South Park

Season 7 Episode 5

Fat Butt and Pancake Head

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 16, 2003 on Comedy Central

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  • Perfect!!!

    Ah the OLD CARTMAN... FUnny as hell. Racist as hell. Brilliant satire. Makes fun of the most annoying "pop stars" of all time. Her "R" WORD stupid song is so easy t o just writes itself "I'm Jenny From the Block-I used ot have a little--now I have a LOT" > THIRD grade mental song writing ability... But CARTMAN CARTMAN has FOURTH grade writing ability LOL. Ben Affleck is an equally annoying DOUCHE. PERFECT episode. a 10.
  • \"Its a classib, but it`s overrated\"

    Now before you argue me about \"Fat Butt and Pancake Head\", listen to what I have to say:

    Its a great episode, no question...but its a little overrated. I dont think its the best episode (which it was voted in 2004). Parts of it were funny (such as when Cartman is saying \"Hennifer Hlopez\") and some parts were disturbing (like Ben Affleck in Cartmans bed). It`s a good episode but I was expecting a laughfest...
  • "I am ms Hennifer Klopez, and I eat tacos and burritos!"

    In this Episode of South Park, Cartman makes a hand puppet of Jennifer Lopez, which leads to a crazy unbelieveable series of events that makes you wonder what kind of stuff the writers were smoking when they made this one. This episode gets an oddly sucessful pardoy of Jennifer Lopez, but the Ben Afflick pardoy is even better, and the fact that everyone considers Cartman's hand puppet better than Jennifer, is great. My favorite scene is when "Hennifer Klopez" gives Ben a HJ. The parts with Cartman acting like he had absolutly no control over the puppet were great, as were his arguments Kyle up till the end. Overall, this a classic SP episode, up there with the best of the best. 9.5/10
  • When Cartman invents a hand puppet for a school project, it requires Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck to come to South Park.

    A personal favorite of mine. The Taco song just cracks me up. I"ve downloaded.
    It starts out simply. Cartman has to give a presentation and creates a hand puppet named Jennifer Lopez to talk about culture. He keeps the puppet at the mall where he records a song that somehow makes it into the hands of record execs. This is when it starts to go off sideways. They replace J-Lo with Cartman's hand. This enrages J-Lo, so she comes to South Park. No its unbeleivable. So does Ben Affleck, who falls in love with Cartman's hand puppet Jennifer Lopez and they have an affair. Basically Ben Affleck is having an affiar with a 10 year olds hand. Now its just crazy. The scene in the car when they are making out is priceless. The kicker is at the end, Cartman makes his hand a completey different person. So off the wall, but so funny. I wonder what Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck think of this episode.
  • One of the few rare episodes of "South Park" that is Actually funny! :idea:

    Cartman is one messed up kid! How messed up is he?! He's so messed up, sometimes when he tries to mess with other people's minds, sometimes even He can lose touch with reality! It becomes so bad, that when Cartman makes Jennifer Lopez a part of him on his hand, the hand puppet ends up possessing Cartman & causes events for the fat boy to go surging out of control! This is of course enraging to the real Jeniffer Lopez who wants to teach her knock-off a lesson, which is extremely hard to do as the knock-off is just a hand puppet! It's nice to see that Cartman actually had to Work to get one of his plans to Sort of succeed for once & it didn't just come naturally! I sure wish that there were more episodes for this show that worked like this! Enough said, true believers! ;)
  • At a Latin Culture week at school, Cartman wins first prize for his hand puppet of Jennifer Lopez. Soon, the hand puppet has a mind of its own, recording a music video that attracts the attention of a record label and infuriates the real JLO.

    In one of those episodes where you wonder what the writers were smoking, Cartman's hand puppet of JLO becomes a bigger star than Jennifer Lopez herself. Ben Affleck falls in love with the new JLO, and Kyle wants Cartman to end this charade, although Cartman claims the hand puppet is not controlled by him. Jennifer Lopez gets kicked off her record label due to the hand puppet JLO getting signed. However, Cartman shocks JLO and breaks Ben's heart when he reveals JLO was just con man "Mitch Connor". An extremely weird episode that could have been a one joke affair, like the recent "Cartman Sucks" episode, is instead a non stop laugh riot. One of my favorite shows in the entire series.
  • I have to admit it, it was funny, but also annoying.

    Cartman will always be my favorite character, but that talking hand that represents JLo was just annoying. Sometimes it's just too funny to resist, but other times it got on my nerves. Ben Affleck's obession with the JLo on Cartman's hand was very funny and helped this episode a lot.
    But it just seem absurd to see someone sing that horribly and let it go on to a point when you just want it to stop for a while. This episode is way overrated as well. It's great, but not superb or perfect. Overall, not the best episode ever, or for the season(I like Raisins and Casa Bonita better) but it's still watchable and good enough for this show though.

    This is truly the best out of all of them. This Episode you will never forget due to the funniness.

    \"...I like burrutios and TACOS...\"

    \"Taco kisses for you...\" This is what really is funny. South park should do more of this type of humor, rather than politics.
  • "Burrito. Taco taco. Burrito. Taco. Taco taco."

    The Jennifer Lopez puppet on Cartman's hand is taking over the real J.Lo's life!

    Quote of the Episode -
    "Kyle: She's not eating it, it's just coming out her backside.
    J.Lo Puppet: When you eat a taco it comes out your backside too, cholo!"

    Favourite Moments - All the songs that the J.Lo puppet sang, Cartman doing you know what to Ben Affleck without realizing it, and the scene when the puppet dies.

    Cartman draws a Jennifer Lopez onto his left hand and it seems to take on a life of its own. After making a taco music video at a local video making store, the J.Lo puppet gets signed by VH1, becomes the new love interst for Ben Affleck, and enrages the real J.Lo!
  • Cartman's hand puppet is Jennifer Lopez, and it wins a speech on Latinos in the art. Using the money, "Jennifer Lopez" creates a music video and it becomes a hit which puts the real Jennifer Lopez out of business.

    This episode is funny. The way the Jennifer Lopez puppet talks really fast and uses a few Spanish words here and then. Ha ha. And the songs the Jennifer Lopez doll sings is as well. Taco taco. Burrito. It is also funny how everyone thinks the Jennifer Lopez puppet is real, and how one simple puppet puts Jennifer Lopez, the real one out of commission. Ben Affleck must be a dummy to fall in love with Cartman's hand, although not as dumb as Jennifer Lopez to go after it with clubs and chainsaws. Go figure. This episode was quite funny.
  • Cartman tries to knock Jennifer Lopez off her career in a funny way by making his own "hand puppet" J.Lo.

    Cartman is doing a presentation on Latino's contributions to the arts, making a hand puppet Jennifer Lopez. It appears cheesy, but it generates him the most applause in the ceremony, with the exception of Kyle and Stan, who think it's stupid. Cartman doesn't care; he just goes on with his "hand puppet" trick and gets his hand puppet J. Lo on a record deal, soon running into trouble all along with the real Jennifer and Ben Affleck.

    This is a very fine example of the series, insulting celebrities, taunting others, and foul language to make you laugh to death. I have got to say that this is a very dirty episode, as I saw it EDITED on my local TV station, not Comedy Central, there was a lot of beeps. And the south park depiction of J. Lo is funnY! Again, this is a very good impression of the series, so check it out!
  • A spicy new talent name Jennifer Lopez (spanish pronounciation) seems to come into posession of Cartman's fist. Elaborate joke... or mental disorder? It manages to stir up a lot trouble from various sources. Hilarity Ensues.

    The storyline explores on Cartman and his bizarre sense of humour.
    An interesting episode as it doesn't venture outside an introductory plot... rather just staying on the single idea as it expands; becoming more and more ridiculous.
    As cartman incurs the 'real' jLo's animosity everything just becomes more and more ridiculous... and some times disgusting, i mean, he had me convinced.
    It's a good episode though, in the style of Scott Tenorman (as far as ridiculously overelaborated plots go).
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