South Park

Season 13 Episode 8

Dead Celebrities

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 07, 2009 on Comedy Central

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  • fair

    Ike is being terrorized by dead celebrities (including Billy Mays). Kyle tries to help him. Soon Ike's body is possessed by Michael Jackson, and Michael might not come out of Ike's body. What will Kyle and friends do!

    OK episode but some of it, for me, was pretty boring and not interesting. Some good jokes, such as the ending, and Billy Mays appearing so many times, but some of it in the middle was pretty boring and I could not pay attention. So my final grade, because of all of this, is a C or so. Pretty average, if not a tad below I think
  • South Park at its finest.

    While this episode of South Park did not have a moral like many past episodes, it provided plenty of laughs which is why people watch South Park. It's clear that Matt Stone and Trey Parker still know how to put a quality episode together.

    This episode starts out with Ike seeing Dead Celebrities in his bedroom and throughout his hallway. Kyle is worried about Ike so he takes him to a ghost specialist to figure out why he is seeing these celebrities. Ike still sees the Dead Celebrities, so Kyle goes to the other boys for help.

    I was very happy to see Michael Jackson in South Park one last time, him taking over Ike's body was the funniest part in this episode in my opinion, come on lets climb the tree, SHAMONE!

    The highlights for this episode would have to be, Chipoltaway, Billy Mays annoying everybody, the Ghost Hunters scene, the Doctor of Spooky Things death, the Purgatory, Ike being possessed by Michael Jackson, and the voting panel.

    Overall, a very funny episode, this just proves that Matt and Trey can make any situation funny, even Billy Mays son saw this episode and thought it was hilarious and was honored that his dad was involved in this South Park episode and mentioned how Billy Mays would have gotten a kick out of it. Matt and Trey, you have done it again!
  • Opener of 2nd half of season 13 as good as it gets.

    I thought this episode was hilarious. Sure the first half of season 13 was better than the second but don't worry they will be back for Season 14 before you know it and i have a feeling they will be back in full force. This episode had plenty of really great south park moments, like billy mays and chipotlaway. The Ghost Hunters scene was just epic in my opinion, the poltergeist lady, and finally the beauty paegant. I don't know why people are saying south park has gone downhill because it definitely hasn't. I believe the only reason to be dissapointed with south park lately is that they can't come up with creative storylines anymore, they just rip on whatever movie is coming out or some political issue. This is also why i loved Butters Bottom B**** because it was a creative storyline that didn't rip on politics or some new movie. It was a creative plot that involved butters becoming a pimp except instead of sex it was with kissing, they should have more creativeness like that in Season 14. Overall though, it was a pretty solid season. My favorites were Whale Whores, Dead Celebrities, Fishsticks, and Margaritaville.
  • Great way to open up mid-season!

    This was a pretty funny episode except for a few things. The first was the Billy Mayes joke. That was hilarious, but it was over-used throughtout the episode. The Michael Jackson thing was pretty funny. I also thought it was really funny when the 2 perverted male judges starting going crazy at the beauty padgent. So pretty good jokes. The plot, storyline, script, whatever the hell you call it was very original, with a very interesting story to it. And it was good Ike got a full episode. He hasn't been feautred on South Park in a couple seasons. So pretty good episode. Way to go Matt and Trey!
  • pretty good.

    this episode was worse than every other episode this season but it was still better than half of season 12's episodes. The premise of this episode was funny and i feel like they made it not as funny as it could have been. Billy mays was pretty funny but then i felt like the joke was overused. The michael jackson thing was ok but the little girl pageant with the judge getting all hot was a bit much. The best part of this episode was the paranormal show parody and that little weird lady that i think was a reference to poltergeist or something. I can tell that the creators of this show absolutely hate those paranormal shows. i do to. there ridiculously stupid. And that little lady was hilarious. her explanation of what pourgatery or whatever its called was hilarious and her voice was funny as hell.
  • Funny episode that nails every target down with flying colours.

    A lot has happened over the summer break that Matt Stone and Trey Parker traditionally take. The dead celebrities this year is the main target for "Dead Celebrities". The episode starts with Ike having nightmares about celebrities who had recently passed on from January to September. The inevitable appearance of Michael Jackson is the focal point of the episode. His ghost possesses Ike and the only way to free him is for everyone to accept him as a little white girl.

    However, the ghost of Billy Mays almost stole the show. South Park nails the King of Infomercials dead on, especially with the Chipotaway, designed to get rid of blood stains on underwear after eating Chipotle. The running gag of Kyle trying to figure out why people would eat Chipotle knowing that they get bloodstains was good, but not as good compared to the Child Beauty Pageants. Speaking of that, South Park's portrayal of Child Beauty Pageants hits a home run, including middle aged male judges questionable attraction to children and child abuse. Michael Jackson's character pretty much summed up what his life had been like; constant denial.

    Although Ike did a solid job in a lead role, I don't think that the character is built to lead frequently. Billy Mays was funny, but his gags started to drag on, clearly meant to set up for Michael Jackson's appearance.

    Great episode to start the second half, and plenty of controversies as well. Then again, when is South Park ever free of controversies?
  • they have to talk about M.J lool xD

    they always do it .. i mean southpark in every return they have to mention the most big event of the year .. the death of Micheal Jackson !!!
    they do it in the 6th sence style .. like Iak is seeing dead poeple .. dead celebrities !!!
    but it was really funny specially the Cartmen thing about blood with underwear that was really funny .. but there was something defferent about this new episode .. i mean Aik has a new voice !! and the drawing is a little different .. good different i guess :s the continue of the new season was great cant wait for the next one.
  • Passing over is hard to do, thats just ignorance

    I only occaionally watch South Park but having read about this episode a litle it sounded really funny, and it didn't let me down. They dont disrespect Michael Jackson either which would have been so easy. Turns out that, just like everyone else when they were first told, that Michael Jackson doesn't believe he's dead. He is therefore preventing others from crossing over to the next life. Ike can see dead celebrities isn't played like parody either and the David Carradine in the cupboard bit was sick but funny. He talks more in this than I have ever heard him do so, looks like he's growing up. Little small bits stand out though like the first instances of the possesion and the groan inducing jokes by the stewardess. The beauty pagent went a little too far with the male judges touching themselves but the joke about the cheek implants had me chucling.

    A good episode that reminds you if you ever visit america to stay away from the chipolite. Bloody hell.
  • Very good start of the mid-season and another great episode making fun of dead celebrities:)

    This episode in general is very good. At least, when Parker and Stone are making fun of people who have recently died, it is fun :) It is also pleasure for me to see an airplane full of pissed off dead celebrities who can't even go to the toilet. And finally the line with Billy Mays (I'm Czech and I don't know him though) and Chipotleaway and more importantly Cartman's talk with the judge lady, who what it's like to eat Chipotle:)) I can say that this episode wasn't perfect, wasn't super dynamic. But it has good idea, I had a good laugh and I can say that this is better than good start of the mid-season. Very good.
  • I was greatly disappointed with this episode of South Park.

    The episode was more irritating than it was enjoyable. I'm use to them picking on people in current events, but that in combination with the parody of " The Sixth Sense " just bugged me.

    I guess it was only a matter of time before they found a topic that was offensive to me. As I like both Michael Jackson and " The Sixth Sense " I'm exited for the next episode, but this one deserves little more than a "meh" from me.

    I am on the other hand happy to see that so many others enjoyed the episode. I can see that my rating is the lowest of all reviews. So, maybe they still do "got it" as another reviewer stated. And I'm just letting my personal feelings interfere with seeing just how good this episode was.
  • Kyle's brother Ike is visited by dead celebrities

    This episode is hilarious. I say this because when you are seeing the things happening in this episode, you're wondering even when watching a South Park episode, if they've gone too far. But strangely, as it always does, South Park makes things funny. Plain and simple. I feel I don't need or want to go into detail about the episode because basically, you need to see it for yourself. Don't worry though, if you're a hardcore fan of the show, you shouldn't have any problems. Things I would've liked to seen though? A cameo from Satan. Don't worry; you'll get it when you see it.
  • How do they come up with these ideas

    In the start of mid season 13 Ike has been seeing ghosts of dead celebrities such as Billy Mays. I didn't even know that Billy Mays was dead How can I not know that. Then Ike ends up in a hospitalized coma. Then Michael Jackson has comes out and takes over Ike's body to do the one he want to do is be in a beauty pageant. Then after he wins his soul leaves Ike's body and then something bad happens to then. We sure lost a lot of celebrities this summer so that why they got the idea for this I hope they do a episode of something with transformers 2
  • Ike is seeing dead people. Dead celebrities to be exact. But when the ghost of Michael Jackson possesses Ike, Kyle and the rest of the gang must find a way to put Jackson's spirit to rest. Not perfect, but a reasonable mid-season opener...

    This review contains spoilers.

    I've been really looking forward to the second half of season thirteen (it seemed to take AGES to arrive this year), and it gets off to a fair start with this reasonable episode.

    With all of the celebrities dying over the past few months, I was expecting 'South Park' to touch on it, at very least Michael Jackson's death, and indeed they did.

    The story is a pretty good one, but not perfect. Some parts, such as the 'ghost doctor' at the hospital, were dragged out and not that funny (were they like "okay, we'll give her a funny voice, so she HAS to be funny"?). However, there were enough other good moments (such as 'Ghost Hunters') to make up for this.
    Being a Brit, I've never heard of Billy Mays (sp?) or Chipotle, but that didn't stop these elements from being really funny too.

    My main gripe with the episode is that it's not totally sure what it wants to be. It does seem slightly 'bitty' at some points.
    There were many directions that they could have taken the whole 'dead celebrity' idea. I'm not sure if it serving as a plot device for Ike (who seems to have a different voice in this episode) to dress up as a girl and enter a beauty pageant was the best way to go, but at the same time, it could have been worse.

    However, for all those minus points, the overall episode comes off well. There are enough decent laughs to keep it afloat, and is another episode that looks set to make Season 13 one of the show's best seasons (the only episode from the season I haven't enjoyed so far is 'Eat, Pray, Queef'). I'm looking forward to next week's episode.

    Oh, and that end bit – sending all the celebrities to hell? Well, this is 'South Park' I suppose – they have to be controversial somehow!
  • Ike is being visited by the spirits of several dead celebrities, and the boys must stop the spirit of Michael Jackson from taking over Ike's body. Kyle also contemplates a product that removes Chipotle blood from underpants.

    What I loved about this episode is that it played on the fact that in the past few months we have seen one celebrity after another pass on. It has been tragic but I know that many of us have thought why do all these celebrities keep dieing?

    The creators of South Park were successful in finding the humor in this series of events, even though it was probably in bad taste, but that is South Park. They pulled no punches in using the one celebrity death that shocked us, the King of Pop. Believing that his unfinished business was that he never got praise at a little white girl, the answer enter him in a beauty pageant. It was a hilarious concept because it added the fact that we have also seen a lot of reality tv on beauty pageants recently. While it was probably just a little disrespectful at least they didn't show his character just used the voice.

    On a side note the whole concept of Billy Mays product that removed blood stains from your underwear after eating from the restaurant Chipotle. What I loved about this was that I too love Chipotle but know that sometimes after you eat it it feels like there is a rock in your stomach. I have even had one friend get sick after eating one of their burritos. So the fact that there was a product to remove the after effects of eating Chipotle was pure comic genius, adding that Kyle did not understand why one would continue to eat from a place that caused underwear bleeding, and that Cartman said because it was good proving that he is just a pawn to society.

    I thought this was a good way to set up the new season without pulling any punches. The only thing that would have made it better was a little screen time for Butters.
  • they still got it ...

    firstly i like to say i understand the people that rated this an 8 or below, but i saw this episode differently. It was just so funny and stupid i couldnt stop laughing. even though it was executed in a weird way, it still was absolutely freshening to watch this episode. Great season starter. Best bits i thought was the ghost hunter dchebags, they were just so stupid it was reallyfunny !
    then it was billy mace is it ? anyway he was so funny in a stupid way, like a family guy way just more funnier. and ofcourse that roll sort of food blood patch underwear joke... classic.

    overall, this episode episodes shows to me that south park still have its spotlight and season 13 is going much better than season12 currently.
  • Ike sees dead celebrities and gets possessed by the ghost of Michael Jackson. It's up to the boys to be less ignorant and help MJ find the peace he was looking for

    Althought it probably could've been executed better than it was, 'Dead Celebrities' is still an enjoyable and quite funny episode.

    The lack of other kids from school bugged me a bit, but it was nice to have a Kyle-centric episode again. Depressed Ike was funny, but the Ghosthunters part was a letdown. The ghost-doctor or however you want to call her, was quite boring, but from the moment MJ took over Ike's body, the episode was on fire. References to Mr. Jefferson were great ('ignorant' and such, although I would've like a real reference to the episode, now it just seemed like it was the first time the boys encountered MJ), and the chipotle thing was hilarious. As was the Miss Pageant contest. The ending was funny, but maybe not so nice. Or would we really see Farah Fawcett and Patrick Swayze in hell?

    A decent mid-season opener, but it didn't really live up to my expectations. Ah, maybe next week.
  • Ike gets implanted with MJ's soul.

    This episode is exactly why I love south park. Not only do they push the boundaries far beyond any other show (sorry family guy, you're just corny now) but it manages to also be funnier than any other show on TV.
    Although the episode started out slow and slightly "typical south park" the second act put this episode in top 10 territory. Highlights:
    Ghost Busters pissing and sh!tting theymselves.
    Billy Mays selling useless products.
    Ike turning into Michael Jackson.
    Cartman telling Kyle he has a "Golden a-hole"
    The panel at the talent show.
    Woman beating her child after she lost.
    Ghost lady dying.

    Basically, this was a super strong episode that shows that South Park is stronger than ever. I'm excited to see what else Matt and Trey will do this season.
  • The dead celebrities of summer '09 inevitably get their South Park fix, but how did it turn out?

    South Park season is up and running, and for their premiere episode of the second half of season 13, the dead celebrities make their appearance on South park. Ike starts seeing dead celebrities, which is a direct reference to The Sixth Sense. While various methods are attempted, such as seeing a psychiatrist, to calling up Ghost Hunters (The gayest f**king show in the world!) but none of this works. Ike results to falling into a coma and is then taken over by the spirit of Michael Jackson. The soul of Michael Jackson is preventing all the other celebrities to going to their special place in hell.

    Overall this was a solid way to begin the season. Not a fantastic episode, but it was very good. There were some hilarious moments such as the whole Chipolaway joke, the two male judges, the Ghost Hunters, and Ike wondering what the hell happened after Michael Jackson's soul leaves him.

    Another solid entry into the season 13 cannon, which is shaping up to be one of South Park's best!