by 300.

    Nevertheless I was Waiting for a 300 spoof by South park, because I knew Matt and Trey couldn't resist.
    So I say Kudos !!!

    Can't wait for a Borat Spoof, I heard its in their Schedule.
  • Plain Funny

    This was a very good and funny episode. It starts out funny as hell with Mrs. Garisson pissed as hell. Comes in the class. Just says everyone sit down and shut the f*** up. She starts yelling at stan and all the boys. Also Butters says a funny line about sometimes my penis falls out of my pj's. Then Mrs. Garrison becomes lez. It was funny when stan said again that she says im gay Also when the boys had the mexicans read the book and write the reports. Classic writing. Just they didnt write a report but to their essays,freinds.I liked when Jimmy says i got a letter from ym essay at the docks. Also funny when they coem back from club persha and all dressed nice. I like when they say u got people for this. Also the 300 parodays were funny too. That xerxes was a woman. Plus all the slow motion stuff. Also funny when butters says u need to be careful with scissors. In the end a very funny episode.
  • C'mon, everyone; we all know we've seen much better from South Park

    I knew this episode was going down the wrong path when almost 20 minutes into it I found myself wondering where they were going with all this. Yeah, the scenes with the migrant workers were pretty funny, but all the Persian jokes? I guess I don't spend enough time with Persians to realize how funny it's supposed to be. Oh well, Matt and Trey are allowed to have two or three duds a season; they've paid their dues.
  • 3 words... re tard ed

    How is a **** bar funny?

    i only laughed about 5 times

    1. when ms. garrison came in and started yelling out at the kids adn said," maybe if ur ***** ddint slip out of ur pants maybe u would get stuff done. butters replies," but teacher my ***** never slips out of my pants. only when i wear pajamas.

    2. Cartman hires mexicans to write the boys essays.

    3. when ms. garrison is making coffe in the slow motion

    4. When the boys coem back to collect their essays the mexicans mis understtod the word essay for ese. (which means friend in spanish).

    other than that i suggests everybody get away from this episode. o and another thing. i almost puked when ms garrison was doing the scissors.
  • Awesome

    This episode is really funny, if you've seen 300 or not. The whole idea that Mr. Garrison went through all that problem to be a woman, and now she's a lesbian! The sex scenes, although explicit, were hilarious. I laughed at every part. Of course, the Mexicans were a big highlight, because everyone laughs at the idea they would do anything for money.
    The episode was well-written, with a few errors. Although the kids didn't play a big role, their parts were funny. It was funny whenever Cartman shouted at the Mexicans for messing up their report and sending it to all the other students. After all, the episode rocked.
  • Mexicans were definately the highlight of the episode, but the rest was a little repetative and akward at times.

    Season 11 has been great so far, but I found this episode to be the worst so far. Aside from the begining classroom scene,(first sentence is some funny stuff i must admit) memorable quotes were hard to come by after that. Main characters didnt have many lines and the Mexicans (very very funny) werent featured as much as id hoped they would. The irony of Mr/Mrs Garrison becoming a lesbian wore off rather quickly, though the sex scenes were kinda funny. You have to cut the episode some slack though, it did come after the easter special. In the end, it didnt have a real message that South Park episodes usually have and the combined forces of Butters and the Mexicans were all the humor i found here.
  • Some hillarious moments and some classic lines. Too reliant on the 300 movie for me though. Seems you need to watch the film to get most of the jokes. I didn't see any meaningful messages from this episode either.
    Not sure about this episode. I haven't seen 300 so that probably didn't help... but I haven't seen the Da Vinci Code either and I thought the FES episode was awesomely amazingly super cool.

    I think the trouble is with this is the plot was too reliant on the 300 movie... the slow mo stuff - i'm sure it would have been funny if i'd seen the film, but I didn't laugh tbh.

    Matt and Trey can usually do this sort of thing really funny whether you've seen the film/show or not.

    I couldn't see any meaningful messages in this ep either tbh. Usually, the random plots and adventures come to something and we all learn a valuble lesson.

    Some hillarious moments though for sure... the scissors stuff was classic!

    Butters: "You have to be careful wth scissors".

    And the mexicans were good too.

    I've gone for an 8/10. If I watch it a couple more times (and maybe even watch 300), i'm sure that would rise considerably. But thats the problem with this episode, it sees you need to see the film to get most of the jokes.

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