South Park

Season 12 Episode 5

Eek, A Penis!

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 09, 2008 on Comedy Central

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  • I really liked this episode, but...

    This was a pretty good episode, lots of funny parts (bill beeelichick), but my BIG problem with the show this season is that pretty much every storyline was made WAY funnier if you have seen the somewhat obscure movies/short films they are referencing. the problem- the majority of the south park audience has not seen "Philidalphia", they have not seen "The Lottery", "Heavy Metal", or this week's culprit, "Stand and Deliver". This is something that was rarly relied on before and it is beyond me why they are relying so heavily on this tactic this season. But anywho, to the episode. Being that I have seen "Stand and Deliver", I found this episode pretty funny. The fact that a penis was running all over town looking for cheese didn't hurt either. And now Mr. Garrison has been righted once again and is back to becoming a male. I wonder if he is gay or straight now, seeing as he was into chicks most recently
  • This episode was on for about half of it, but missed in half as well...

    This could have been a great episode. It had some high points that were classic South Park with Cartman, but it also missed terribly on the Mr. Garrison part of the episode. The Mr. Garrison part had a few good points, but they were very far between.

    But the good first. The Cartman part was hilarious. Having Cartman teach the kids was a wonderful thing. As the allusion's section of the episode page says, it references a film (and you could also tag about four or five other films that are similar such as Freedom Writers or even Coach Carter, where some teacher comes in and helps out the underpriveleged kids) and it does it well. I think that it pokes fun at the whole genre by having Cartman do it. It also worked brilliantly how Cartman was able to use the Patriots coach into his whole time teaching with his wonderul way of cheating. That was one of the better references to current events in a little bit on South Park. It takes a pot shot not only at the Patriots, but it also does take a shot at the NFL.

    However, for as good as that part was, it really missed on the Mr. Garrison part. It had a moment or two where it was funny. Mainly at the end where Mr. Garrison talks about what determines if someone is a women or not and a few things with Butters. But it missed so much more. The whole chasing down the mouse thing was drawn out considerably longer then it needed to be, and it felt forced the whole time.

    Overall this could have been a much better episode if they had focused a little less on Mr. Garrison. That part was too hit or miss to really be considered all that good. But as a whole, it wasn't a terrible episode and was just mainly silly.
  • Cartman teaches class after Ms. Garrison breaks down. He allows everyone to cheat on the exam and is commended for his work by getting to teach at a Denver school where Cartman full of rough inner-city kids. Meanwhile Ms. Garrison wants to be a man again.

    The newer episodes of South Park in general have been somewhat dry and lacking in content and plot. However, this one finally seems to be getting better. The newer episodes leave out some of the characters which takes away from the overall show, but this one seems to compensate for that. For those of you that have not seen "Stand and Deliver" in Spanish class or outside of it, you may not have understood the Cartman aspect of the plot in this episode. Matt and Trey make a great allusion to the character and even have "Mr. Cartmenez" teaching Calculus (as the teacher did in "Stand and Deliver"). I applaud them for making this connection simply because it makes my 5 years of Spanish (watching this movie at least once a year) finally worth it.

    The allusions were much better than in previous episodes of Season 12. The great reference to Bill Belicheck and Spygate worked perfectly with Cartman's methodology (especially his final motivational speech). Moreover, the fact that Cartman managed to manipulate these inner city high school students with the concept of cheating well was hysterical. The "American Tail" reference was also absolutely hilarious especially with the two part harmony. Another aspect of the plot that made the episode great was the return of Mr. Garrison. With a more volatile Ms. Garrison, there was more available plot, but it was losing its touch. There can only be so many episodes centered on a terribly confused gay/lesbian man/woman (even though they all were funny). All in all, the episode was much better than others this season and will definitely go down as one of my favorite episodes.
  • Mrs. Garrison wants to get a sex change... again

    In this episode, Mrs. Garrison decides that she wants to have a sex change into a man, however it's nearly impossible due to the fact that she already had a sex change into a woman, losing her penis She then gets a new one made from her DNA, but it escapes and a wild chase ensues to catch it. Meanwhile, Cartman is selected to head a troubled school after the class scores go up after he takes over for Garrison. The first major point, this episode is SO much better than the first sex change ep, which alone could earn this a great score. Cartman's story was slightly funnier, but not a classic one. Overall, it was ok, a little above most of season 12. Watch if your a dedicated fan. 8.5/10 B
  • Eek, a penis

    I thought season 12 was gonna be a big blow but this episode picked south park out of the grave. I love this episode it's on eof the best episodes of south park i've ever seen. The plot includes Mrs. Garrison trying to find her penis which is attached to a mouse meanwhile Eric Teaches high students how to cheat.My favorite phrase in the whole episode is, "How do i reach these kidds"This episode had nothing wrong with it i loved it it was awesome i laughed so hard.So i think this episode is awesome i give it a perfect 10-VaughnD Productions
  • South Park is funnier than ever this season, first major boobage then this. Get pest control in there's a penis on the loose

    South Park is very funny this season I found the idea of a mouse with a penis growing on it's back very funny. It had me giggling as it ran all over town causing women to shriek. Even funnier though was Mr Cartmenez and Butters and his family - you knew it was coming but when Butters said 'That must be my teachers Penis and his dad replies 'Butters, how do you know what your teacher's Penis looks like' I just burst out laughing.

    So Mrs Garrison is once again a man with a singing Penis Ooh yeah and he has a new friend in the mouse who surrogated it for him, funny.
  • Beyond funny. It was another great episode.

    Alright, so Mr. Garrison or Mrs, which ever you want to call the person, is feeling insecure. After finding out that a woman became a man and sill got pregnant, he felt that he was still a man. However, he could not turn back to a man. When me and my friend watched this, after hearing the pregnant part, I said that the baby would be had to deliver. It was a very good episode. I laugh at it when I watch it again. The funniest part is the singing penis Holy cow, was that funny. The part where Butters says that must be his teachers penis and his father asked him how does he know. Hilarious. The second best episode of the season.
  • Another "below average" not funny South Park episode.

    Ok, again, Love South Park. Another new episode i hate. I dont know whether the mexican/spanish Cartman character is some movie parody or stereotypical pun; but i didnt like it. I didnt find the character or the characteristics taught as funny or anything resembling comedy. Unlike other South Park episodes, this was neither intelligent or "half witty". Additional side stories were dull, as were the lame football-referenced comments. Again i think the entire episode could have been several times funnier; Cartman is normally hilarious when he dresses up as another caricature; But not this time. Like the racist rantings of a bad attempt at comedy. Very very painful to watch.
  • didnt like any of it! had so much potential!

    cartman as a teacher could've been great and was brillaint when he started of teaching his friends but all that cheating crap was just so boring and not funny! i dint liek it at all! they could've done so muchw ith it but yet they screwed it up.

    mr garrison goign for a new penis was just stupid i just thought ti was pointless and had nothing really to make it funny! i know south park has some childish humour but eek a penis every few minutes got old REALY fast. unlike last weeks epsidoe when they repeated the joke they were actaully funny!

    disapointed had high expectations so we'll see how it goes!
  • Ok, where to begin. 2 storylines, in short: Mr Garrison wants to become a man again, and Cartman has to teach his class during the absence of Mr. Garrison and does it so well, that he is transfered to a school as seen in the "substitute teacher" movies.

    There is potential in these storylines, South Park never was a cartoon with great storylines. They always added a nice and surreal twist to already known stories. But apparently Matt and Trey have chosen for stupid stories and no good jokes at all.

    If you like the idea of Cartman pretending to be a Mexican teacher and saying "How do I reach these kids" every 30 seconds, you'll laugh your ass of with this episode.

    If you like the idea of Mrs. Garrison running after a laboratory rat with his penis on top of it yelling "that's my penis stop it", you'll find this episode an instant classic. If you however don't like the same "jokes" being used over and over again, such as screaming woman who are afraid of a running penis you'll get annoyed.

    If the fans of certain series don't let the makers of the series know that they are f*cking the series up, they won't feel the need to chance it. I find it my responsability as a fan to stand up against this 12-year old kind of humor. They were airing reruns of SP the other day, it was the one where the boys were building "a ladder to heaven". I started laughing and remembered why I loved SP. But it also made me realise that these last episodes aren't even close to reaching the same level as the older episodes. Bummer, because the past showes us that they are capable of making a decent good episode.
  • Random plot and outrageous moments within this episode make "Eek a penis one of my favourite ones to this day

    Mr. Garisson decides he wants to become a man again, but he lost his testicles when Kyle played basketball. So Garisson goes to a lab where specific body parts are "cloned" using rats. He asks if he can have a penis "duplicated", the scientists say that's possible. But when his penis is almost ready, the rat runs off and Mr. Garisson goes chasing after his penis.

    Meanwhile, Cartman takes over Mr. Garissons class for the day, and after the success of that, he decides to continue on to another, aiming to help them get in to college. This is a "rip-off" of the movie freedom writers, but still: it was hilarious. He helps the kids cheat their ways to the top, and cracks a joke every now and then.

    There were plenty of random moments within the episode, and it was always entertaining. "Eek a penis is without doubt one of the best episodes from this season, even though things seemed a little slow at the beginning of the season, this episode gave me hope that the series would pick up again.

    10/10, flawless episode. This episode is a good example of a perfect formula for a south park episode (not boring at all, funny, random, offensive). If you have all those elements, then you are almost guaranteed to have a perfect episode of south park. I can't wait to see more episodes that are this great.
  • Not my favorite episode, But I still liked it.

    Aw Mrs. Garrison is back to Mr. Garrison, How sweet after all this time. Does this mean we will be seeing Mr. Slave again? As much as I like to see people make fun of the New England Patriots and Bill Bellicheck this episode really just didn't do it for me. Mr. Cartmeniz was just to out there for me. Just too cheesy and not as over the top as South Park should be.

    The penis running around was just to funny, Leave it to Matt and Trey to be able to get away. A mouse running around with a penis stuck to his back. The penis and mouse singing was too funny!
  • What a great episode! from Mr. Garrison coming back to Cartman teaching Kids how to cheat.

    OK, after watching "Stand and Deliver" this episode was just so much more hilarious! I mean, "How do i reach these kids?" God, that's classic. I loved the whole plot of Ms. Garrison remembering how great being a man was, and setting off on a journey to get a was very well put together...the fact that Cartman became the substitute teacher was absurd, but that's what made it so great. They stuck very close to the movie "Stand and deliver" but put their own little twist on it. Matt Stone and Trey Parker I commend you, you have truly outdone yourselves again.
  • He's back, he's back, Mr. Garrison is back!

    For the most part this episode had me laughing like no other. And thank you Mr. Garrison, yes I said Mr. Garrison, for pretty much echoing my thoughts of this "pregnant man".

    Mr. Garrison sees the pregnant "man" on Oprah and realizes that, sex change or no, he's still a man. So he goes to a lab and has a penis genetically engineered for him on a rat. The rat gets loose, of course.

    Garrison chases after the rat, and some lines have me laughing like I haven't laughed at a South Park episode since Manbearpig. Though Garrison finally gets his penis Cartman also has a plot. Cartman's B plot included teaching kids how to cheat.

    The only thing I hated about this was the Cartman subplot. I found it dull, boring, and repetitive. I was all ready to change my channel when it came to Cartman's screentime. Especially his repeated line of "How do I reach these keedz?"

    Though Mr. Garrison's story certainly made up for that!
  • Ms. Garrison decides that (s)he was intended to be a man all along, and goes about finding a new penis In his/her absence, Cartman is allowed to teach the class, and does so well that he is sent to teach a tough inner city school. A pretty funny episode.

    A Cartman episode! Everyone loves a good Cartman episode, and one was long overdue (the terrible 'Tonsil Trouble' at the beginning of the season doesn't count!).
    Well actually, it was a half Cartman, half Mr. / Ms. Garrison episode. People are generally more split on Garrison episodes, but personally I think he / she is one of the funniest characters in 'South Park' and love his / her appearances.

    The plot of Cartman sent to the tough inner city school to teach is good, although (as with some other reviewers), I did feel that they missed an opportunity to show Cartman teaching in South Park Elementary. There was potential for lots of humour there (I can just imagine how mean he would be to Kyle, for example), and I was disappointed that they didn't show it; The inner city school could have been introduced later in the episode. What we saw was good (if nothing else, Cartman gets a new catchphrase with "How do I reach these keeeeds"), but much more could have been done with whole idea of him becoming a teacher.

    I felt that the section dealing with abortion (Cartman insists that it's another form of cheating) was simply put in to try and give the episode some shock value, and didn't really take the story anywhere.

    Mr. Garrison chasing his penis (grafted onto the back of a mouse) is pretty much the same gag throughout the episode, but surprisingly, doesn't get as old as quickly as it might sound.
    At the end of the episode, Mr. Garrison goes back to being a man once more. Does that guy have a CLUE what he really wants to be?!

    I found this to be a very good episode. Not a Cartman classic, and maybe slightly less good than 'Major Boobage' and 'Canada On Strike', mostly down to the aforementioned missed opportunities, but still of a very good quality. The upturn of season twelve (which had an unbelievably weak start) continues.
  • Cartman teaches ghetto kids how to cheat WASP-style and Mrs. Garrison hunts her penis

    The espisode had a lot of potential. Two storylines that could've been very funny, but after just 5 mins they alredy ran out of jokes. Once again they tried to establish running gags (this must've been the third time this season) and this time it didn't work at all.

    The Cartmenez plot was good for some smiles, especially if you've seen abysmal movies like "stand and deliver" and "dangerous minds", but its potential was largely wasted.

    I "agreed" with two very negative reviews here, although to be honest I thought they were a bit too negative. But seriously you guys, you rank these episodes way too high on average: 8.8? You are nuts. Giving only ratings between 8-10 isn't rating, it's licking balls.
  • Can Cartman teach kids how to cheat? And will Mrs. Garrison be able to complete her new quest to become a man again?

    This was a pretty good episode. In the episode, Cartman was taken to a different school to teach an uncooperative class after teaching Mrs. Garrison's class after he storms out. So, he tries to relate to them and teach them how to cheat their way to the top. That side of the episode was average. It was pleasurable, but not that funny. Meanwhile, Mrs. Garrison decides that he wants to be a man again, so he finds a new way to make a new penis By growing one on a test rat. But, the rat escapes and it's nothing but havoc all around the town. I thought this plot was funnier than the other, but it got a little too weird for me sometimes. I mean seriously... a rat with a penis growing on his back? Pretty strange if you ask me!
  • South Park gets back on track and throughly entertains.

    Whenever Cartman and mr/ms Garrison take canter stage it always goes well, and this time round we got them together.

    The story of Mr Garrison has gone well over the years and it doesnt hurt the shows that having him want to reverse his sex-change operation at some point was totally predictable. Putting Cartman in a posistion of authority is of course a classic gag they bring back again, but again is one much welcomed, as its always so darned funny.

    All this in consideration I couldve turned the episode off after the first 5 minutes and been totally satisfied, as I got everything I wanted contained within the opening scene. That said it was one of the best opening scenes in general (not beating the wheel of fortune of course) and the best of series 12 so far.

    South Park now has a big history of charecters and events, and its always good when they use this and develop it further. Which of course is what makes this episode work so well.
  • The episode shows Cartman becoming a teacher at a school in the projects and Mr. Garrison realizing that his sex change maybe was not the best idea.

    This episode was great and showed South Park what it is best at. Great Jokes delivered by great chracters with great points behind the fun of it all. Cartman was hilarious as the pseudo-mexican teacher in the projects and gave all South Park fans many lines to quote forever. The great mexican accent that Cartman does is priceless and had me laughing all through the episode. The second story line with Mrs. Garrison realizing that her/his sexchange was a mistake was very entertaining and related greatly to recent news which South Park has always done a great job of involving in their show.

    Overall an episode I will be watching again...and again!!!
  • Certainly not amazing, but still funny kinda.

    Eek, A Penis follows Mrs. Garrison who is sick of being a women. So she / he decides to pay to genetically engineer a penis on the back of a mouse. Then of course the mouse gets loose in South Park. While Mrs. Garrison is away Cartman takes over as class teacher due to his success he is given a job teaching inner-city students. To whom he shares the secret of how the white man succeeds. Eek, A Penis is a decent South Park episode. Although it did not make me laugh out loud it is silly enough and kept a smile on my face. This is not the best South Park you will ever see but it is entertaining.
  • Ms Garrison wants to become a man again and it has some silly results. With elusions to American Tail, Stand and Deliver and the pregnant "man", this episode proves that South Park is always fresh and current!

    Ms. Garrison really wants to be a man again so she decides to go off and find a penis The story line wasn't my favorite with Ms. Garrison, but Cartman being the student teacher was a good twist. I was pleased to see that Edward James Olmos's role was semi-reprised with South Park as Eric as Mr. Cartmenez! I loved the movie Stand and Deliver and when I saw that Cartman was dressed like that, I knew exactly who he was supposed to be! One of my favorite things about the episode was that the name of the high school where Cartman was teaching was called Jim Davis High School. In the movie Stand and Deliver, the name of the school was Garfield High School. Jim Davis is the creator of Garfield! That was pretty clever, I thought. All in all, the episode wasn't that bad, but I did like that they pointed out the fact that just because a man has surgery to become a woman, doesn't mean that person can conceive children! The current events of this story is amazing as this person just appeared on Oprah last week and 20/20 did a special on the pregnant "man" just two weeks ago. The reference to An American Tail was great and I died laughing when the mouse and penis sang a duet together! But Ms. Garrison finally gets her penis and becomes Mr. Garrison again, even acting like his old self at the end (in discussion of only a woman can bear a child) when a South Park citizen shouts out saying that his wife has Ovarian cancer and can't have children. Garrison's comeback was classic and it actually made me happy to have Herbert Garrison back. We'll miss you, Janet!
  • Funny episode !

    Another hilarious South Park episode this week!

    As usual, Cartman's storyline was great. It wasn't what I expected at all... His speech about the "white people way" was hilarious as well ! Cartman is always great when you give him some autoritah ! It's also good to have MR Garrison back. I was really getting tired of Ms Garrison... The whole incident with the mouse was utter nonsense, and thus was hilarious ;) Oh, I also loved how all the women were afraid of it ; the line "Women... Always afraid of penises !" really made me laugh !

    Well, overall, it was a very funny episode. Can't wait until the next one!
  • Ms. Garrison is tired of being a woman and wants to become Mr. Garrison again-madness ensues.

    This episode wasn't laugh out loud funny, but it was still rather enjoyable and quite humorous.

    Ms. Garrison is lamenting the sex change operation after seeing a pregnant man on Oprah. He is upset that he cannot go back to being a man considering he cannot have his member reattached. He is given hope when a genetics lab is able to grow body parts on mice. Ms. Garrison has his member regrown, but the mouse escapes. The rest of the episode involves him tracking down a mouse with a penis attached to it's back. That was pretty funny, especially the reaction of the women.

    The side story involved Cartman who was allowed to teach after Ms. Garrison left due to her emotional distress. Under him, the kids do incredibly well on their math exams. Cartman is given the opportunity to teach inner-city kids due to his success, but the only reason why they did good is because they cheated. Cartman then dresses up like Jaime Escalante and teaches the inner city Hispanic/Latino kids the ways of American Study, i.e. Cheating. He uses the example of Bill Belichek and gets the kids to succeed at cheating.
  • Season 12 is really turning around.

    With Ms. Garrison out of the school in search of a way to be the man he was always intended to be, Cartman is given authoritah over the classroom. This is one of my favorite episodes. I'm so glad that MISTER Garrison is back. I disliked Mrs.Garrison. She was just never as good as Mr.Garrison. This episode was wayyy funny. It's the best one in season 12 so far by a long shot. I liked Canada on Strike and Major Boobage but this was better. It was really funny when Cartman was trying to act like a Sanish teacher. And when he was talking about Bill Beelicheck.
  • Someone somewhere is feeling my despair.

    Although, I slept early after staying up so I couldn't see this episode on TV, I did see it on the South Park's website and I did enjoy it. This episode wasn't very hilarious, but the plot was excellent. It seems that Trey Parker and Matt Stone let Mr. Garrison come back, but without doing a whole episode based on Mrs. Garrison like the Lesbian episode. That made the episode not be boring, since we could also see the story of Cartman and him teaching kids.

    Ms. Garrison wants to have a penis after learning that a woman is a woman if she can have kids. So, she tries to get new studies a chance by having scientists grow a Human penis on a mouse or rat and give it to her, or though I think. But, Ms. Garrison or Mrs. Garrison.. (Ms. probably since he isn't married probably) accidentally lets the penis goes loose and goes after it.

    In the other story, Cartman tries to reach out to inner city kids after being chosen to take over Mr. Garrison's class and lets the class cheats without letting the principal know it. Now he's teaching inner city students to cheat their way into life.

    This episode was an excellent episode and a great addition to the 12th season. You know what? This episode actually was hilarious. Screw what I said about it not being hilarious. It was hilarious.
  • Ms. Garrison is tired of being a woman and wants to become Mr. Garrison again-madness ensues.

    This episode wasn't laugh out loud funny, but it was still rather enjoyable and quite humorous.

    Ms. Garrison is lamenting the sex change operation after seeing a pregnant man on Oprah. He is upset that he cannot go back to being a man considering he cannot have his member reattached. He is given hope when a genetics lab is able to grow body parts on mice. Ms. Garrison has his member regrown, but the mouse escapes. The rest of the episode involves him tracking down a mouse with a penis attached to it's back. That was pretty funny, especially the reaction of the women.

    The side story involved Cartman who was allowed to teach after Ms. Garrison left due to her emotional distress. Under him, the kids do incredibly well on their math exams. Cartman is given the opportunity to teach inner-city kids due to his success, but the only reason why they did good is because they cheated. Cartman then dresses up like Jaime Escalante and teaches the inner city Hispanic/Latino kids the ways of American Study, i.e. Cheating. He uses the example of Bill Belichek and gets the kids to succeed at cheating.

    The episode ends with the return of Mr. Garrison who was reunited with his member.

    The episode was funny, just not laugh out loud funny. The social commentary about cheating was well done and completely appropriate. The device of using Cartman like Jaime Escalante was a nice touch. The story with Mr. Garrison was pretty funny and the sight gags alone were rather humorous. The dialogue was great and the interactions between Cartman and the students were amusing.

    Overall this was a solid episode-nothing great, but by no means bad at all. It was just really enjoyable and fun to watch. It's been up and down this season, but this was one of the better episodes.
  • One to make Edward James Olmos proud....or not...dude, do you at least know who he is???

    I agree with my previous reviewers collages (or something) that in order to get most of this season's jokes you have to be a little bit older that 30 or at least seen a lot of "Classic" stuff, not just the stuff that overflows the internet or is the hot topic of the month, like previous seasons, i'm sure soon we'll have an episode with some Soylent Green stuff or An Orange Clockwork reference (maybe The Warriors), case in point?? "Stand and Deliver", and I'm not referring to Mr. Garrison asking for a penis (ha,ha, sorry couldn't refrain for that joke), but the movie that I was actually forced to see in a class on my high school years, and I say force, because although I love movies, seeing a movie about troubled kids and a extraordinary teacher on my math class, felt kind of my teacher calling me retard and picturing himself as my way to salvation, and by the way that teacher later got expelled for having sex with one of my classmates, so there...

    As for the episode, yes it was funny, Hilarious?, no, not really, but we got some laughs, i won't get to much on details, but... at the end Mr. Garrison ends up being a man again, and instead of having a Mr.Hat,Mr. twig or a Mr. Slave by his side, he ends up with a new little friend, called Stuart (get it??), ok, not really, but you'll see...

    My only complaint?? At the end it seems Mr. Garrison ends up complete again in male form, I thought that in the end instead of getting a new Mr. Hat or something,Mr. Garrison was going to keep the mouse with a penis as a pet/assistant... and say something like "you complete me" just to add a new "classic" reference to the episode...

    ...Shows what i know...
  • Take away the first five minutes and it's easily the freshest episode of the season.

    It had a really slow start but it turned around and progressively got funnier and funnier. Not to give too much away but the ball starts rolling around the five minute mark when Cartman begins teaching the inner city youth. I'm sure it would've been even funnier if I got the apparent movie references. Additionally I didn't find the penis joke all that funny initially but by the end it got pretty funny. Except for a few parts I really didn't like Canada On Strike, this episode reminds me why I watch the show. It's definitely my favourite episode so far this season.
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