South Park

Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 17, 1997 on Comedy Central



  • Trivia

    • Kenny's dad is seen flinging towards the Cartoon Central building, even though his father is a deadbeat redneck.

    • When Grandpa asks Stan to kill him, Stan replies "I can't even kill a deer" referencing the events of "Volcano".

    • This is the only episode that shows a bathroom in the kids' classroom.

    • It's revealed that Mayor McDaniels' first name is Mary.

    • First appearances by Grandpa Marsh and The Terrance & Phillip Show. Also, the first scene of the episode is the first one that doesn't include all four of the main boys.

    • When kids are running through Stan's house and lock themselves in his room you can see the picture of his sister Shelley wearing her headgear.

    • Death chases the boys from left to right, but stops to watch the Terrance and Phillip on TV at TELE'S. The boys look over their right shoulders and go back, but instead of coming in from screen right to join Death they come in from screen left.

    • If you look at the crowd, that is standing outside the Cartoon central, carefully you can see that, except for the people in the front row, there are two of everybody - one on the left side, and one on the right side.

    • When Stan is locked up in the room with his grandfather, grandpa inserts a cassette tape into the boom box, but the boom box shows "CD" on the front. The explanation is that the CD player is located along the top face of the boom box, but its display panel is below the tuner's. The tape deck usually has no LED readout like the CD deck does.

    • It says on chalkboard while kids are in the classroom:
      Mass: 1.0M
      Surface temp: 10,000 K
      Diameter. 0.008D (1.0D)
      Density: 5 x 10(5) G
      Luminosity: 2 x 10(31) ERG/SEC (0.005L)

    • While Eric is watching Terrance and Phillip you can see on the wall behind him a picture of him with his mother at Mount Rushmore.

    • Stan's grandfather is 102 in this episode, despite Stan only being 8. It seems that Stan's Grandfather would have to have been around 50 when he fathered Randy.

    • When grandpa says "shoot me!" in the first 3 minutes of the episode, it switches to the parents talking about grandpa being nuts. When the camera goes back to showing the whole table, the birthday cake is gone.

    • Terrance and Phillip were originally intended to be a cartoon within a cartoon, i.e., the flapping head animation. It wasn't until later that it became what all Canadians look like, and Terrance and Phillip were in fact real people within the South Park universe.

    • The Statue of Liberty blinks!

    • Along with a few other episodes, this episode is never aired on Comedy Central anymore. The reasons are unknown, but it could possibly be the scene at the end when the boys don't know what to do after finding out that Terrence and Phillip were cancelled and Cartman suggests that his uncle said "smoking crack is kind of cool". Another possible reason could have been because of Stan's grand father constantly trying to attempt suicide and trying to get Stan to kill him. It is, however, aired on Syndication.

    • After the family sings happy birthday grandpa Marsh tries to blow out the birthday candles on the cake then there is some dialogue and the cake disappears off the table.

    • Notice the candles on the birthday cake appear as normal, but then disappear, then re-appear.

    • Mrs. Cartman calls Sheila (Kyle's mom) Carol as in "Carol, where are the port-a-potties?" Then a little later, Sheila calls Sharon (Stan's mom) Carol! as in "Can I borrow your cell phone, Carol?"

      The "Carol" thing I think is supposed to be a joke. At the time, they hadn't established first names for any of the moms yet, so in this episode, they just had them all call each other Carol since it's a fairly generic female sitcom character's name.

  • Quotes

    • Caller: Jesus, this is...
      Jesus: Martin, from Aspen. Yes, I know.
      Caller: How'd you know that?
      Jesus: Maybe because I'm the son of God, brainiac.

    • Grampa: (talking to Death) Come back here you pompous son of a whore!!

    • Grandpa: (to Cartman) What about you? You can kill me, can't you?
      Cartman: I would never kill somebody… Not unless they pissed me off.
      Grandpa: Oh, is that a fact?? Well, let me tell you something, porky! Your mom was over here earlier today, and I humped her like a little bitch!
      Cartman: What?!
      Grandpa: That's right!
      Stan: Grandpa!
      Grandpa: And then, I dug up your great-grandma's skeleton and had my way with her, too!
      Cartman: (angered) Eh…
      Grandpa: Choice piece of ass your great-grandma was…
      Cartman: YOU PIECE OF CRAP; I'LL KILL YOU!!!
      Grandpa: That's the spirit, tubby!
      Stan: (pulling Cartman away) C'mon, Cartman. He's just trying to get to you.
      Cartman: (getting dragged away) Don't you EVER talk about my mom like that again!
      Grandpa: Did I ever tell you about the time I boffed your dad, fatso??

    • Grandpa: What has America's youth come to? Kids won't even kill their own grandparents.

    • Mr. Garrison: I think I got that stomach flu from Kenny. I'm getting the green apple splatters!

    • Terrance: Do you like flowers, Phillip?
      Phillip: Yes.
      Terrance: How about a tulip? (he farts)

    • Stan: Jesus, is it okay to kill somebody if they asked you to, because they're in a lot of pain, you know like assisting suicide, is that okay? Jesus: My son. Stan: Yes? Jesus: I'm not touching that with a sixty foot pole. Stan: Goddammit! Jesus: I heard that.

    • Stan: (after Kenny comes back from the restroom) Whoa, Kenny! It smells like you slaughtered a cow in there!

    • President of Cartoon Central: I am the president of Cartoon Central, and I prepared a speech for you all. F**k you! That is all. If you have any further questions, you may address them to that brick wall over there.

    • Randy Marsh: I think I'm getting that stomach flu you gave me.
      Mr. Garrison: It's that little Kenny bastard that gave it to me.
      (the mayor exits the porta-potty)
      Randy: Hey, mayor. Were you making gravy in there?
      Mayor: I just gave birth to a brown baby boy.

    • Randy: How does it feel to be a hundred and two, Paps?
      Grandpa: Shoot me!
      Sharon: Make a wish, Grandpa…
      Grandpa: I wish I were dead!
      Randy: (laughs) That's our silly Grandpa!
      Grandpa: I'm not kidding, God Dammit! I really want to die!

    • (Watching Stans attempt to kill his Grandpa)
      Officer Barbrady: Carry on.

  • Notes

    • According to DVD commentary, co-creator Trey Parker's own grandfather insisted upon calling him Billy, just like Stan's grandfather.

    • This is the first episode where the main theme is made up of techno music. The previous episodes had different types of music.

    • In this episode, Terrance is voiced by Trey Parker and Phillip by Matt Stone. But in all future episodes their voices are switched around.

    • Terrance and Phillip came about when the creators kept getting complaints about South Park only being about fart jokes.

    • On Comedy Central, Cartman's original line when his mom tells him about Kyle's mom banning Terrence and Phillip was "Kyle's mom is a dirty Jew!". On Comedy Central, the last two words were bleeped out. On a video release, however, only "dirty" was bleeped.

  • Allusions

    • Jack Kevorkian:

      Kyle tells Stan that a man named "Jack Leborkian" goes around and helps people kill themselves and doesn't get into any trouble at all. This is in reference to Jack Kevorkian, also known as Dr. Death, who assisted people in committing suicide and was sent to jail for it. He was released from prison on June 1, 2007 because of his failing health (he is terminally ill with Hepatitis C and is expected to die within a year).

    • Comedy Central:
      Cartoon Central the name of the network that broadcasts Terrance and Phillip is a play on Comedy Central the home network of South Park.

    • Police Motto: In the scene where the boys are trying to drop a cow on Stan's Grandfather, the phrase "To Patronize and Annoy" can be seen on Barbrady's car. This is a pun on the common cop phrase "To serve and protect."