South Park

Season 4 Episode 9

Do the Handicapped Go to Hell? (1)

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 19, 2000 on Comedy Central

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  • Do The Handicapped Go To Hell

    This is one of the best episodes ever as well as Trapper Keeper, Ike's Wee Wee and Rainforest Schmainforest because it is clever, contaisn funny parts and entertains you unlike most other newer South Park episodes.
    I adore this episode with the little kids and Timmy, as well as the Satan and Saddam Hussein story. Hell is a funny thing, and the gay Hell is even funnier.
    The Vicor and the woman - that is just excitingly funny. Hilarious fun, South Park is. I love South Park Season Four. Eric Cartman is a fat brat, even if he can sometimes be funny.
    :D Hilarious episode. Perfect.
  • I suppose this one sets up the next one.

    I thought this episode was OK, it had a solid storyline with its standard twists and turns, nothing special though. It did bring up a legitimate question about the handicapped and hell, but that may be a wide known thing, I don't know, I'm not religious. I had a laugh at the priest and his doings ,but Cartman's confession was the funniest part of the episode, that and the psalm at the start of the episode. I don't remember what happens next episode but I'm sure this episode is setting up for something good. At least I hope so, that is.
  • This episode tackles the issue of homosexual love triangles where one point happens to be Satan and another point happens to be Saddam Hussein ... a common problem.

    As South Park has done from time to time ("Proper Condom Use" , "My Future Self N Me"), this episode tackles the issue of using scare tactics to get children to behave. Ultimately, all of the events in this two-parter happen because the kids were scared into believing that they would go to hell if they didn't confess. While this is a common Catholic practice, is it really the best choice?

    This episode also tackles the issue of homosexual love triangles where one point happens to be Satan and another point happens to be Saddam Hussein ... a common problem.

    Overall, this episode is very well done, and has plenty of great moments.
  • Part 1 of a brilliant two-parter.

    "South Park" makes an art of satirizing religion, usually in a funny and somewhat silly manner. This episode, however, is relatively serious in the way it approaches an especially controversial topic: the fear of hell.

    Stan, Cartman, and Kenny are told that they must take communion and confess their sins, lest they go to hell. They come to the horrifying realization that Timmy, the handicapped kid in their class, cannot confess due to the fact that he can't say anything more than his own name. They also express concern for the status of Kyle's immortal soul - Kyle, freaked out, tries to convert to Catholicism. While attending confession one day, however, the boys see Father Maxi having sex with a married woman, and realize that even the Catholic Church cannot save them. So the boys - led by Cartman - start their own Evangelical movement.

    This episode was one of the most sober of the series' run (which is still pretty funny). It exposes the dangers of using fear, rather than faith, as the driving force behind religious conviction. It is very clear that things are soon going to get out of hand. The last scene, during which Cartman is seen preaching on a street corner and the boys are passing out fliers, leaves you begging to know what's going to happen.
  • Along with Probably (2), this is probably my favorite episode of the season.

    What can I say about this episode of South Park? One thing that definitely comes to mind is that like other episodes of the series, Matt and Trey aren't afraid to poke fun of various groups of people, thus proven with how they portrayed the Catholic religion in this episode.

    The episode starts out with Cartman, Kyle, and Kenny in church with their parents. Priest Maxi, not liking the fact that the youth of the church are not wanting to take responsibility of their actions, decides to change his sermon slightly and decides to put the fear of fire and brimstone into the children's eyes. What I found funny about this was while the Priest was condemning Hell, Satan is in the middle of a huge party where the poor souls are having a blast.

    It wasn't until the boys decided to stay at church for Sunday school that the story continued on its humorous ways multiplied. After the boys and the other children were discussing the importance of first communion and confession, and whether handicapped people go to heaven when they die; the part that I found to be priceless was when it was Cartman's turn to confess, the look on Priest Maxi's face was priceless when he heard of what the young man sins.

    I thought it was somewhat mean on Priest Maxi's part to frighten the kids so much into thinking that everything they do is sinful, yet had a quite comical outcome. When the boys where rushing to church to confess their sins since their last confession, Kenny gets hit by a bus on its way to Mexico, thus scaring the remaining boys even more. But the looks on the boys faces when they found Priest Maxi in a compromising position with a female parishioner was priceless, especially when that resulted in Cartman deciding forming his own church, and ultimately becoming a power minister in it, causing the parents to begin worrying about their reactions.

    However, the one draw back that I didn’t like about the episode that much was the subplot of Satan trying to decide between staying with his current boyfriend, or getting back together with Saddam. At first I found this to be quite comical, but as the plot wore on, it began to be painful to watch and I wished it got resolved faster than it did.

    In all, I found this episode to be a great cliffhanger into the conclusion of “Probably”. I though that it was very productive of the boys and the rest of the children of the town to start their own religion after learning Priest Maxi’s dirty little secret. Again, this was one well written, hilarious episode.