South Park

Season 13 Episode 5


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 08, 2009 on Comedy Central

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  • The twisted world of Eric Cartman...

    Despite the fact that Cartman is the focus of a little episodes, there are very few episode that actually tap into what Cartman actually thinks. Yes he is a loud an obnoxius kis who does whatever he wants, but for the first time we actually get a view of what Cartman actually thinks and well... it would explain a lot.

    Its also good to see an episode with Jimmy, even if it is only because Cartman did something to piss Stan and Kyle off. Jimmy is working on jokes and Eric offers to help, in the most lazy way possible. Eventually Jimmy makes a joke about fishsticks and the jokes becomes insanely popular. Cartman of course has to take some credit in it. The problem is that while Cartman actually had nothing to do with the joke, and thinks that he actually did. Also in Cartman's version, he has the powers of the Human Torch and he fights Jewbots. Craig said it best to just give Cartman half of the credit, which given his personality, its surprising he didn't take all the credit. Meanwhile Kanye West has no clue what the joke is about and takes offense to be people calling him a gay fish. It was funny to see him try to contemplate the equation of how he could be a gay fish. Also funny was the fact that they ripped on Carlos Mencia, who took credit for the joke. West took Mencia hostage and killed him for not explaining the joke to him and soon took Eric and Jimmy hostage when he learned that they were the ones that really made the joke. Then comes the major twist in the story. While in reality Jimmy wrote the joke. Cartman thinks that Jimmy has an obssive need to project himself into to feel important. And as Cartman tells Jimmy that he accepts him, Kanye accepts the fact that he is a gay fish and promplty goes off to the ocean to live with other gay fish. This episode gave us great insight into the ignima that is Eric Cartman. Some of the jokes with Mencia did kind of fall flat, though I think that the writers were going for that. Overall, a very solid episode of South Park that leaves us swimming with the fish.
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