South Park

Season 8 Episode 8

Douche and Turd

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 27, 2004 on Comedy Central

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  • Bush Will Be Pissed.

    I Like South Park. I Like It's Secret Education (The Condom Episode). But This. This Episode. It Broke Every Single Law Of Voting. If You Do Not Vote, You Go To Jail. However, This Episode Takes The Laws And Draws Them To Drastic Matters. Matters That Hurt Bush'S Matters. Anyway, This Episode Says That If You Don't Vote, A Famous Rap Group Will Kill You. That's Just Another Way Of Picking On The Africn-Americans.

    Later In The Episode, Stan Marsh Is Banned And Kicked Out Of South Park. You'd Think They'd Just Tell Him To Leave. You're WRONG. He Is Mocked On, Spitted On, The People Rip Off His Clothes, And Finally, A Bucket Is Put On His Head, And He Is Put On A Horse, Which At One Point, P.E.T.A Dumps Blood On Him Because They Think He Used The Horse Himself, When The Un-Thinkible Mayor Did It.

    Where Is The FCC?
  • perfect

    The South Park school mascot, the cows, is considered offensive by PETA, so they must vote for a new one. Kyle comes up with an idea; a giant douche. But Cartman thinks a turd sandwich would be better. Everyone at school needs to vote, but Stan doesn't feel the need to. Who will Stan vote for anyway? And more importantly, who will win?

    I liked this episode, it was really funny and a pretty simple plot. And the ending, when Stan's vote pretty much does not count, and him mentioning this, was funny. So my final grade for this episode is of course, an A+
  • average

    when the peta forces south park elementary to change a mascot , the choices are giant douche and turd sandwhich. stan feels that voting on this specific thing is stupid. the rest of south park is appalled and leave stan in exile , where he is forced to live with the peta. overall,not a bad episodehowever 3 things i found were very stupid.

    1)the name doesn't have the charm south park contributes to thier episode titles.
    2)the thing where puff daddy threatens stan to vote was very odd.
    3. the peta marrying and having children with animals a bit too disturbing.
    the restt , im cool with :D
  • It's always between a douche and a turd...

    This episode was a brilliant satire of the 2004 election between Kerry [the douche] and Bush [the turd] [NOTE: That is what I think they meant] and with the brilliant message, everyone you will vote for, is a turd. Also great jokes on PETA, the election, Zoophillia, Puff Daddy's "Vote or Die" Campaign, this episode was damn funny, and since I used 58 words already, let me just say, go to the quotes secttion and read those 2 songs, they rule!.
  • This satirical attack on the failings of democracy should be compulsory viewing.

    This is one of my favorite episodes because, like Stan, I am often criticized for not voting. Contrary to the notes on this site which claim the lesson learned is that “voting allows you to pick the lesser of two evils”, the real moral of the story is that there is no point in voting AT ALL if your choice is between a douche and a turd. And as Balding Man says “Nearly every election since the beginning of time has been between some douche and some turd. They\'re the only people who suck up enough to make it that far in politics.” I would add that if people would stop voting for douches and turds that there might be less of both in politics. Oh well.
  • 119th Episode

    This episode was good, but not great, some scenes being a little dull and repetitive.

    The PETA played a big part in this episode and their portrayal was superb as people that care for animals and despise humans and are later revealed to care too much for the animals.

    The start of this episode was very entertaining with the decision to put down Giant Douche on the slips and Cartman stealing the idea. However, Jimmy's scene was boring and the waiting 10 seconds (which wasn't funny) was clearly to fill time.

    However, the episode is definitely a good one but not up to the usual laughs found in South Park.
  • It's always going to be between a douche and a turd...'South Park' at its best.

    This episode sees the boys taking on the importance of voting, taking a stand for what you believe in, and the unnatural desire PETA members have for barnyard animals. Yep, another day in the life of the South Park crew. I had tremendous fun with this episode. High marks alone go for the Puff Daddy mini-vid "Vote or die, mutha-f****, mutha-f**** vote or die!" which is an excellent slam on both P's self-important image and ridiculous election slogan. Another great scene involved the two candidates, Giant Douche and Turd Sandwich debating the issues(both Turd and Douche were jokingly suggested as new mascots, whom which the boys think is hilarious when accepted as serious contenders). I also thought the PETA compound idea was ingenious with the highlight being the result of breeding man with an ostrich ("Kill me!!!") One of my favourite episodes.
  • Amazing

    Giant Douche vs. Turd Sandwhich for school mascot.
    Genius. Its also another war between Kyle and Cartman. It also contains my favourite Jimmy quote \'Jeez I don\'t knoe what to tell you fella\'s. Both are instant classics but I guess I would have to go for Giant Douche simply because of the fact that it is a giant renders it useless and contributes to the humor.\'
  • Great Idea, Bad Message

    What where they thinking, is what i was thinking, while watching this episode. It was almost like watching every other Tv show on that week about the election, which i know was the point. It was great that they took, and always take things happining in "real life" and make them funny. Just the fact that they made poop, and hygene funny, and realated them to two bad presidential nominations, is genious. What else can you say about these two geniouses, exept keep up the good.... no keep up the great work, cause we will be watching you!

    "Quote Nevermore"