South Park

Season 9 Episode 2

Die Hippie, Die

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 16, 2005 on Comedy Central

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  • Cartman vs. The Hippies

    This episode was one of the funniest in the series. Also, Cartman kinda resembles Jack Fenton from "Danny Phantom" in that orange jumpsuit.
  • Are the hippies playing Jessica by the Alman Brothers?

    Are the hippies playing Jessica by the Alman Brothers? Thats what it sounds like. How queer that this piece has to be 100 words. I dont really have anything left to say. So now i have to type until it's 100 words. I can hear this episode playing in the background, and every time they cut to the hippies at the music festival, it sound slike they're playing the song Jessica. I think it's by the Alman Brothers. Or is it Almen Brothers? Or maybe I'm totally wrong. That could be. Now the episode where Eric has tourettes is coming on. K, I've passed 100 words...
  • Cartan finally takes on the hippies.

    This was much better than that woeful season premiere. South Park is back on track!

    Cartman always said he hates everything about hippies, but no-one else seemed to care or take him seriously. But now they can all thank him. Hippies invaded South Park for a music festival and it looked like they were going to take over the town, but in a bloody final battle Cartman ended up on top and put his enemies to the sword!
  • Take that hippie!

    I found that "Die Hippie, Die" is a well written episode of the season. I must say that I'm happy that Cartman for once was taken seriously about something that may be considered outrageous, ridding the town of hippies.

    When the episode started, I must say that I was a little suprised of how Cartman was going from house to house, ridding them of what he deemed as "parasites" (the hippies). I would have thought that the woman would have thrown him out of the house or just slam the door in his face.

    What I found to be rather funny was what Cartman did with the hippies after he caught them: holding them hostage in his basement. Another thing that I found funny was how the town didn't take him seriously and how he got arrested for holding the hippies hostage. I kind of liked how in his way, Cartman told the town that he was right and only slightly rubbed their noses in that fact, when South Park was over run by hundreds of thousands, if not millions of hippies during their concert. When I saw Cartman's plan to rid the town of the hippies, I may have found it extreme, but I thought, "only in South Park" can this happen and it not be out of the ordinary.

    In the end of the episode, after the hippies left, I really enjoyed Cartman's reaction to Kyle and his participation with the hippies, he'll let that go, just so Kyle can watch in envy while he plays with a new toy.

    In all, I found this to be one entertaining episode to watch. It wasn't my favorite, but it was still good.
  • great

    Cartman tries to get rid of all the hippies in south park, but he is put in jail for imprisoning them at his house. But soon more and more hippies come and the town of south park needs Cartman's help. Will he be able to get rid of all the hippies!

    Good episode but kind of boring in parts, especially near the end of it all. Nothing too terribly wrong with it, it is just boring in some parts and not very funny. So, my final grade for this episode is a low "B". good, could have been better methinks
  • Another example of Cartman being taken too far.

    I was a little dissapointed after seeing this episode. It is a shame the way that Cartman's character goes over board these days. I miss the old Cartman who loved Cheesy-Poofs and pie. Not the new Cartman who is filled with evil and murderous thoughts. But, enough about Cartman.

    The episode was poorly written with very few jokes. I think I only laughed once or twice. There was no b-story, just Cartman trying to eradicate the town of its hippies infestation. I did like the points Kyle and Stan made about hippies. Hopefully a hippie or two out there saw this episode and changed their ways.

    If I had to recommend an episode to you, it would not be this one. Season nine is not all disappointment though. Stay tuned for more reviews!
  • Great

    This episode starts off with Cartman going to peoples houses and spraying for "pests". He goes to an old lady's house and discovers hippies living in the attic, he takes them and throws them in his basement along with all the ohter hippies he caught. Stan, Kyle and Kenny meet up with some hippies and become hippies themselves. They attend a large band and soon the town realizes that their children are in danger. Cartman cooks up a plan that will save the town from the hippies. This was a really good epidose that I would reccommend, one of Cartman's best.
  • Another great episode from Matt Stone and Trey Parker!!!!!

    This is another great episode from Matt Stone and Trey Parker!It is also very funny like the part were to get rid of the hippies they have got to put in a Slayers cd.Then it is also very funny when thay act like it is a very risky mission and chef and all of the ofer people that are going on the mission say good by to people but Cartmen says by to one of his toys.It is a very funny episode and I thank that alot of South Park fans would like this episode but they may not like this episode if they are a hippie.
  • Cartman must save South Park from hippies.

    Hippies take over South Park.
    Apparently Cartman is the hippie exterminator in South Park and he has found a "hippie infestation". Meanwhile the hippies have scared Stan, Kyle, and Kenny so they join the hippies. Cartman then went to jail and the mayor OK'd a hippie gathering in South Park. Then it starts to grow and Cartman leads a team of a scientist, an egineer, and a black guy who will be willing to sacrifice his life for the job. They have to get to the core of the concert and put on a slayer CD because they hate death metal. Overall this is a funny episode but you might not like it if you are a hippie.
  • Hippies take over South Park.

    Apparently Cartman is the hippie exterminator in South Park and he has found a "hippie infestation". Meanwhile the hippies have scared Stan, Kyle, and Kenny so they join the hippies. Cartman then went to jail and the mayor OK'd a hippie gathering in South Park. Then it starts to grow and Cartman leads a team of a scientist, an egineer, and a black guy who will be willing to sacrifice his life for the job. They have to get to the core of the concert and put on a slayer CD because they hate death metal. Overall this is a funny episode but you might not like it if you are a hippie.
  • I woulnt say I loved this episode but it is quite good though.

    The only thing I hate about this episode is that it is shown on tv to many times, I just don't like it how when I switch on the tv and this episode is on, it doesn't feel right. Apart from that I really actually enjoy this episode, I like it because of eric being somebody people need and as usually he does not do it unless he gets to anoy kyle, that just makes me laugh and laugh. I would'nt say that this episode is the best I have seen southpark make, but I still say that you should watch it.
  • Just Plain Funny

    Cartman hates hippies. In the episode he is trying to rid South Park of all the hippies. He starts out by searching a old ladys house. That there in the walls and attic. Which is funny as hell. He learns there gonna have a big music festival. He trys to stop it by telling the mayor. They just throw him out and she lets them do it. He then goes to jail for having all the hippies locked in his basement. He then gets out and has to stop the festival. He only does it if he gets a truck toy and Kyle watches and cant play. So they drill through them all. Chef has to get out and hit the button. Funny cause Cartman says no Chef,which Chef did not even say anything. In the end they stopped the hippies. Kyle had to watch Cartman play with the truck. This was a funny episode. The fact cartman tryed to get rid of all hippies. He always sprayed em and stuff. One of the best episodes of the season and a classic.
  • Cartman waging war against hippies. I'd join him myself for the same reasons.

    Personally, I hate hippies. They hate America, but I love America, even if I don't live in America. So to stop ranting about hippies and how this episode was great. The whole point was to show how hippies suck. I also like the Chef joke about how Cartman says that a black man has to sacrifice himself. All in all, good episode
  • Eh.

    I would watch this episode once in a while but I can't say it was my favorite episode. It didn't really have some of the things I look for in an episode when I watch it. Cartman was funny but he didn't really do anything too conniving. The beginning seemed promising but the rest of the episode was just whatever.
  • cartman insist that hippies will invade south park when they do so stan kenny and kyle become hippies themselves cartman gets arested for locking hippies up and when the hippie concert grows he is called to stop it. he does this by playing a slayer cd

    prety good stuff i like how cartman locks them in his basement and keeps saying \'god damn hippies!\' i also like how when theyb ask to be freed he gives them some joints and a guitar. i like how at the end instead of killing kyle cartman makes him watch him on his new bull-dozer toy. i like how when they are recruiting for people to help cartman says all we need now is a black man to serve as a human sacrafice so he keeps scanning the room and going by chef ( the only black guy in the room ) saying anyone at all anyone at all. eventually chef says alright i get it ill come.
  • Cartmen starts a campaign against the hppies and meanwhile Kyle,Stan and Kenny join the hippies to stop what large corporations are doing. A crowd of Hippies though starts gathering for a festivel and in the end cartmen is the towns only hope

    This has to be one of the funniest episodes of this season.
    Cartmen still hates hippies and wants to destroy them.
    Kenny does not die.
    This episode is worth watching cos its a classical episode of south park.
    Chef is used as a sacrifice in this episode.
    Hope that you too think that this episode is hilarious
  • Cartman wages war on the hippies.

    The episode begins with Cartman in a Ghostbusters-like uniform informing the citizens of hippies and tries to exterminate them. He captures the growing population of hippies in South Park and throws them in his basement. However, the hippies influence Stan, Kyle, and Kenny to act like them and become hippies themselves. Cartman tries to warn the mayor of the ever-growing hippie population and worries a hippie-jam fest is about to come. The city officials dismiss him, lock him in jail, and approve the hippie-jam festival. The festival grows into massive numbers and the town is over-run with hippies. They return to Cartman to save them and he devises a plan to rid of the hippies. His plan works and gets his award, a Tonka truck that Kyle has to watch him play and that Kyle will never get one. Hippies somewhat teach a good message of peace and love but they never do anything about it. They just sit there preaching and smoking. And that's just pointless and somewhat hypocritical.
  • This Is The Best Episode Ever. God Damn Hippies!!

    This was the best episode ever. Its exactly why I watch this. I absulotely love Cartman and I finally see him win in the end and be a hero.

    Cartman becomes a hippie exterminater and gets arrested for locking them in his basement then he sees Stan, Kyle and Kenny are Hippies.Hes destin to stop this when a large music hippie fest starts.Then he builds a hippie drill to push through the crowd and with the help of Randy,Butters Mum and Chef he gets rid of the hippies by playing hevy metal music.Then he gets Kyle jealous with his Tonka toy he got for getting rid of the hippies.

    It was a great episode and I could watch it again and again cause it was so funny. You must see this episode which is officially The Best South Park Ep I Have Seen.
  • 127th Episode

    Cartman's hatred of hippies finally comes in useful in this terrific South Park Episode which has great jokes involving Chef or "a black guy who can sacrifice himself" and Cartman or "the only person who can stop the hippies".

    Cartman locking up the hippies in the basement is a hilarious idea, Eric not knowing what he did wrong. The exterminator scene in the beginning was also pure Cartman as was helping as long as Kyle was forced to watch him play with his toy.

    Overall, the hippie takeover was saved by Eric Cartman in this hilarious intriguing tale of South Park where it's not potholes you should worry about - it's potheads.
  • The only best episode from Season 9.

    This is a war between Cartman and the hippies. They are trying to conquer the world with their population. Some people commits suicide, some of the other people are trying to find a way to get rid of them, but the only person who will get rid of them is Cartman, the funniest character.
  • This is a pretty cool episode. We get many classic elements: Cartman's hatred of hippies (and Kyle), Stan standing up for what he believes in, even Chef makes an appearance! The episode is also filled with elements of film parody. Overall, a fine example

    This is a pretty cool episode indeed. It gives us many truly classic South Park elements: Cartman's hatred of hippies (and his hatred of Kyle), Stan bravely standing up for what he believes in - and even Chef makes an appearance! The episode is also filled with elements of film parody. Overall, a fine example of a South Park episode.

    Not many bad things to say, really. The episode did not get a 10 from me, because it did not have the sharpest critical edge out of all South Park episodes, and I did not laugh out loud that many times either. But really, I have no complaints.
  • Great episode,Cartmans hate for the hippies are depicted in one of the best episodes of southpark ever.

    Awesome episode, Cartman warns the town of the hippies taking over and as he suspected they take over the town with their music festival. It's hilarious how Cartman makes the hippies look like crazy, crackpots which a lot of people think they are. Quotes: Cartman: Now we just need a black guy who can sacrifice himself in some stupid and pointless way.... Chef: Alright, I get it. Cartman ends up saving the day with heavy metal in the end and the episode is well thought out and my favourite south park of all time.
  • Finally, the war between Cartman and the Hippies will come to an end!!!

    Finally 'South Park' focuses on one of the great, unfocused upon elements of the show that has never been focused upon - Cartman's unending war against the infamous hippies!!!!

    We've known for 8 seasons that the fat little fourth grader hates hippies, and with this episode we get to see this confrontation. Hippies begin to congregate in South Park, infesting the town like a plague, and it's up to Cartman and his team to eliminate them. The show is played like a takeoff of 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers' meets 'Armageddon'. There are some great spoofs, like the team's tearful goodbyes (Chef and an armload of babes) and good gags with the slothful hippies. I can't say this episode was gutbustingly funny, but the boys once again show their aptitude for mixing popculture into their great writing. Not one of the better episodes for the 9th season, but a good one nonetheless.
  • Wow, sweet episode, very funny, had me laughing through the whole episode!

    Oh my god, this episode was great. There were hippie's everywhere! I love how Cartman would spray that goo stuff on the hippie's, thinking they would die or something. They were just like, "What the hell?". I love how they spoofed the movie Armageddon when they got the drill, to drill through all the hippie's and play Slayer so they would all leave South Park. They even had the orange NASA suits on. All in all, a 5 of 5 star episode. VERY Funny. Watch this re-run someday on comedy central, they play it a lot.
  • The Best South Park episode in my humble opinion.

    The opening scene in this episode is the funniest five minutes of entertainment that I've seen since the original "Airplane!." Having Cartman pretending to be a legitimate investigator and having the confused older lady totally shocked at his conclusions led to several priceless laughs, including the guitar hippies in the attic, the hippie who fell through the plaster & out of the wallpaper and the drum circle in the backyard.

    Having been at a liberal [arts]college and having been friends of many hippies, and having attended a few drum circles, I thought Parker & Stone nailed the hippie culture in this episode and roasted the hell out of these (for the most part) clowns. (If you had 12 friends in a Djembe ensemble, you'd laugh as hard as I did after this episode). Cartman's hatred for hippies may be labelled as the rantings of a conservative by the blue state posse, but I think Stan's more reasoned critique of hippie culture at the end really sums up Cartman's disdain for these ne'er-do-anythings pretty well.

    I hadn't watched South Park in quite some time, so turning my TV on and catching this episode was a treat, something that led me to try watching the show more regularly with mixed results.

    The ending scenario that referenced The Core, including Delroy Lindo's coup de grace as the token African-American, was amusing, though somewhat awkwardly mixed into an episode about hippies. I wouldn't write in an action movie spoof as my major plotline in an episode involving a critique on the lifestyle choices of hippies. But, then again, I'm just writing about a TV show on a website and they are making money writing words more than five people will see.
  • i thought die hippie die was a good episode that i havn't heard alot about

    i thought die hippie die was a good episode that i havn't heard alot about, we've heard in past episodes that cartman hates hippies but in this episode Cartman finally does something about it and hippies take over south park and cartman has to do something about it. I thought this episode was pretty funny but i've gone to forums and havn't heard anything about this episode good or bad. The only problem with this episode is i feel that the other three boys (kenny,Kyle, and Stan) wern't in it enough, i like episodes that have the four boys in it almost equally this was more of an eric cartman episode but i still enjoyed it.
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