South Park

Season 7 Episode 5

Fat Butt and Pancake Head

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 16, 2003 on Comedy Central



  • Trivia

    • Jennifer Lopez states that she "had six platinum records" and "starred in five Hollywood movies". In actuality, J.Lo has 4 platinum records and had starring roles in more than 10 films.

    • Before in the episode "How to Eat with your Butt" Ben Affleck is Mr. and Mrs. Thompsons's son, and he has a photographic head, but in this one his head is animated even though it is the same person.

    • Cartman's door opens away from him in this episode. Usually, it swings TOWARDS him so that people entering his room don't see him right away.

    • Cartman has drawn 'Ms Lopez' on his left hand, but when it shows the pictures in the newspapers it looks as though it's drawn on his right hand. The one with Ben and 'Ms Lopez' looks like the left hand though.

    • After getting the tacos, Cartman is in the middle of the line, but when "Ms. Lopez" eats them he is in front.

    • During a scene, Cartman and "Jennifer Lopez" have a 'fight' talking over each other. But if Cartman is "Jennifer Lopez"'s voice, then how the hell can he do both her voice and his voice at the same time?

  • Quotes

    • Cartman: (to Kyle) Ha ha, ha ha, ha ha! I got you, kind of!

    • Cartman: There, that's three more songs we've written already! You're style of music is so easy, it doesn't require any thought at all!
      Jennifer Lopez Puppet: Oh, si, si, si.

    • (The real Jennifer Lopez, after hearing she has been replaced, has come to South Park and is stopped outside of the school )
      Kids: Oh my God, it's Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck!
      Mr. Garrison: Oh, for crying out loud children, get back to your desks, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck would never come to South- oh my God, it's Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck.

    • Cartman: ...But you don't have to ask me, you can ask my special guest, Miss Jennifer Lopez!
      (Everyone murmurs)
      Kyle: No way.
      Cartman: Miss Lopez, come on out here.
      (Cartman brings out hand puppet from behind back)
      J.Lo Puppet: 'Allo!
      Principal Victoria: Oh, Jesus Christ!
      J.Lo Puppet: My name is 'Hennifer Hlopez', and I like to eat tacos and burritos.
      Cartman: Miss Lopez, would you like to show them your special style of Latino art?
      J.Lo Puppet: Oh, si, si. But first I would like to put on my pretty dress.
      Cartman: Oh, you mean this one?
      J.Lo Puppet: Oh, si, si, si.
      Cartman: 'S all right?
      J.Lo Puppet: 'S all right.
      Cartman: That's a very pretty dress.
      J.Lo Puppet: It better be. I am 'Hennifer Hlopez'!
      Cartman: No, no, no, you're Jennifer Lopez.
      J.Lo Puppet: Si, si, 'Hennifer Hlopez'!
      Cartman: No, no, Juh-
      J.Lo Puppet: Huh-
      Cartman: Juh-
      J.Lo Puppet: Huh-
      Cartman: Juh-
      J.Lo Puppet: Jyuh-
      Cartman: (fast) JenniferLopez
      J.Lo Puppet: (fast) HenniferHlopez

    • J.Lo Puppet: You can suck my culo, chica!
      J.Lo: Who said that?
      (Everyone backs away from Cartman)
      J.Lo:Yyou got a problem?!?!?
      Cartman: Not me!!!
      J.Lo: Then who?
      (Cartman brings out J.Lo hand puppet)
      J.Lo Puppet: Hola, Bitchola!
      J.Lo: What the hell is that?!?!?
      J.Lo Puppet: My name is 'Hennifer Hlopez' and I eat tacos, and burritos.
      J.Lo: That?!?!? THAT'S what replaced me?
      Cartman: Umm, I'm sure it was just a mistake…
      J.Lo Puppet: The only mistake was when this ghetto trash got signed in the first place!

    • J.Lo Puppet: Yeah... and don't forget the hot sauce, chulos!

    • Cartman: The cyanide pill I took should be taking effect very soon. Hmph, looks like the sun is goin' down. I wonder, will I dream?

    • (The J Lo Puppet is doing Ben)
      Ben: Oh. Jenny. Oh, Jenny!
      Cartman: Aww!

    • J.Lo Puppet: Mmm, tacos. So yummy!
      Kyle: Stop wasting the tacos on your hand, Cartman!
      Cartman: Hey, Ms. Lopez has to eat, too.
      Kyle: She's not eating it, it's just coming out her backside.
      J.Lo Puppet: When you eat a taco it comes out your backside too, cholo!
      Kenny: (laughs hard)

    • Cartman: I can't handle it anymore. All the fame and the Ben Affleck spooge, I... I just can't go on living with Ms. Lopez.

    • Cartman: Moooooommmm!
      Liane: What is it, sweetie?
      Cartman: Ben Affleck is naked in my bed!
      Liane: Oooo, looks like the tooth fairy was extra happy with you.

    • Jennifer Lopez: This is bullshit! How the (bleep) did I end up working in a La Taco?! I had six platinum records and I starred in five Hollywood movies!
      La Taco Employee: Yeah. Me too.

    • Police Officer: Shut up, picante pants!

    • Police Officer: Freeze, leafblower!

    • Cartman: Ms. Lopez, would you like to give Kyle a kiss?
      J.Lo Puppet: Oh sí, sí sí, my kisses taste like tacos.

    • Jennifer Lopez Puppet: Burrito. Taco taco. Burrito. Taco. Taco taco.
      Don't think that just because I got a lot of money I'll give you taco-flavored kisses, honey!
      Fulfill all your wishes with my taco-flavored kisses.
      Taco taco. Burrito Burrito. Taco taco.

    • Ben Affleck: I've been meaning to write a song or a poem, but I have no talent.
      J.Lo Puppet: I know, my darling. That's okay.

  • Notes

    • Named the best South Park of all time in the "27 Greatest South Park Episodes of All Time" countdown that was aired during the Fall of 2004.

  • Allusions

    • The In-Laws:

      Cartman's Jennifer Lopez hand puppet is an idea taken from the comic film the In-Laws, which features a character played by Richard Libertini named General Garcia who also has a Hispanic woman's mouth and eyes painted on his hand that he treats as if a real person.
      The exact voice of the Lopez hand puppet and turns of phrase, as well many of the specific antics are lifted directly from The In-Laws and Libertini's performance.

    • Tootsie:

      The revelation that Ms. Lopez is in fact Mitch Connor seems to be an homage to the film Tootsie, where Dustin Hoffman reveals that he has been working in drag as Dorothy Michaels and that he is in fact a man, as the manner in which the remove their wig and change tone and demeanor mirror each other.

    • 2010:

      The last spoken ventriloquist line of Cartman's hand ("I wonder, will I dream?") was in homage to the movie 2010: The Year We Make Contact, where the two computers HAL-9000 and SAL-9000 pose the same question when facing shutdown.

    • Taco Bell:

      At the end of the episode, Jennifer Lopez is working at a place called "La Taco", this is a parody of Taco Bell, a Mexican style restaurant.

    • Señor Wences:

      Cartman's J-Lo hand puppet is similar to the hand puppet that Señor Wences used in his numerous appearances on "The Ed Sullivan Show." His use of the word "S'allright" in a deep voice and "S'Okay" in a higher voice can still be heard as part of the American vocabulary, as heard in this episode.

      Señor Wences, was a Spanish ventriloquist appeared regularly on the Ed Sullivan show for years and later in his career did commercials. The face on Cartman's hand is based on Wences' masterpiece, Johnny, which he created by scrunching up his fist, drawing a mouth where thumb and index finger met, and draping a blond wig over the top. The lines, though, are based on Pedro, the original puppet whose head survived in a box.