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Season 13 Episode 5


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 08, 2009 on Comedy Central

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  • Still, even when it ends, Kayne STILL dosent get it.

    What a great episode. This was much better than I expected. Jimmy is my favorite character and I love episodes with him. The Jimmy / Cartman flashbacks were hilarious. Cartman making up the flashbacks and making everyone say how he isn't even remotely fat and him saving the day in each one. I laughed how Kayne West never got the joke, even when the episode ended, he still did not get the joke, and accepted himself as he was, A gay fish. This is probably one of my favorite episodes ever, next to Krazy Kripples. Matt Parker and Trey Stone, You did it again!
  • Classic. What I love in South Park!

    For me, this was the best episode of the season, maybe the best of the last three years. Cartman being completely convinced that he's created the joke was perfect classic cartman, reminds me of so many douchebag friends. The cartman/jimmy story line was hilarious, but the kanye scenes seriously almost suffocated me. When he pulled out the whiteboard and started writing I died. The concluding song was perfect. The way he didn't get the joke was amazing. "But Kanye, disregarding the gay fish rumors: do you like fishsticks?"
    "I love fish sticks!"
    "Do you love putting them in your mouth?"
    "Yeah, I love putting them in my mouth!"
    "Then you're a gay fish"
    Craig/Jimmy/Cartman were funny
    Kyle was a pain in the ass. what an annoying character.
  • Wow, South Park still freaking has it.

    Season 13 is phenomenal. "Eat, Prey, Queef definitely has a divided line between lovers and haters, but the rest of the episodes were great. And this one, boy where the hell do I begin?

    Cartman stops by to "aid" Jimmy in writing new comedy material. When Jimmy comes up with the fish-dicks joke, Cartman plays his usual mind games and psyches Jimmy out to believe that it was indeed Cartman who wrote the joke. The joke hits the public and makes its way to late night talk shows, when it is revealed that Carlos Mencia is the origin of the joke. I loved the parallel between Cartman and Mencia, great writing. Throughout the episode we get Cartman's flashback scenes to how it is "revealed" that he was the main benefactor of the joke. This includes him slaying a dragon, and turning into a human fireball

    After Carlos gets a Carlito's Way beatdown, we then see dumpster truck sized ego Kanye West trying to decipher the meaning of the joke. This leads to him jumping into the ocean with a gut-busting Gay Fish" song, and I'm so happy they used that autotune effect on his voice. Awesome.

    This episode was ridiculous, and that's in the best way possible. It was consistently funny and outrageous. I'm amazed by this season, and it looks like they'll keep on chuggin'! Well done boys!
  • excellent episode -the joke -kanye west "im makin love to ther gay fish" -carlos mencia "i got no dick" -cartman flashbacks

    Jimmy comes up with one of the funniest jokes of all time and Cartman takes credit for it.
    The joke is:
    Person #1: Do you like fishsticks?
    Person #2: Yes.
    Person #1: Oh, so you like putting fish dicks in your mouth?
    Person #2: Yeah!
    Person #1: What are you, a gay fish?
    The joke is so funny that it is brought up by Jimmy Kimmel on Jimmy Kimmel Live!. It is also used on Leno, and Conan, and David Letterman. Carlos Mencia then goes on Conan O'Brien's show claiming credit for the joke. The joke is played on Kanye West who doesn't get the joke, and spends most of the episode trying to solve it, brutally torturing and murdering Carlos Mencia in the process. Cartman tries to rationalizes his ego by creating mental images of him writing the joke. Finally, Cartman uses the Freudian defense mechanism of projection to lay the blame on Jimmy for trying to write himself into the joke. Kanye West has an epiphany and realizes that he is, in fact, a gay fish. He then dresses in a open chested wetsuit and dives into the ocean, while the fictional Kanye song, "I'm a Gay Fish", similar to Kanye's "Heartless", plays to him humping and kissing various aquatic life.
  • The twisted world of Eric Cartman...

    Despite the fact that Cartman is the focus of a little episodes, there are very few episode that actually tap into what Cartman actually thinks. Yes he is a loud an obnoxius kis who does whatever he wants, but for the first time we actually get a view of what Cartman actually thinks and well... it would explain a lot.

    Its also good to see an episode with Jimmy, even if it is only because Cartman did something to piss Stan and Kyle off. Jimmy is working on jokes and Eric offers to help, in the most lazy way possible. Eventually Jimmy makes a joke about fishsticks and the jokes becomes insanely popular. Cartman of course has to take some credit in it. The problem is that while Cartman actually had nothing to do with the joke, and thinks that he actually did. Also in Cartman's version, he has the powers of the Human Torch and he fights Jewbots. Craig said it best to just give Cartman half of the credit, which given his personality, its surprising he didn't take all the credit. Meanwhile Kanye West has no clue what the joke is about and takes offense to be people calling him a gay fish. It was funny to see him try to contemplate the equation of how he could be a gay fish. Also funny was the fact that they ripped on Carlos Mencia, who took credit for the joke. West took Mencia hostage and killed him for not explaining the joke to him and soon took Eric and Jimmy hostage when he learned that they were the ones that really made the joke. Then comes the major twist in the story. While in reality Jimmy wrote the joke. Cartman thinks that Jimmy has an obssive need to project himself into to feel important. And as Cartman tells Jimmy that he accepts him, Kanye accepts the fact that he is a gay fish and promplty goes off to the ocean to live with other gay fish. This episode gave us great insight into the ignima that is Eric Cartman. Some of the jokes with Mencia did kind of fall flat, though I think that the writers were going for that. Overall, a very solid episode of South Park that leaves us swimming with the fish.
  • One of the best episodes in recent memory.

    As the summary says, this was one of the best episodes that i've seen of the show in a while. It's always good, but this was a perfect episode.

    Cartman's always changing memory of what happened when he went to Jimmy's house on that day is the best part of the episode. The flashbacks get better and better everytime, especially the last two.

    I also loved how they made fun of Kanye West. I hate the guy for the reasons shown in this episode. I wouldn't be surprised if he comes out and says that this episode offended him or something. He's just like that.

    I can't wait until next Wednesday when this comes out On Demand so I can watch it all the time. I know I can do that on the internet now, but I like to have it on my TV as I do things on my PC.
  • Too funny to watch ^_^

    Cartman and Jimmy made up the funniest joke

    Cartman and Jimmy made up a joke about how fishticks, basically it was Jimmy's idea until Cartman manipulate him. Their joke got so popular that Jimmy Kimmel, Conan O'Brien, and Ellen used the joke on their show, well Carlos Menica said it was his joke first on Conan O'Brien show. Kanye West doesn't get the whole joke about having fishsticks in your mouth and gets furious when somebody asked him do you fishsticks in your mouth. I thought the scene where Kanye West tries to figure out between Fishsticks, himself and homosexual was actually hilarious, so funny when he doesn't "get" the joke. Craig line was pretty sarcastic if you asked me, he seems so.........tedious. The ending was too much for me. I would totally watch the whole music video, even though I'm not a Kanye West fan, but still. This episode was way better then last week ( seeing that some people doesn't like immature fart humor) and I hope next week episode will be like this event

    10 out of 10. Matt and Trey has once again amused me ^_^

    April, 8, 2009
    11:49 P.M.
    ~ GlittersBlings
  • One of the best episodes of South Park !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    first i like to say, season 13 is going great and i loved 4/5 of those episodes. fishsticks contributed a huge lot to this amazing season.what i loved most was every part of this episode. the character development was not that good, but the humor and plot blocks all of that part. absolutely amazing episode. keep it up T&M. i absolutely thought cartman s flashbacks were terrific , and, what was his name... uh karyne s anger of the fishsticks joke was mentally unbelievably hilarious. probably the best or the second best of this season.

    overall, highly recommended and superbly done well.
  • Cartman can't seem to remember what happened that day, Kyle wants Jimmy to be honest to himself and Kanye West discovers his true nature

    This one was much better than the previous one and although it had some weak moments, it's one of the best since season 11.

    The joke itself wasn't that great, but it was hilarious to see how freaked out Butters was and how Cartman was manipulating everything so he could have his way.

    The guy who acted like it was his joke wasn't that funny, but maybe because I'm not from America and I don't know anything about him, so...

    Cartman's alternate realities were the best, especially with the Jewbots and The Human Torch impression.

    Kanye West was a bit over the top, but his House-way of thinking and the song parody were hilarious.

  • What R U, a Gay Fish?! LMAO!!

    Just when I thought Eric Cartman couldn't get any stupider, this one shows how purely retarded the fat boy is. He came over to Jimmy's house because Stan and Kyle were pissed off at the fat ass for whatever he did. The young crippled comedian was trying to come up with new jokes while the tubby retard was sitting around on the couch eating chips like the lazy turd he always is. When Jimmy mentioned the word "fishsticks", it popped into his head. He fired the new joke towards Cartman and then it was a success that made it into a laughing riot. However, Kanye West didn't understand it at all and got really pissed. Meanwhile, Cartman begins to believe that he is the mastermind behind the fishsticks joke. Kyle pointed out that Jimmy shouldn't let the evil tubby anti-Jew racist take all the credit for what the crippled kid wrote. But then Craig suggested that Jimmy and Cartman should share half the credit if the fat brainless idiot refuses to admit that it was all Jimmy's idea for a new joke. Kanye West tried his damn best to prove he is not a gay fish, but nobody will listen to him, and continue shooting the fishsticks joke at him. On TV, Cartman watch Carlos Mencia and angrily noticed that the Hispanic comedian stole Jimmy's joke. As the young comedy genius tried to defend himself for the joke he originally wrote, Cartman thinks Jimmy is a Jew.

    Still furious about the fishsticks joke, Kanye West attempted to find out why everyone is calling him a gay fish through calculations on the marker board by comparing fishsticks with himself. Cartman seeks help from Kyle, but the smartest boy in school told the empty-minded pig that his ego is so out of wack. Kyle also said that anyone with a messed up ego will do whatever it takes to protect themselves by performing mental gymnastics in which that makes them stupid enough to believe that they is awesome, but in reality they are total moronic douchebags in denial. After a talk with Kyle, Cartman imagines himself that a dragon rampages through Jimmy's house, and the fatass slayed it. When Kanye West and his homies found out who started the fishsticks joke, they begin to beat Carlos Mencia to death with baseball bats. On the Ellen DeGeneres Show, Ellen invited Jimmy and Cartman to her talk show. The fatheaded fat ass was doing all the talk about how he came up with the joke himself when it was really all Jimmy's idea. After watching the stupid "Ellen DeGeneres Show," Kanye West and his homies prepare to visit South Park for revenge.

    As Jimmy begins to yell at Cartman for stealing his joke and taking credit for what Jimmy did, the fat jerk refuses to admit it. Then Kanye West broke into Jimmy's room and then he and his homies tied both boys up. The rapper was about to kill Cartman and Jimmy until the mentally-retarded fatty-fatty-fat-fat imagined that South Park is being attacked by Jewbots and he is the Human Torch from the Fantastic Four. Then Cartman began to say that the reason Jimmy is pissed at him is because his ego is causing him to act out and assume that he came up with the fishsticks joke. It made Kanye West open his eyes and realize that he cannot deny for who or what he is; a gay fish. In the end, the famous rapper goes out to the sea and make out with a bunch of male fish thus proving that Kanye West is a gay fish.

    At first, I didn't understand the fishsticks joke until I realize what Jimmy said was "fish dicks." Trey Parker and Matt Stone should have gotten real celebrity guest stars to voice themselves like Jimmy Kimmel, Jay Leno, Conan O'Brien, and/or Carlos Mencia. Unless for some reason, Parker and Stone couldn't hire celebrities to voice themselves because they're upset about the episodes of South Park that rips on them. There haven't been any new episodes featuring special guest stars since "Wing." Just seeing the fat gloater/glory pig reminiscing what happen are farfetched. I have to say that episode was a good example to see what happens when someone takes credit for what we did. In Kanye West's case, I am not really a huge of fan hip hop. The wetsuit he was wearing resembles to that of Aquaman. Plus, there is totally zero percent chance that anyone will ever convince the evil fat crybaby that he is mental. I mean, nothing ever gets through his super thick skull without a brain inside! I really wished that Kanye West beat the crap out of Cartman.
  • Jimmy, with a little "help" from Cartman, comes up with a hugely popular joke, but someone else takes credit for it, Cartman insists HE thought of it, and "genius" Kanye West doesn't get it. Easily the best episode this season thus far...

    Well, last week's 'Eat, Pray, Queef' certainly had a mixed response. (Personally I thought it was watchable, but not one I'd rush back to see again). But things definitely turn around this week with this great episode, one of the best in quite a while.

    I love how celebrated Jimmy's 'fishsticks' joke becomes, sweeping the nation and appearing on a number of TV shows. And Cartman's flashbacks, more and more in his favour each time, were really amusing.

    Cartman episodes are always good value for money, and this one didn't disappoint, with young Eric being a real a**hole.

    And then there is the deserved swipe at Kanye West, self proclaimed 'genius'. I am not a fan (actually, I don't think I could name a single one of his songs), but it was spot on. And, without spoiling anything, his closing song was hilarious.

    Not much more to say about this one, just to say that it was a really excellent episode, and one that, unlike 'Eat, Pray, Queef', has strong watch-again appeal to it.
  • Greatest Episode this season so far.

    This episode was hilarious. Cartman and Jimmy create a joke that becomes huge all over America. No one knows who started this joke, however Kanye West doesn't get it and think he is getting insulted. Then Carlos Mencia takes credit for creating the Joke. Kanye West ends up killing him. Then Jimmy and Cartman decide to take the credit they deserve, but they end up getting in a fight about who actually came up with the joke. At the end of the episode Kanye West decides what he has to do and goes back "where he belongs" Overall a great episode and very funny.
  • Jimmy and Cartman invent a hilarious joke that is heard throughout the entire country and the late night show programs. But who really invented this hilarious joke? Was it Jimmy or Cartman, find out yourselves on an all-new South Park.

    Jimmy and Cartman invent a hilarious joke that is heard throughout the entire country and the late night show programs. But who really invented this hilarious joke? Was it Jimmy or Cartman, find out yourselves on an all-new South Park. This may happen to be one of my favorite episode of South Park from the last three years. It was funny, different and yet in a weird way exactly what I was hoping for when I saw the title for this episode "Fishsticks". Which causes so much trouble for Kayne West that he goes to live with the fishes c. Amazing episode
  • Attack of the Gayfish & Jewbots

    Following last week's rather down-tempo episode, Fishsticks take a similar route and delivers another simple, but slightly larger plot. This time dealing with a joke that Cartman and Jimmy come up with (read Jimmy only) that gets massive exposure even to extent that the whole world loves it, Fishsticks offers up some decent satire revolving around its own medium of comedy. Throughout we get some decent Cartman humour as he tries to deceive himself and Jimmy into thinking he solely came up with the joke. It's a bit of a one note gag itself, which does tire every now and again, but there are some great moments within derived mainly from Cartman's complete self-delusion and wild fantasies recalling the conception of the joke (where he is definitely not fat, it would seem). Partly what makes it the episode it is however comes in the inclusion of Kanye West, self-described voice of a generation and all around genius who doesn't quite get the pun of the gag. Reflecting and complementing the central arc of Cartman's own ego problems, the parody not only feels potent and superbly conceived, but works in terms of the overall story and its themes. Overall, it's a set of plots that can meander in the middle act when the running gag gets a little low on gas, but both nevertheless come together nicely towards a laugh-out-loud conclusion that really is genius.
  • Best episodes this season & for quite sometime.

    It's been a long time coming, South Park is back on form. I can't say it had be laughing my backside off but I was well entertained. Kanye is a perfect target for the show and putting him in his place was well overdue. This episode also works because it puts Cartman, the shows strongest charecter in the driving seat, and praise the lord we only got a brief lame & rightous rant off Kyle. Those 'Ive learned something today' rants really bug me.

    The episode gave surprises throughout, it wasn't predictable and took some worthwhile chances. I didn't see the ending coming, I did think Kanye would eventually get it, but what happened instead was perhapos the funniest part of the episode. I'm glad to see South Park sort it's selfout, picking something relevant that isn't cliche and not going overboard on contentious opinions. This episode would most likely go somewhere in my top 50 South Park episodes
  • "Now that's what I call a sticky situation"

    It was the most complete south park episode in a while but the flashback gag was done way back in season 2, Parker n Stone seem to be stuck in a rut these days.
    Funny none the less, but South Park has definitely lost it's way since season 10.
    We'll be lucky to get an episode of this quality again this season but as a South Park fan for all these years I live in hope. Average South Park is still better to no South Park at all.

    "Do you like fishsticks? You like putting fishsticks in you mouth?"
    "Dude!! You are a GAY FISH!!"
    Mwah ha ha ha ha
  • Hilarious episode.. Who would've thought the dumbest joke ever would lead to one of the best this season?

    Man, it still amazes me how South Park can take a stupid joke and run with it. They milk all they can out of jokes, and the "fishsticks" one that Jimmy comes up with is just great. The joke itself is stupid and will probably irritate you to no end by the end of the episode (as any overused joke does), but the way in which the joke affects Jimmy, Cartman, Carlos Mencia and yes, Kanye West.

    Any Cartman episode is a good episode in my eyes, and watching Cartman's delusions of grandeur overflow is just hilarious to watch. Each time that he tells the story of how the fishsticks joke was created, they get more and more ridiculous. It starts with him being described as "not fat at all," then goes to killing a dragon before he finally seems to truly believe that he turned into a Human Flame and killed an army of Jewbots that were attacking the town (oh yes, and people thought he was handsome and still not fat whatsoever). As I said before, the joke was stupid after awhile, but watching Kanye West grow confused as to what the joke means was worth hearing the joke every two seconds.

    Overall, this was just a very solid episode. I don't know if there's too much I would complain about, seeing as Trey and Matt did a good job of setting up the episode so it flowed well. And it didn't hit me until now, but this is the second episode in a row that ends with a musical number. Hopefully, "Pinewood Derby" doesn't end this way. I really don't think third time will be the charm this time.
  • Amusing, but no masterpiece.

    Hm. I never understand why people feel the need to spell out the story of a show like this in their reviews. It's a lot less funny reduced to a few hundred words.

    At any rate, this wasn't a great episode in my opinion. The fishsticks joke is ok (it gets better with repetition, rather like Cartman farting in Kyle's face), and the continuity humour is funny enough, but as has been mentioned by others, it's all been done before in earlier SP episodes. It all felt a little predictable to me. Could see the ending coming from miles off, although the song was a nice touch.

    That said, I don't agree with the poster who claims the show's gone downhill since season 10 - what about the utterly inspired Imaginationland trilogy? Or Night Of The Living Homeless? (both season 11) Or countless others, for that matter. I think Matt and Trey are really starting to handle their story arcs with much more confidence than they used to, and some of the episodes of the past few seasons stand head and shoulders above all other cartoon comedies around, but inevitably it's impossible to be consistently brilliant after so long - every season has filler episodes, and for me, this was one of them. Not bad, by any stretch of the imagination, but not their best.

    Incidentally, City on the Edge of Forever (S02E07) - " that's what I call a sticky situation" - episode is a personal favourite of mine, and does indeed get a lot more out of the same continuity gag.
  • kanye discovers his destiny

    After an absolutely horrid episode last week south park gets back to the way it was the beginning of the 13th season....good for a change. Its about jimmy thinking of the "best joke ever", but cartman takes all the credit for himself with his "egotistical gymnastics". This episode takes the overrated douche-bag kanye west and makes fun of his arrogant ways and also brutally kills carlos mencia (you and i both know that carlos sucks) for good measure. This episode was cartman centered and that is a very good thing. And kanye discovering his destiny to be a gay fish" with and absolutely horrible kanye-esque parody song at the end was hilarious.
  • that joke doesn't work a lot

    in this episode Jimmy and Cartman come up with this joke Do you like fishsticks yeah I like fishsticks Do you like to put then in your mouth yeah what are you a gay fish
    everytime I use this joke it does not work on everyone and this episode feautes rapper Kanye West who does not get the joke. Matt Stone and Trey Parker should of use a famous Comedian and I like how Kanye West says he is a smart I thinks thats funny.And I like how that in Cartman's dream everyone likes him and he was the Human Torch he sure of been the hulk and Ending was crazy man.
  • Good

    In this episode of South Park, Cartman and Jimmy (well actually Jimmy) make a joke about fishsticks that is praised universely. Everyone loves the joke excep for Kanye West, who thinks people are actually calling him a gay fish. Cartman takes all of the credit for the joke, leaving Jimmy angry at him. This episode wasn't bad, but it was really overrated. The first 2 times or so, I saw it, it was great, but repeated viewings make it too predictable. This is a decent episode of South Park for season 13, but I think it's kinda overrated. 7.5/10 C+
  • not that good

    I dont know why everyone likes this episdoe so much.
    Cartman(cartman actually didnt help at all) and Timmy make a fishticks joke that becomes extremly popular.Everyone loves it exccept Kayne west who thinks it is aimed directly at him.KAyne hunts down the creator of the joke carlos mencia and realizes he just took credit for it. Then he finds timmy and cartman who have arguing who actually came up with the joke.Kayne west has a revelation about being true to himself and lets them go.

    The fishstick joke wasnt funny at all and that was half of the dialouge this episode is very predictable 6.5/10
  • Two burns in one episode plus a dumb but incredibly good joke

    The basis of this episode follows a joke created by Jimmy with in the episode is the "greatest joke of all time". It may be right. I find it pretty dumb, but its witty and made me laugh the first time I heard it.

    Like a classic South Park, this episode features the amazing musical genius of Kanye West and the awesome COMPLETELY original comedian Carlos Mencia. /s.
    The voice acting for both fit and the script on right on the spot. This episode killed them while centering on a fishstick joke. Classic South Park.

    When this episode aired, I was hit with the fishsticks joke at every corner. Needless to say, it was hilarious when my South Park-deprived friends got it.

    All in all, great episode that, imo, is the highlight of this season.
  • I'm a motherf*ckin lyrical wordsmith motherf*ckin genius!

    This was probably the best episode so far this season. Cartman's ridiculous fantasies, Kanye's song, and Matt and Trey's ripping of Carlos Mencia made this a great episode. "I'm not funny man. I just take jokes and repackage them in a Mexican accent." So true. I'm still hoping that Cartman will realize what an ass he is by the end of the series. The social commentary in this one was just super duper. I love how they portrayed Kanye. The movie had some great musical numbers, and this episode further showcases Matt and Trey's musical talents. Go on Youtube and type in "Gayfish." You'll listen to it many, many times.
  • great

    Jimmy comes up with a hilarious joke known as the "fish sticks" joke, but Cartman ends up taking the credit for it (he was sitting on Jimmy's couch when he came up with it, but that is not what happened in Cartman's mind). Even worse, Kanye West is infuriated because he "does not get" the joke, and everyone keeps making fun of him for it.

    Good episode, the Kanye aspects bored me a little, especially near the end, but the episode as a whole was really funny with a good plot, I thought. So, my final grade for this episode is going to be in the "B" range
  • fishsticks wahahahahahaha :D they really pissed Kanye too!!!

    Amazing amazing .. they really get into Kanye west,, if i were him i may laughed my ass off .. but not kanye maby hes pissed now hahaha
    and they screwed Carlos very well.. i mean come on the guy is funny he don't copy jokes lol
    but Cartmen hes dump, i mean he really made Jimmy that its not his idea and its all Cartmen's hahaha he is soooo stupid .. one of the best episode u must say.
    and the joke "do u like fishsticks" its really something !!! its really funny and still kanye didnt get it, i guess in real life if he saw this episode i dont think hes gonna get it too !!!! hahahahahah :D



  • I think Kayne West below me voted this episode a 1/10!

    This episode was pretty funny and they killed off the King of Unfunny, Carlos Mencia!