South Park

Season 12 Episode 13

Elementary School Musical

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 12, 2008 on Comedy Central

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  • good

    the boys realize they are clueless about the new fad- high school musical. even worse, stan fears a new 3rd grader will take wendy from him. what will go down?

    good episode. even though it was a musical (some people do not like musicals, but a lot of the time, i do), it had some real funny parts. the only down sides are i disliked that boy's father, he was annoying, and the last half is kind of hit and miss with gags. overall, my final grade for "Elementary School Musical" is going to fall somewhere in the "C" category
  • One High School Musical was enough!

    I would have rated this a 0 or 0.5 but it wouldn't let me.

    Disney went too far with High School Musical 2 and even further with High School Musical 3 - enough is enough!

    Please don't get me wrong - I love musicals like Phantom of the Opera, Grease, Wicked but we don't have sequels to those, no one needs them.

    I know South Park is famous for parodies, but the South Park movie was a musical and as enjoyable as some of the songs were, it would have been better without all the singing. I purposefully skipped over all the songs sung at the school in this episode, it was too much.
  • "South Park," just to let you know, "My Gym Partner's a Monkey" already did it; more than 5 months before you did, and they did a whole lot better! :idea:

    I really don't have anything to say about this episode except for the fact that I didn't like it! It didn't have a single fiber of originality whatsoever, and it totally made me want to figuratively tear my own ears off, and figuratively gouge my own eyes out! I could even smell the wretched stench of awfulness; that's how bad and un-original this episode was! I wish certain people would get a life, wake up, and realize just what a c***-fest "High School Musical" is already! "High School Musical" is to musicals what "Titanic" is to block-buster movies: a completely gigantic bomb and horrid to see! When "South Park" has to stoop to doing a parody of "High School Musical," something tells me that the writers have Got to be running out of ideas to get that desperate! So like I said, watch the "My Gym Partner's a Monkey" version called "Animal School Musical" instead! It's a trillion times funnier and infinitely more likable! :idea: Enough said! ;)
  • just boring and stupid

    well thank god the 13th season is good thus far but i need to write something negative so here i am back in season 12. this episode was just really dumb. they really could have done so much more in this episode with the music. South park in my mind usually can have some good music to fit the theme in the episode but this was just generic pop music. maybe its to be expected because thats the only thing people listen to nowadays. The only thing i found funny is this was mr. queermo slapping everyone and being really super gay throughout the episode, but even this grew stale and overused after the first 15 minutes. also cartman had a few good lines here and there but he wasnt used enough. and i absolutely despise episodes that are in the school and i wanted them to end immediately. thank god season 13 has been good. at least the office great when these were on
  • Not the best episode of South park.

    I the reason I don't like this episode is because I HATE high school musical! I love watching South park but I HATE high school musical! the good thing about this episode is that Cartman,Stan,Kenny, and Kyle hate it to then Stan starts to like it because he thinks he is going to lose Wendy to this Briden and his Dad is a Dumb gay guy he slaps people he's a Butthole! I wish the guys who created South park didn't make this episode because I HATE high school musical! This show far not my favorite episode of South park.
  • very decent episode.

    okay first, i want to clear out the negatives of this episode. the plot was not that good all even great, humor did not reach its full potential. But the episode s texture was superb for the episode was crafted, how it was resolved with a great music number. elementary school musical was 2 times better than ungroundable. no offense to anyone.the musical numbers were really catchy and i will probably remember them all my life. elementary school musical is probably an episode of south park that is very special. i absolutely loved the slapping jokes.

    overall, a very decent episode for season twelve.
  • Finally they made fun of high school musical. I was waiting a long time for them to make fun of it and the finally did. I love HSM even if they made fun of it i don't care. But i loved the whole episode, the singing was pretty good. bridon is a cute kid.

    Finally they made fun of high school musical. I was waiting a long time for them to make fun of it and the finally did. I love HSM even if they made fun of it i don't care. But i loved the whole episode, the singing was pretty good. that new kid bridon was actually kinda cute. But his dad was so mean but funny. Cartman wanting to kill himself was so funny, and stan singing folk songs and the happy bday song was priceless i laughed soo hard. this would have to be my fave episodes of season 12. Oh and cartman mocking that scott malkinson kid was pretty funny too.
  • South Park takes a go at the High School Musical phonemenon.

    In this cleverly plotted episode Stan is worried that he'll lose Wendy (again !) if he doesn't jump on board with the latest craze "High School Musical".
    As a anti-High School Musical person, I think this episode speaks for a lot of us normal people who hate High School Musical. The boys in the end eventually give up being not into the High School Musical fad and do a number at the end of episode. But everybody walks away from them leaving the fad to be over and done with. I also notice an allusion in the episode, in the number at the end when Kyle takes off his hat, Kyle's hair looks like HSM's Chad Danforth (Corbin Bleu). A great satrical episode.
  • Seems they can still pull the show off...

    I haven't seen ANY "high school musical", but I know what the deal is, this episode was a great reversal plot of it, and to boot it reflected some of my feelings towards today's trends "This is cool?, we are really getting old you guys", that line said it all, and the episode had several good jokes, Cartman didn't rip on Kyle (ok, he had a new punching bag, but still), they boys refusal to give in to the trend and when they did it was a little too late (al'a Chinpokomon)Cartman admiting he tried and failed to commit suicide... Hybrids man, they just do the job...

    A good episode,maybe not great but far better to my taste to a lot of stuff we have seen this season...
  • good episode,, but not like the one before it!!!

    good one , they really made fun of musical high school 3
    they made it sounds silly which is the truth about that movie , i really hated that movie , and they made everyone liked it sounds stupid , and like cartmen said we really got old for this kind of " s h i t " .
    but there is still that this episode was quite average.
    but still it made laugh specially when the father of the 3rd grade kid appeared "I'll slap u" how stupid hahahaha , and when he punched him that was more hilarious . .
  • awsome!!!!

    this reminds me of the movie trey parker and matt stone did when they were in college called "cannibal the musical....i hope trey wrote the music in this like he did in cannibal....for those who liked this episode cause of the music then you will definely like cannibal...question is, was trey and matt making fun of high school musical or doing a tribute to it..sometimes you can never was special cause not to often you see shows like south park do musicals....any body who didnt like this episode must be to into the violence and kenny getting killed in every single the way it's has been a while since kenny's been killed hasnt
  • Hilarious This is why i watch this show. Funny episode about the latest fad: High School Musical

    One of my top episodes. I laughed hysterically at this episode because it made fun of one of the newest trends which is high school musical. they couldn't have done better. This is why I watch this show. They take things happening in real life and make them hilarious. I also like the introduction of new characters such as Bridon, his dad and Scotty Maltheson. It was a very funny episode and if you've seen High School musical it makes the humor even funnier. I also enjoy Clyde a lot now because hes down to earth and you don't expect that of a character and his negative remarks are funny. I hope to see more of Clyde.
  • The boys get caught up in the latest trend involved with 'High School Musical'. Wendy falls for a Third Grader named Briden, and Stan tries to get her back.

    This episode was classic.
    I don't know where to begin with praising this masterpiece. Firstly, Briden's father Mr. Queermo-and I mean, the name itself is hysterical-was a great character. "I'll slap ya!" I have a feeling that I will walk around hearing that around my high school. There were people walking around saying things such as: "hella", "Respect ma authoritah!", "Silly goose!", and "I'm super! Thanks for asking!". And now I'm positive I'll be walking around hearing all of my buddies threatening to "slap ya". The songs were pretty funny, especially the ending one. It was also cool because it was one of those "kids being kids" episodes. It was cool seeing some Wendy...and when Briden popped his dad in the mouth...I literally cracked a smile just because I wanted to see Mr. Queermos face get wacked in by someone.
    I also found the part of where Cartman tried to kill himself pretty damn mirthful. Overall, it was a very funny episode, and just plane fun to watch.
  • Hilarious take on the High School Musical fad!

    This is a fun episode for those who enjoy when the show gets "musical". Since we all know that High School Musical is more pop and less broadway, it's less annoying than something you would find on something like Family Guy.

    The confusion of the boys is hilarious but what makes this episode a classic is the deep storyline regarding the new kid Brydon and his desire to become a jock. It's a funny play on the "abusive" father character.

    The songs are quite an affectionate tribute to High School Musical and sound pretty similar to the songs in the films. I love the end when the boys finally get into High School Musical but the school was really just into Brydon.

    Next, this show needs to make fun of the "Twilight" fan craze. Now THAT would be hilarious!
  • With the release of 'High School Musical 3', a craze of singing and dancing sweeps the school. Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny don't understand it, and try to resist the peer pressure to join the latest fad. A pretty good episode...

    At first I wasn't sure about this episode, thinking it may be filler material at best, but to my pleasant surprise it turned out to be a good one.

    THIS is how to do a commentary on a current film – not like the terrible two-part 'Pandemic' which seemed to solely rely on actually seeing 'Cloverfield' to get most of the references. I have never watched any 'High School Musical' movies, and have no intention of ever doing so (I'd rather rub myself against a rusty cheese grater!!), but I totally got the episode and where it was coming from. 'South Park' writers take note – this is how to do it.

    The first scenes of the school (bar the bemused Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny) breaking into song was pretty funny. After that, I was worried it was going to be a one-joke story, but thankfully they introduced the plot of Bryden, who just wanted to play basketball. It was a nice switch-around of the age old "Father pushing son to be a sporting hero, but kid just wants to perform" tale.

    I also really liked Bryden's over-effeminate, singing father, one of the best one-shot 'South Park' characters in a long time. I say 'one-shot' – I wouldn't mind betting that he pops up again sometime, even if it's just in a cameo.

    The episode is a great comment on peer pressure, and I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks the whole 'High School Musical' thing is really overrated.

    I also like how the episode didn't set out to be deliberately controversial or offensive. Although biting humour is a lot of 'South Park's appeal, and long may it continue, in recent times many episodes have felt like they're just going over the top for the sake of it. There is Scott Malkinson, who Kyle, Cartman and Kenny resort to hanging out with, who has a lisp and diabetes, but even this wasn't too over-the-top. It was nice just to go back to a regular, basic story here.
    I also agree with a fellow reviewer that it's good that many stories are going back to being set at the school, which was the setting for some of the series' earliest episodes.

    This episode is not a classic, but better than a lot of the offerings we've seen this season. At least it had a decent story and made its comment well.
  • Another good episode at South Park Elementary

    The first few seasons of south park put alot of emphasis on the South Park elementary setting for the plots, and I'm really glad that Trey and Matt are still keeping some of the new episodes like that.

    Stan, Kyle, Eric and Kenny are all confused about the current trend going through the school with the popularity of the High School Musical movies. The entire school is literally singing and dancing instead of having conversations. Stan and his friends all vow never to get sucked into the craze, but problems arise for Stan, as he gets tempted to start singing and dancing with the rest of the kids in school. It was funny watching the pressure of losing popularity affect Stan and the group.

    This is definitely not an edgey episode compared to the rest of the season. You wont find Rape flashbacks or drug references, and aside from a hilarious effeminate "Slapping" dad, theres not alot of violence. But in the end it didnt need the shock value of previous episodes to be great. It was funny watching the pressure of losing popularity affect Stan and the group.
  • When everyone is caught by storm because of a " Teen Movie" , things go bad for for the boys.

    This must be one of the most memorable and funny episodes I have watched so far from season 12, considering the last 2-3 episodes haven't turned out so well.

    Stan and the gang promised themselves not to be sucked into the whole dance thing was something that I found was very mature and smart. However, Stan's constant denial that he might be losing Wendy to the new kid was pretty cute.

    I also enjoyed the fact that this episode showed how the kids are behaving like children and that the plot had no crazy government conspiracies , monsters and what not!

    The most enjoyable moments would have to be when Cartman tried to suicide and the ending! Best Episode Ever!!

    A definitively must watch!
  • This did my heart good...

    I saw Mad TV make fun of it once, but it didn't feel like enough. Now South Park has FINALLY taken a stab at the most OVERRATED movie ever made exposing it for just how bad it really is. This episode was actually pretty funny as the 4 boys started off as the only normal ones who weren't sucked in like every other teeny bopper out there. This kinda reminds me of real life in many ways. I've been living among people who worship High School Musical, and finally South Park manages to reveal the very things that make those movies stupid in a humorous way. This was a good episode.
  • worth watching

    I haven't catch up with south park until Fall of 2007 but this episode is well written, Stan didn't like the musical so he get the boy play basketball but his slapping dad did not appovied it. in the end he become a basketball player and stan get up to the musical but no one thinks is cool anymore.

    I like the slapping dad, he so silly and funny. i think he watch too many musicals and he slap everyone but he stop after his son and wife slap him back.

    after 5 great episode, South Park is making a come back. When I first watch South Park, It was funny, then lame, then boring and then it made a come back.

    I still have to watch the second south park movie.