South Park

Season 16 Episode 3

Faith Hilling

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 28, 2012 on Comedy Central

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  • great

    what i liked- cartman singing the sunday night football song parody at the end, the talking cat (Even though that gag did get old pretty fast), taylor swifting, the parody of fads, cat breading, etc.

    good episode. it isn't the funniest ever or anything like that but it was definitely an enjoyable way to spend 22 minutes of your time. i liked it a lot. B+ or so as my final grade, i think is fair
  • Wtf??

    Taylor swifting, faith hilling? I'm sorry I can't keep up with lame entertainment news like 2 gay guys(Matt and Trey). Maybe it was because of this lack of knowledge, but this episode sucked balls. And the butters part with the gun was thrown in at the last second to kill precious time. I thought it was gonna go somewhere and the gun would go off, killing all four candidates, Why it didnt is beyond me. Also, the episode description is incredibly misleading.

    This very original and actually brave (almost ) episode is highly creative. There are a number of points this episode makes sarcastically and well. The obivous, The Republican debates are boring as hell with a brain washed audience. The disguised.:.Taylor Swifting is perfect since her talent is "The Emperors Clothes" (the Country industry kisses her ass since her Pseudo-Country Act makes MONEY appealing to tweens galore..The ghosts of Johnny Cash and Hank Williams vomit at her pitchy LIVE voice and vacuous lyrics. Then there is , Tebowing (HAHAHA).. Now to The VERY Sick..the um....talking CAT with bread and O long Johnson LOL SICK.. ..PRICELESS..and the all important /..Money shot..the END- it takes till the very last line of the episode--but this episode is about PANDERING to an them what they THINK they want to get their vote.. this episode is COOL..VERY COO and GINGRICH and these boring debates are NOT. PS..At about 2/3rds into the episode WHY is BUTTERS sitting in an empty classroom with a gun in his mouth? lol PS_ Other-Review said Matt and trey are "gay" No you're gay. . lol They are NOT..they are creative genius at work...what are you?>although I admit th TITILE is slightly off..should have been called TAYLOR SWIFTING (but I am sure she would SUE)