South Park

Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 17, 1997 on Comedy Central

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  • Stan's grandpa turns 102; the parents try to end Terrance and Philip

    Stan's Grandpa turns 102, and all he wants for his birthday is Stan to kill him. While Kyle is watching Terrance and Phillip, his mother becomes enraged, and calls everybody's parents. Now nobody can watch the show anymore, and the parents organize a movement to end the show. The parents go off to New York to confront the network about the show. Back in South Park Stan begins to sympathize with Grandpa and agrees to kill him. Death shows up but instead goes after the boys. This episode was perfect and it's the second of the season to does so. I laughed at the first part, Stan watching Terrance and Philip with his grandpa, Kenny's reason for being late, Kenny farting twice during class, Stan's grandpa talking about Cartman's mom, "Mr. Garrison, did you have that gas from here?" "No, I got it from that Kenny bastard," the man just telling the parents "f*** you," Death chasing the boys, Death watching Terrance and Philip, and a few more. Overall, this was a perfect episode. 10/10
  • death

    Stan's Grandfather wants him to kill him. Kyle's mom tries to get Terrance and Philip canceled. Stan does not know what to do. Should he do what his grandfather wants, and kill him, or is that considered a sin? And is Terrance and Philip going to be canceled?

    One of my favorite season one episodes, if not my favorite. It has a lot of great, funny moments and the plot was interesting too. I do not have any complaints so this episode gets a well deserved A+ as a grade. Simply a funny, well written episode, i think so anyway
  • WOW.

    This is an absolutely superb episode and deifnetly the best episode in the series so far. Stan's grampa is introduced and it's grmapas 102 birthday... but he desperately wants to die, so he tells Stan to kill him but Stan refuses. He keeps attempting to kill himself. He then, shows Stan what it's like to be an old person, so Stan feels sorry for him so he accepts to kill grampa. Meanwhile, there is a strike to stop Terrance and Phillip from being on TV. Stan and the boys are about to kill grampa but at the last second, death appears and instead of going after grampa he goes after the boys. Death kills Kenny then leaves, so we find out death was just after kenny! This is a great episode truly worth watching.
  • "You know, I think that if parents would spend less time worrying about what their kids watch on TV and more time worrying about what's going on in their kids' lives, this world would be a much better place."

    Death comes to South Park to set the record straight when Stan's grandpa asks him to assist in his suicide when he turns 102. Meanwhile, Kyle's mother organizes the first of many protests against Terrance and Phillip, the hit Canadian TV show that relies on farts and swearing to get ratings. Stan attempts to find out whether assisted suicide is wrong while South Park parents sacrifice themselves for the well-being of their children. This episode is particularly clever since it deals with two separate controversial topics in a well-organized and concise manner, and also delivers some important messages, particularly about the content of TV, on the way.
  • Introducing.. Terrance and Phillip. Warning: Contains spoilers.

    Season one may be one of the seasons that really seem horrible in South Park, this is one of those episodes that changed the way South Park was animated. Things seemed to be more detailed, except Randy Marsh and those who turned towards him after he laughed at a Terrance and Phillip joke. But, this episode still had a good plot, and if I were to review this as if I'm not tired of the "Oh My God You Killed Kenny" joke (which I am doing), I would just forgive it. Which I am seeming.

    Stan's grandfather is 102 years old, and he's very suicidal. He's constantly asking for Stan Marsh to kill him. Little did he know is that Death is going to teach him and the children a lesson. Also, while this is going on. Parents of the children are fighting to get Terrance and Phillip canceled because it could have a bad affect on the children and also, it teaches them no moral value. It's just fart jokes that the children enjoyed.

    I enjoyed this episode, and it was an okay addition to the first season of South Park. In this episode, South Park introduced Terrance and Phillip! Now we all know who the Canadian Pac Man looking duos are.
  • Terrance and Phillip rule!

    Stan's grandfather is 102 years old and is begging for someone to kill him. When the boys are accused of attempting to aid Stan's grandpa in his wishes, the blame is put on Terrance & Phillip. This episode was great! The bets of the seires so far! Well, when this was the latest episode it was the best. Now there are episodes far better. Stan should've just killed his Grandpa!! Then he would've have had to listen to that horrible music! I had no idea being 102 years old could be that horrible! I've never seen such a clever way to commit sucicide before! I'll just have to try that.... Hehe. Jkjkjkjk
  • First decent episode of the series.

    "Death". Where do I begin on this episode? This episode is the very first episode to feature Sheila Broflovski, who is characterized as overprotective of her children (and according to Cartman, she is a b*tch). Terrance and Phillip are also introduced as two talentless Canadian actors who only make fart jokes. Grandpa Marsh is introduced as an old man who wants nothing more than to die (which can be understood, as he is 102 years old). He almost succeeds at getting Stan to kill him, but of course he fails. The funniest moment of "Death" was Kenny having his "explosive diarrhea" (quite gross, but still funny). Overall, the episode was well put together and was a sign of better episodes yet to come.
  • Stan's Grandpa wants to die and he tries to get Stan to help him fulfill his wishes.

    Stan's grandpa is very unhappy. He feels old, and frail, and to put it simply.... he doesn't want to live in this world anymore. He approaches Stan, calling him 'Billy,' and asks for his help. He wants Stan to kill him. Stan refuses, naturally, and (feeling guilty) he seeks help too - to find out whether or not he should really kill his Grandpa. He soon finds out that he should do whatever he feels is right, and also respect his Grandpa's wishes.. if he can.

    This episode was awesome! A total series classic.. it is my favourite episode from Season 1 and always will be!
  • Ummm... ok, I guess.

    What can I say... this episode is about Death (Mr. Death, that is - the Grim Reaper). It's Stan's grandfather's birthday and he's officially too old, and has given up on life. This whole episode revolves around Stan's grandfather trying to get Stan to kill him and put him out of his misery... but Stan is understandably reluctant to do so until "grandpa" shows him what it's like to be old. He locks him in a dark room with new age music playing. Stan eventually gives in and says that he'll kill him. Well, along comes Death, after an elaborate setup to kill grandpa, and wouldn't you know it... Death isn't there for grandpa, he's there for Kenny. Anyway, I think I've said enough... it was all pretty predictable, with a laugh here and there, but overall - just, ok.
  • Death

    After a short break from funniness and great South Park episodes based on a great plot or loosely one brilliant character. This Death episode pulls a few twists and tricks as well as being stylish and slick. A brilliant episode full of hilarious dialogue and the Grim Reaper.
    Mr. Garrison and the mayor pull a couple of good "scat-orama" jokes, but even if they can be od now and then - the people of South Park, Colorado stick together in this disease-related storyline. Grim Reaper visits the town for a quick kill-off and chases Kenny and slaughters Kenny down. Funny episode. ;D
  • Another great South Park episode.

    THis episode was another episode that showed the greatness of Trey & Matt.

    This episode has a clever humor. Which is actually real, there jokes made sense to the original plot. Great work guys.

    This episode has a realistic plot then the other episodes. This is based on a true story on some old people's point of view. Many old people want to commit suicide when they are tired of life.

    This debuts Stan's grandfather. Who will be a main character for future episodes.

    Not to mention, the plot started on Stan's grandpa 102 birthday party. Which is quite original for the plot towards the episode.

    I must say, this episode was fantastic. It had everything I loved. Its a episode that you must watch.
  • the story abaut old man

    LOL lol lol lol lal hahaha aha haha hha i can not belive that the stan's granpa were giveing mony to somebody to kill him .ha ha ha ah it is one of the most funny, hilarus and ,mad thing in this world the worst part is that i now some ald people that try to comitet suicide but they all fail in the intent hah aha ha aha in my country is normal that the all old people try to is sad but what ever this epi is so funny and went the death wre folloing them and it killed kenny was great this is the reason why i love this comedy it so pritty is pecialy the part that they kill kenny.the death can NOT kill kenny he rules

    I canot not wait tho wacth the nest kenny death,Well to be honest that s the part that i enjoy more int the all show.I alway thing how he will die or one day we will see his face.Well the epi8 was ok th poor man was suffer alot ,and he was tried to sill in this world so why just pay money to somebody like carman to kill you ...good idea. thanks of good that i will not pay to somebody to kill ,if somebody will kill is me.not the the end the ald went ot a trip in africa or simethin g like that.Well see you grandpa.
  • So far the second best episode of Season 1, behind WG 4000.

    Well, well, well. What can I say? This episode tickled my funnybone in a way I didn't think possible. I watched it last night and I knew it was good, but who knew it was THAT good. It was absolutely hilarious. Stan's Granpa's efforts to kill himself, but failing were pretty funny and how all the parents hated Terrance and Phillip for fart jokes but when they farted/number 2ed, everyone had a jolly good laugh showed how all those protesters can be incredibly contradicting and unfair. Two of the most memorable moments of the episode are when Officer Barbrady pulls up to see the boys holding a cow over Stan's Granpa and he just says, "Carry on.." but the best is when the network executive comes out and says, "This is a message from the company president, F**k you. If have any further questions please direct them to that brick wall over there."
  • this is about stans granddad wanting to die so he trys loads of different things to get him self killed but do any of them work.

    this is a brilliant episode it was just so well thought up, but it does sota make you think when youre older is it really as boring southpark says it is, I do think it would worry people and make them think you cant go and play football or you cant run or you cant sing.

    I would deffinatly say that if you are youger than 15 you are not allowed to watch this because it will really worry you about youre future of being an old person and i am really being series dont watch if you are under age.
  • One of the best of the first season

    The writing in this episode is particularly clever, as this is the show’s first great allegory, with plenty of social commentary throughout. The idea is conveyed with a bit of subtlety here, as opposed to later episodes. As far as the laughs go, this episode’s certainly chock-full of them too, but much of it’s bathroom humor, so it may not tickle everyone the right way. Still, though, the clever script should be enough for anyone to get a kick out of it.
  • The Death comes to South Park !

    Just another ordinady day in South Park !
    Everybody is watching Terrance and Phillip but Kyle's mom doesn't like the show because it is immature toilet humor and it doesn't expend their intellect. So she calls every other parent in town and tells them not to let theri children to see the show.
    The next morning in school everybody is pissed off at Kyle because his mom called every other mom and now they can't watch their favorite show. Stan's grandpa turned 102 and he just wants to die and he keeps asking Stan to kill him but he refuses ... until Death comes for life.
    Meanwhile, parents of South Park marched to the TV central and they want to get Terrance and Phillip off the air. Just another ordinary day in South Park but it is all the part of growing up !
  • What has America's youth come to? Kids won't even kill their own grandparents.

    In this episode the boys try to kill Stans grand pappy because he hates his life, also Kyles mom [the big fat *****] tries to get Terrance and Phillip canceled because it is all vulgaraties. It is also the begginging of South Park having a Moral with the boys talking about lessons learned. Funny episode.
  • Stan's grampa wants Stan to kill him and the parents are trying to get Terrance and Phillip banned.

    A great episode! Stan's grampa wants Stan to kill him. Finally, Stan agrees. Meanwhile, the parents protest against the Terrance and Phillip show. They get the show banned. Soon, Death comes, and tries to get the boys. Death kills Kenny, and the boys realize Death only wanted Kenny. Stan's grampa asks Death to take him, but Death explains how he needs to wait for natural causes. After Terrance and Phillip is replaced with She's the Sheriff, the parents go to protest it too. Funny episode!
  • One of the first SP eps with something to say.

    Matt and Trey. Comic geniuses.

    Terrance and Phillip. Fart humor geniuses.

    See the similarity?

    Terrence and Phillip was basically a representation of South Park. Bad animation, fart jokes. This is basically the way anti-South Park people saw the show. So what better way to retaliate than to make a hilarious episode about censorship?

    The parents in South Park DO NOT support toilet humor, as evidenced by their march on the network in New York. Yet, they are not above making jokes about their own explosive diarrhea. The hypocrisy is obvious. However, the point is made by the end of the episode. Once Terrance and Phillip are cancelled, the children decide to huff gas fumes and smoke crack.

    South Park was never meant for children, evidenced by it's 8 p.m. showtime. Still, let the ongoing battle against network censors begin!
  • Stan's grandpa wants to die because he is over 90 years old, and keeps askign Stan to kill him. Meanwhile, Terrance and Phillip are causing the South Park parents to watch carefully what their kids watch on TV.

    This is great episode. Possibly the funniest of the entire season one. It is definately one of the top 3-4 of season one: right up there with the season finale, Volcano, Pink Eye ,and the first episode. I really enjoyed the idea of Stan's Grandpa wantign Stan to kill him because he didn't want to live anymore. Very funny also how when Death comes Grandpa thinks he is there for him. But death has come for Kenny instead which gets Grandpa very angry. It is very funny also how the citizens slingshot themselves at the building durign their protest of Terrance and Phillip.
  • Death comes to kill the boys and all the parents are away protesting against Terrance and Phillip.

    Stan's grampa wants Stan to kill him, but he doesn't know if he should. He asks people if assisted suicide is ok, but no one would give him a answer. Meanwhile, Kyle's mom watches a part of Terrance and Phillip and gets all the other parents and they go protesting. Stan finally agrees to kill Grampa, and right before they do it, Death comes. Death chases the boys around the town. The people of South Park are launching themselves at the head of the network, and the network gives in. The boys stop running from Death and start watching Terrance and Phillip. Death catches up and starts watching it to. Then, the show Terrance and Phillip is cut of the air, and Death chases the boys again. Grampa catches up and Death shows Grampa that getting your grandson to kill you is bad. Death takes Kenny, who is all he wanted all along and leaves. The parents return to South Park, happy that Terrance and Phillip is of the air, but then return to protest when they see the new show on the air, She's the Sheriff, is just as bad.
  • One of my favorites!

    This is my favorite episode in season 1. Stan's Grandpa who is 100 years old, wishes to be dead, and continues to ask Stan (But his Grandpa keeps calling him billy, and Stan says his name is not Billy) to kill him. Kyle's mom discovers Terrance and Phillip using bad words and asks other moms to go with her and take it off the air. Meanwhile, Death comes to claim a life, and guess who...? Not Stan's Grandpa, but Kenny...of course. Very good episode!!
  • Not good but not bad!

    Again the Grandpa is 102 years old and his wish
    For his birthday is that he wants to die but
    Instead as usual, Kenny "dies" and goes to heaven with the
    Grim Reaper. This ain't the best show that the seres has
    Done but the voice actors save the show. Which I
    Give credit too!
  • Death attempts to murder the boys.

    An awesome episode! The euthanasia jokes are freaking great and the Terrance and Phillip sub-plot, though crude and stupid, actually does fairly well. There are plenty of fart jokes to go around for those who love crude jokes. However, they poorly introduced Sheila or Sharon (Kyle and Stan's mothers respectively). It also does a bad job with introducing Terrance and Phillip, claiming that they are actually a cartoon, instead of real-life people (in the South Park world that is). This is one episode where the censors do get kind of stupid. Cartman says "dirty Jew" but it's bleeped out. I found this odd, since in other episodes he says a lot worse about Jewish people.
  • Good episode.

    It was Stan's grandpa's 102nd birthday and was
    ready to die. Grandpa tries to talk the boys into killing him. He tries to make Cartman kill him by making fun of his mother. Eventually, the boys are accused of trying to kill Stan's Grandpa. The parents find out the boys have been watching Terrance and Phillip, the parents go to NYC, to try to get T&P off the air. It was very funny when the parents rioted and catapolted themselves into the building, splatting them against the wall. Very well done episode, it had a good plot and Grnadpa trying to get his own Grandson to kill him was a funny plot.
  • Death sure takes out Kenny and the debut of T&P

    Grandpa Marsh wants to die at an old age but still isn't dead at 102. The most awkhard parts of the episode was when Mrs. Broflovski rages against a cartoon show with farting. As Cartman said, "Why is it that at this time in the month, Kyle's mother has to have an hair up her *** about something". OK, so that says it all, Kyle's mom is an overprotective hag. Other than that, a great episode because of Grandpa Marsh's death attempts, Death ignoring him for Kenny who of course was doomed and Terrence and Philip doing their fart jokes while the network head told the South Park residents to ... Just watch it and hear his quote.
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