South Park

Season 13 Episode 5


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 08, 2009 on Comedy Central

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  • excellent episode -the joke -kanye west "im makin love to ther gay fish" -carlos mencia "i got no dick" -cartman flashbacks

    Jimmy comes up with one of the funniest jokes of all time and Cartman takes credit for it.
    The joke is:
    Person #1: Do you like fishsticks?
    Person #2: Yes.
    Person #1: Oh, so you like putting fish dicks in your mouth?
    Person #2: Yeah!
    Person #1: What are you, a gay fish?
    The joke is so funny that it is brought up by Jimmy Kimmel on Jimmy Kimmel Live!. It is also used on Leno, and Conan, and David Letterman. Carlos Mencia then goes on Conan O'Brien's show claiming credit for the joke. The joke is played on Kanye West who doesn't get the joke, and spends most of the episode trying to solve it, brutally torturing and murdering Carlos Mencia in the process. Cartman tries to rationalizes his ego by creating mental images of him writing the joke. Finally, Cartman uses the Freudian defense mechanism of projection to lay the blame on Jimmy for trying to write himself into the joke. Kanye West has an epiphany and realizes that he is, in fact, a gay fish. He then dresses in a open chested wetsuit and dives into the ocean, while the fictional Kanye song, "I'm a Gay Fish", similar to Kanye's "Heartless", plays to him humping and kissing various aquatic life.