South Park

Season 9 Episode 7

Erection Day

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 20, 2005 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

Mr. Mackey tries to answer the children's anonymous questions in front of the class, only each question usually ends with an accusation that he is gay. The first real question he reads involves one of the students in the class who is having a problem with his penis getting hard. The entire class laughs, except Jimmy, it's his problem, which he has to confide to Mr. Mackey when it keeps him front getting up in front of the class. More importantly for Jimmy it may keep him from participating in the school talent show and winning the $100 prize. Jimmy goes home and his parents talk with him about his problem. His parents call in "Dr. Pal" to talk with him about his problem. Dr. Pal offers him some useful information but follows it up by wanting them to "take off their shirts and kiss." Jimmy dreams about the talent show, but it turns into a nightmare when he gets a massive erection while on stage. Jimmy seeks counsel in Butters, whom he believes won't make fun of his problem. Butters tells him that an erect penis needs to be stuck in a vagina before it will become soft. Back at school Jimmy makes a proposition to BeBe that she quickly rejects. Cartman overhears the situation and offers his own advice. Cartman coaches Jimmy through a dinner date with a girl that is going well, until he mentions to her where he wants to stick his penis.

It's the night of the talent show and Jimmy is outside crying. Officer Barbrady tells Jimmy that little girls don't want to have sex; they're not like the women at Colfax Point. He finds a prostitute named "Nutgobbler" and takes her out to dinner. The prostitute's pimp finds her at the restaurant and thinks that Jimmy is a pimp that is trying to take "Nutgobbler" for his own. The pimp drags her out of the restaurant and a chase ensues, the pimp in his car and Jimmy in hot pursuit in a taxi. Meanwhile, back at the talent show the Goth kids perform "Talent Shows Are for Fags."

Butters performs his act, but due to his nerves it quickly comes to an end when he pees on stage. Jimmy in still in pursuit of the pimp and "Nutgobbler." The pimp's car crashes to halt and he takes her to the roof of a nearby building, Jimmy's pursuit is thwarted when he gets an erection. Back at the talent show, Cartman's act is doing select readings from the movie "Scarface." Up on the roof Jimmy confronts the pimp and uses the only weapon he has, the weapon of comedy. It distracts the pimp, who is subdued by the "Nutgobbler" and Jimmy takes her off to get laid. The talent show is finally ending, when Jimmy arrives and he starts to do his set, when to his disbelief he gets another erection.