South Park

Season 11 Episode 5

Fantastic Easter Special

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 04, 2007 on Comedy Central

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  • superb

    stan is determined to find the meaning behind coloring eggs on easter. what will this quest of his lead to? will he discover the real reason why we do this every year?

    pretty funny episode. the only thing keeping it from an A+ in my book is i find the last few minutes to be king of a dull. the first half is pretty funny but the last half did not interest nor did i laugh. boring. so, overall, my final grade for "Fantastic Easter Special" is going to fall in the "B" range, i think is a fair grade
  • Where do they come up with these ideas

    Some episode this is where the heck do Matt Stone and Trey Parker come up with these ideas for South Park episodes. In this episode Stan wants to know whats is the means of Easter Day. Something about bunnies and coloring eggs. I few years ago I learn that easter is the day Jesus's soul come back or something about. I wound why I didn't kniw that. Then Stan learns that's Family is the Hare for Men Club and he joins to learn the truth about Easter. there just making some of that stuff up. Some episode this is whats up with that.
  • Stan is trying to find out why kids have to decorate Easter eggs on Easterand, if he can, what bunnys and eggs have to do with Jesus dying on the cross. Satn and Kyle will discover the secret behind Easter, a hairy secret society and St.Peter's ide

    the easter Specialwas a hilarious episode, one of the best ever on South Park. It had a clever story line, new, twisted and sick characters and it had bunny rabits.
    I think the South Park creators eggxadurated the whole St.Peter thing though. I meanm the idea of having a Saint rabbit isn't really believable, evn for the South Park addicts.
    None the less this was an exciting episode that kept you hooked to the TV screen to th very end of the episode. By the way, before I wtched this episode I did wonder about the Pope's hat.
    Really! How weird and sense less is that hat?
  • "I'm on the toliet!"

    Stan wants to know the real reason kids have to decorate eggs for Easter, and what, if anything eggs and bunnies have to do with Jesus dying for his sins. To get to the bottom of it, Kyle and Stan get wrapped up in a bizarre society that guards a legendary secret. This was a great episode. It was somewhat of a Da Vinci Code parody. I loved that movie so I loved this episode. Anythign that's a parody of something I like, I like. It was funny and serious. Both mixed together. More episodes like this! Tagline:"I'm on the toliet!"-Randy Marsh
  • Davinci code parody, and helps put show back on track

    Utterly superb. That's all I have to say about this episode. After a funny in spots but overall disappointing episode "The Snuke", "South Park" is back and firing on all cylinders with an easter special that lampoons everything easter and the Da Vinci Code (a bit late for that). The best part of this, however, is clearly that they FINALLY brought Jesus back. Jesus was one of my favorite 'minor' characters on South Park for the first few seasons; almost every scene he was in was hilarious, and I couldn't be happier that they finally brought him back. And that's not even the best part yet, Bill Donahue kills the pope, puts Jesus in jail, and names himself pope while he prepares a 'rabbit' stew which is actually made of humans and is about to kill the Holy Rabbit, Snowball, which was actually the descendant of St. Peter, the original pope, who was actually a rabbit, when Jesus intervenes and kills him in a style reminiscent of any Rodriguez or Tarantino flick, and I'm sure the upcoming "Grindhouse". I wouldn't be surprised if I looked back at this as one of my favorite episodes.
  • Good....but not great.

    Well another average episode of South Park. This beginning of Season 11 is not really that great but it is decent. Besides I know it will get better.
    This special easter episode had some major laughs but also some really dull moments. Very little of Cartman but his scene was funny and so classic. This one is more Stan centric. Why does the episodes have to be Stan centric or Cartman centric and so would much better to have all the boys in the same adventure.....old good times.
    Jesus is back!!! YES! I love the character. In fact i think it was one of the funniest character in the early seasons. I`m really happy to see him back....and he was very funny again.

    Overall ...good but again not great. I know this show can be(and will be) much better.
  • Eh...

    Not my favorite episode, but funny. Stan searches for the truth behind Easter and the dying (and hiding) of eggs. He stumbles upon a truth that the church has been keeping secret since the days Jesus walked the Earth. The story is just stupid, but stupid funny. It definitely has it's moments, like when Stan runs from the "Hare club for men" with Snowball (a bunny), and he shows up at Kyle's door, clothes all torn and tettered and his hair a mess. And when he tries explaining to Kyle what's going on. Or the part when the guy puts Peeps in the microwave to make them explode and kill the attacking "church" ninjas. Like I said, far-fetched, but still funny. I gave it a 7.5 - it's worth a watch.

    In this episode, Stan wants to know about the history behind Eastern. After finding out that his dad is part of a Rabbit secret club, which kept it a secret. After finding out, Stan and Kyle must rescue snowball, the leader of the christianism church. In the end, Jesus must stop the guy from killing Snowball.

    This episode was a great one. The plot was interesting in all ways.

    The humour was lacking. I admit it, there wasn't it much. It was another serious episode.

    This episode is also the first Eastern special of South Park. So I give it probs for this new special.

    Great episode overrall.
  • Not great, not bad either...

    This is the very definition of an average episode, although with the stellar season South Park has had this year, it's probably one of the worst, along with Lice Capades.

    It was a nice touch having the Pope turn out to be a forgiving man in the name of Christianity (whilst avoiding some obvious jibes at his Hitler Youth origins), whilst his followers seem to actually be the ones content on punishment and torture. South Park again serves up that winning social satire that makes this show so great to watch.

    A fun special episode, but largely forgettable stuff in the grand scheme of things.
  • This episode was really dry.

    So turned on the T.V to watch another episode of south park and it was this one. The start of the episode was great but then how it turned into this "secret bunny club" was a bit random. The same thing with the "pope hired ninja". There were hardly any jokes to laugh to except one. (The Peter rabbit joke). But everything else seemed stupid, even for south park. I really got bored of this episode 20minutes in. I really expected more than just Stan being the Saviour. Yeah and the ending wasnt also the best they could of done pulled it off in another way then ninja star to the face.
  • When Stan wants to find out why eggs are decorated for Easter, he finds himself stumbling upon an ancient society that guards a big secret... I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that this just a good but average episode, shock horror...

    I know lots of people regard this episode as a series classic. And I don't mind the story at all, it is a good one and very watchable. But I'm not sure I'd agree that is is one of the show's very best offerings.

    I'm not really sure why it doesn't grab me as much as it seems to do with other people. Maybe we've just seen so much happen in 'South Park' that we get slightly used to it, and 'big' tales like this loose their impact slightly.

    The return of Jesus provides some of the episode's best moments, but personally, although he doesn't have to be the centre of each episode, I would have liked to have seen more Cartman, and maybe Kenny.

    It's a perfectly reasonable episode, with a couple of very good moments, but it just wouldn't make my personal top 10. To each their own =)
  • OMG !

    This Di Vinci code parody was great! You know Kyle has got to be scarred after having to kill Jesus and watching him die in a painful morbid death. The Pope is supposed to be a rabbit because the first Pope the disciple Peter was a rabbit..... it was a great parody. The cardinal holds the hare club for men hostage unless they tell where their keeping the rabbit, and then Jesus coming and pulling that Ninja scene ( I know that was parodying something as well, I just can't think of what it was ). I still can't get over oor Kyle having to kill Jesus though. I also liked the scene where they're looking at the clue that reveals that Peter was a rabbit. "Look closer,closer,closlier..."
  • religious hoax explained

    Really a great episode, possibly the best of the season, though most of them were excellent, this one was extremely clever in that south park way. it really points out the faults in so many hoaxes out there, the davinci code being the main one, convincing me almost as much as the book had years ago. well, not really, but you can see my point. it was nice to see the jesus character finally return for an episode, even though these guys only use him to poke even more fun at religious sects; a must for south park episodes. as far as i can see, this is the best explanation of easter eggs i have ever heard.
  • One of the best season just keeps on delivering with this Fantastic Easter Special.

    The original Pope was actually a rabbit.... It's so obvious now that I think of it. The first ever Easter episode of South Park is a memorable one and it doesn't shy away from asking the big questions, like "Why do we even have to paint these stupid eggs?". Stan & Kyle uncover the secret behind Easter and a anciet Group called The Hare Club For Men that protects this secret. DaVinci Code parody maybe? It's brilliant how it alters parts of The DaVinci Code to fit this story about the Pope rabbit. Like how they analise The Last Supper painting to reveal a rabbit. The Pope and that other church dude are so funny. "Okay Bill, im pretty sure killing Jesus isn't very Christian."
    I really enjoyed this episode it was good fun.


    Here are a few of the best quotes

    (Randy & Stan in the car on the way to The Hare Club meeting)
    Stan: Dad do I have to wear this bag over my head the entire time?
    Randy: You aren't a member yet. You can't know where our secret meetings take place. Where going to a distant location, an old building near a lake about 40 mins away.
    Stan: You mean the old Galverson lodge?
    (there's a short pause then Randy takes the bag off)
    Randy: Dammit!

    Stan: Jesus! You did answer my prayer.
    Jesus: Actually, I was answering the prayer of Nick Donovan.
    Nick Donovan: Oh that's me, Neat-O

    Kyle: Dude, you don't understand, I'm a Jew. I have a few hangups about killing Jesus.

    Professor Teabag: Look at the Pope's hat. It makes no sense. Except that is was originally designed for a rabbit.

    Bill: Kill Him!
    Pope: What?
    Bill: He goes against the church, he must die.
    Pope: Alright, that does it Bill. I'm pretty sure killing Jesus is not very Christian
    Bill: You are soft, weak. You leave me no choice. Take them.
    (Ninja's handcuff Jesus and the Pope)
  • Arguably the best of the season thus far, the return of Jesus is something to behold

    As South Park gets ever more political in its messages its quite a wonder how they get such a message across while still being the most hilarious show on television. Being Catholic myself i found it funny how they made up such extravagant connection between the easter bunny and Jesus, and they got back at Bill Donague for his comments on Trey and Matt. How the episode managed to be funny without major Cartman influence and with just Stan and Kyle as main characters is beyond me. Jesus getting arested for going against the church and Kyle's "Im a Jew, ive got a few hang ups about killing Jesus" are examples from many quotable moments. Altough I still dont get the relationship between eggs and rabbits, it would definately make for a good sequel that would be hard pressed to live up to the original.
  • Stan wants to know why he must dye eggs for Easter. But he finds a lot more than he wished for.

    This episode is a good installment in the series and keeps the "Season Eleven is Awesome" train rolling full speed ahead. The episode starts with Stan questioning the purpose of dying Easter eggs. His curiosity leads him to find that his dad is in "The Hare Club for Men", a secret society that protects a huge secret. In South Park style, the simple wondering of a child is blow into immense proportions to Stan being captured by Bill Donahue and the return of Jesus to South Park. The episode has its funny moments, although not quite the caliber of "The Snuke" and/or "With Apologies to Jesse Jackson". But the humor and South Park wit mixed in with a little Da Vinci Code parody makes this a good episode.
  • South Parks easter special!

    South Park is always excellent when they do a holiday episode and this was no exception. The beginning of the episode parodies The Divinci Code with a funny "what Divinci was really saying" version of The Last Supper. The second half of the episode takes place at the Vatican as Stan and Kyle try to save Randy and protect snowball the "chosen bunny".Its always nice to see Randy be prominent in an episode as he is always really funny and adds a lot to the show, especially when he's being all hysterical.

    Did I mention Jesus was in this episode. I know I missed him and it was great to see him kick some ass again. The only downside to the episode I can think of is that Cartman is barely in it but his short scene is still awesome. Kenny again was barely in it and it really seems like Trey and Matt have been fazing him out which is a shame. Next to Cartman sucks this is the second best episode of the amazing 11th season. Who wouldn't find this stuff funny?
  • Stan attempts to uncover the mystery of why easter eggs are colored on Easter. His quest will reveal a "Da Vinci Codesque" conspiracy as well as the truth about the Hare Club for Men. This episode also showcases the return of Jesus.

    An okay episode of South Park. I was annoyed that there was no Kenny and I believe also no Cartman in this episode (although Cartman was mentioned by Kyle when he killed Jesus, when Kyle said that Cartman could never find out about this). I loved the Hare Club for Men joke / reference, but not too many other really funny things in this episode. While not the worst episode of South Park ever or even this season I think my description of it as a filler episode is very accurate. I hope South Park will try to tackle some more current events, often those are the best episodes in the series.
  • This "Da Vinci Code" Easter parody teaches the American Catholic League the true meaning of the First Amendment and a reason not to mess with the creators of South Park! Oh, and best of all: Jesus returns from the dead! Again and again!

    Okay, I know it's been a week since I saw the episode, so now I'm gonna come out and say it: "Fantastic Easter Special" rocks my world, and a kick-@$$ Easter special episode, to date! The main plot of the episode is as follows: Stan and his family are coloring eggs for Easter, and he asks his father Randy why coloring eggs has to do with Jesus dying for his sins. Of course, Randy refuses to tell his son anything, so Stan goes to the Mall Easter Bunny and asks him the meaning of this. When the Bunny is pressured and tells him to concentrate on something else, Stan has to get to the bottom of this, while the Mall Bunny calls the other bunnies and tells them about Stan's persistence.

    As Stan is walking back, he sees other bunnies and is chased by them. He runs to his dad for help, only to find that Randy is wearing bunny ears and makeup (a reference to "Teen Wolf"!), but fortunately he tells the bunnies that his son did nothing wrong. Randy then tells Stan that he has joined a secret society that protects the secret of Easter, called "The Hare Club For Men" (a pun on "Hair Club For Men"! LOL), and that his father, Grandpa Marvin Marsh, has joined that society too. So Randy takes his son to the Hare Club For Men, where the men in bunny suits color eggs and bring in a little white bunny in a cage, whom they call Snowball (aww, that little rabbit is sooo adorable! ^_^). As the leader is about to explain the meaning of Easter, a clan of ninjas attack and capture Randy and the other Hare Club members, but not before Randy hands Snowball to Stan, who then escapes with the rabbit and runs to Kyle for help. With explanations and some help from the internet, Stan and Kyle go to a Professor Teabag who knows the secret of Easter. The professor reveals through the painting of the Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci (also a member of the Hare Club For Men) and laser technology that although St. Peter appeared to be human, the bread appears to be shaped like eggs and that Peter himself was a rabbit (a pun on "Peter Rabbit" by Beatrix Potter!), and that Snowball himself was a direct descendant of Peter. Teabag also explains that humans are so easily led astray and cannot speak for anyone in a religion, but rabbits are pure and could be popes because the pope's mitre is designed for rabbit ears. However, the Catholic Church designated men to be popes, the current one being Joseph Ratzinger, a.k.a. Benedict XVI; and that was why the Hare Club For Men had been decorating eggs to keep the secret alive, and also why they and Randy were captured by the Vatican, accompanied by ninjas of the American Catholic League, led by none other than Bill Donohue, who believes that the heir, Snowball, is a threat to the Catholic Church and will do anything to capture him and have him and the Hare Club for rabbit stew (another pun!). Can Stan and Kyle protect Snowball from harm while saving Randy and the other Hare Club members from being boiled alive?

    First off, let me say that Cartman makes a brief appearance at the beginning of the episode, demanding what he wants for Easter from the Hare Club Member, and that if he doesn't get what he wants, Cartman's gonna f-ing kill him. LOL! And the funny part is that Teabag helps the boys escape with Snowball while he distracts the ninjas by using the microwave to create exploding "Peeeeeps!!!" (to quote one of the ninjas) Oh, and the puns that I mentioned above are so funny, along with the pun on "double-cross"! XD

    Plus, the whole episode is a parody of "The Da Vinci Code" by Dan Brown (an author who recently won the case against copyright infringement), with a twist of Easter and the American Catholic League's Bill Donohue, who protested the chocolate Jesus statue a few weeks ago, had Comedy Central temporarily ban the episode "Bloody Mary", protested the episodes of "Cartoon Wars" that end with Jesus, Dubya and other celebrities pooping on each other and the U.S. flag, and called Matt and Trey "whores" (just like he calls Stan and Kyle in this episode! :D).

    Oh, and remember Jesus, the Savior who starred in "Jesus and Pals", led the Super Best Friends, and had some tough kick-butt fighting skills until his death while saving Santa Claus with the boys in "Red Sleigh Down"? Well, he had resurrected before, but I never thought that he would resurrect again until now. And sure enough, he did! In this episode! "He is risen!" ("Who are you to say that?!": his first familiar words since "Red Sleigh Down") And he explains to Benedict and Donohue the reason he put a rabbit in charge. However, Donohue is more of a pagan than a Catholic and orders Jesus killed (which "is not very Christian"), but Benedict has a soft heart for Catholicism and hates Donohue's ways. Donohue steals the position of Pope from Benedict and locks him up in one dungeon cell, and Jesus and Kyle ("those two Jews") in another cell, thinking he could kill them. Unbeknownst to Donohue, Jesus has the power of self-resurrection, which he puts to use again by having Kyle kill him in prison (at first, Kyle is reluctant and wants him to "do it [him]self", but Jesus knows that "suicide is blasphemy" and goes against his nature). Poor Kyle, having to do it, but promising that Cartman "can never know about this." So he stabs Jesus in the throat with a dagger with a "Happy Easter, Jesus", and I was like "Yes!", and when Jesus screams and walks around with a lot of blood spurting everywhere from his throat before dying, I was like, "Ouch! That's gotta hurt!" Now I am Catholic and I was a little offended by that scene, but I still love it and count it as memorable, and that scene is the reason why I put a picture of Kyle about to kill Jesus as my icon now, a reminder of why I saw this episode!

    Oh, and near the end, just when Donohue is about to put Snowball in a rabbit stew (I was like, "Nooo!"), Jesus returns from the dead, again, outside, and shows Donohue his true colors by throwing a glaive from "Krull" and eliminating the pope-impostor from his position while posing and putting his sunglasses on like a "Blade Jesus". Now that's the kick-@$$ Jesus I remember! That should also teach the American Catholic League a lesson not to mess with "South Park"! (And check out Pope Snowball in the end, with a pope's mitre on! Uber-cuteness! :D)

    Overall, I'd like to say, "Congratulations, Matt and Trey! You've created another fine example of how the show exists for this episode! A superb job, indeed!" With the whole "Da Vinci Code" settings, and the memorable scene reminiscent of the 2003 Battlestar Galactica (which offends me quite a bit), I'm giving it a 9 out of 10! Whew!
  • This episode is the first season 11 episode I didn't really like.

    This episode basically has the Vatican tracking a group of Easter Bunnies who have a "sacred" rabbit, because the rabbit is of a holy descent. Stan doesn't understand why Easter Bunnies were chasing him from the mall one day. I just didn't really like this episode. It basically rips on sacred elements of religion. I like some parodies that South Park has made, but there are times when it pushes the envelope on satire, such as the "Trapped in the Closet" episode in 2005 that mocked Scientology, making former Chef voice Isaac Hayes, who is a Scientologist, quit South Park. I think that the episode in season 6 that satired child molestation, "Red Hot Catholic Love", is better. Watch that episode for a religious satire in South Park, as yes, in 2002 there really was a controversy over Catholic priests molesting boys.
  • Perfect!

    I really liked this episode, it was very clever and the way it points out that celebrating Easter by painting eggs and saying they were hidden by the Easter Bunny has really nothing to do with what the celebration is really about.
    I also loved the way it makes fun of the Da Vinci Code and shows just how silly it really was.

    But it wasn't perfect because:

    * The sight of a shirtless Randy is kinda gross.
    * They portraid Benedict as a good guy, and the only reason they would do that is because they might be affraid to offend someone. Are Matt and Trey getting soft and sensitive? I hope not!
    However they did kill Jesus (again!) and Pope Bill Donahue :P
  • While it wasn't bad(very far from it), it certainly isn't a great episode either(IMO), it's just good and nothing more.

    Better than Lice Capades, weaker than the 3 Season 11 episodes before it for now though. First, lets highlight the good.

    Pros: It's an original easter episode, and it deserves more points for that. Cartman's funny line at the beginning was laughable, seeing Kyle killing Jesus was great as well, and seeing Jesus killing Bill Donahue along with wearing shades afterwards were the best moments of the entire episode itself. The storyline itself is passable too and is solid.

    And now the bad.

    Cons: Like Lice Capades, it lacks the constant LOL moments of "With Apologies", "Cartman Sucks" and "The Snuke". It's amazing how those episodes can just deliver jokes that were truly funny while maintaining a story worth watching. This episode gets the story right(for the most part), but didn't get the constant LOL moments right and they are far and between, with hardly any memorable scenes, besides the 3 I already mentioned. It's mostly little jokes(that can barely put a smile on your face) that can't save this episode at all, and others, like The Da Vinci Code parody joke, were mildly interesting. The story also had a little "been there, done that" feeling to it, but it's mostly good though.

    If only it had the constant laughter that the others had, it would had been incredible. As it is, it's a episode you also don't want to miss if your a fan(little or big like me) of this show, and most people would recommend this episode, but in my opinion it can't hang with the best episodes of this show, so that's my review on this good episode.
  • Davinci code spoof tries to answer the question, why do we color easter eggs. Perfect episode

    Stan wants to know why we color easter eggs. Eggs and bunnies don't have anything to do with Jesus, or do they. Randy, Stan's dad reveals that he is part of a secret society sworn to keep the secret of the easter bunny. A secret society founded by Leonardo Davinci. This society, the Hare Club for Men, is under attack by some sort of American Catholic league, determined to destroy the secret for all time.

    This episode was hilarious. It spoofed the Davinci Code and the Catholic dogma. Jesus makes an appearance and is told that he doesn't know what's right for the church.

    Possible spoiler: A part we thought was hilarious was when Jesus asks Stan to kill him quickly so he may rise again to save the day.
  • why Stan Marsh is smarter than you...

    He asks all the right questions. Like: "what DO eggs and rabbits have to do with Jesus returning during Easter?" Even though he inevitably learns the valuable lesson of: "sometimes, you shouldn't ask questions" in return, it makes for one of the funniest episodes in a long time.

    When he uncovers a secret society of rabbit worshippers called the "Hare Club for Men", he becomes entangled in a religious conspiracy, complete with Vatican Ninjas, sacred bunnies and Kyle facing the dilemma of having to kill Jesus Christ.

    Even though Cartman and Kenny are nowhere to be seen in this episode, the da vinci code-like plot more than makes up for it.
  • Hilarious! Great 'Da Vinci Code' spoof.

    Any time South Park brings in Jesus, I know I am going to laugh... guess I am sick and twisted that way, so when Jesus asked Kyle to kill him, I was rolling. Kyle said being a Jew, he has some hangups about killing Jesus, and that Eric Cartman could never know, an obvious shout-out to the Passion of the Christ episode they did.

    A cult of easter bunnies protecting the secret that St Peter was really a rabbit, thus Peter Rabbit, and that only rabbits in their pure nature should be the pope... I loved when they mentioned that the pope hat was designed for rabbits, not for humans.

    I love the fact that South Park that no one is spared... they aren't afraid to push the boundaries, but they do so with some level of intelligence that makes you think and at the same time still be funny as hell.
  • This episode is exactly why South Park to me reigns supreme over The Simpsons, Family Guy, Futurama, American Dad! and all of the like.

    This episode is definitely in my top 10 episodes of all time. Ever since the Da Vinci Code movie came out I've been waiting for the parodies to roll in and South Park have once again set the bar, touching topics that other shows wouldn't dare touch. I think the most clever line in this episode was Kyle's "Peter, Peter Rabbit." I laughed very hard at this because the first pope obviously has nothing to do with Peter Rabbit. Randy Marsh once again provided us with some laughs, as he never fails to do and it is becoming reasonably clear that Randy Marsh = Comedy Gold. All I can say is I would be very happy to buy all of season 11 on DVD for this one episode and bring on D-Yikes!
  • This is exactly why I watch South Park: The randomness of the episodes.

    The episode it's very funny, finally they made an Easter especial. The plot has its twists and seeing Jesus kill someone with a ninja star never felt better, I mean, who would even think about St. Paul being a bunny? Or the pope being against a rabbit? This is what makes South Park a great seres: you always get really, really, really, surprised. You never know what the next episode is going to be about, and that's great . At to this point, the 11th. season is going great, and it will be the best season if it continues like this.
  • this episode was just so funny. we find out the true meaning of easter.

    stan wants to know way they paint eggs for easter and will go to any means to find out. at the mall first cartman sits on the easter bunny's lap and tells him that he's a rabbit and cartman human so killing the easter bunny will be alright. i thought that part was really funny and miss that cartman wasn't in any other scenes. so after stan gets chased by guys in rabbit costumes, finds his dad;s secret, and learns the true meaning of easter he finds the meaning to everything else. just keep your mouth shut and paint the eggs.
  • Its hard to not consider an episode with Jesus a classic

    This episode features a perfect balance of parody, politics, and just absurd humor. It launches quickly into the story and just becomes more and more absurd. The parody of the Da Vinci Code is well done, many of the connections are just as stupid as the book. The SP crew also has a great talent for picking when to make things realistic, and when to keep it lo-quality. The cute small rabbit looking perfectly innocent and perfectly clueless, serves as a sort of bizarre connection to reality and how far removed the episode is from it.There is a manic quality to the episode that seems to be shared in many of South Park's best episodes.
  • In this Episode Stan Marsh asks the very real question. Why do we (or at least some of us) paint eggs in the easter. The Answers takes us through a very Da Vinci Code like episode with loads of funny moments...

    In this Episode Stan Marsh asks the very real question. Why do we (or at least some of us) paint eggs in the easter. The Answers takes us through a very Da Vinci Code like episode with loads of funny moments...

    The moment in this episode when i laughed the hardest was when Stans father Randy Marsh tells him that this very old club that keeps the secret of the easter bunny is called. "The Hare Club For Men". An obvious allusion to the tupé/hair transplant company "The 'Hair' Club For Men".

    I also really liked the part that "Whats-his-name" the leader of the American Catholics wants to kill Jesus and the Pope because they are to soft.

    Overall this is just another episode of South Park, but then again i watch every episode, and i almost always laugh very hard at it.

    10/10 in my book
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