South Park

Season 13 Episode 5


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 08, 2009 on Comedy Central

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  • What R U, a Gay Fish?! LMAO!!

    Just when I thought Eric Cartman couldn't get any stupider, this one shows how purely retarded the fat boy is. He came over to Jimmy's house because Stan and Kyle were pissed off at the fat ass for whatever he did. The young crippled comedian was trying to come up with new jokes while the tubby retard was sitting around on the couch eating chips like the lazy turd he always is. When Jimmy mentioned the word "fishsticks", it popped into his head. He fired the new joke towards Cartman and then it was a success that made it into a laughing riot. However, Kanye West didn't understand it at all and got really pissed. Meanwhile, Cartman begins to believe that he is the mastermind behind the fishsticks joke. Kyle pointed out that Jimmy shouldn't let the evil tubby anti-Jew racist take all the credit for what the crippled kid wrote. But then Craig suggested that Jimmy and Cartman should share half the credit if the fat brainless idiot refuses to admit that it was all Jimmy's idea for a new joke. Kanye West tried his damn best to prove he is not a gay fish, but nobody will listen to him, and continue shooting the fishsticks joke at him. On TV, Cartman watch Carlos Mencia and angrily noticed that the Hispanic comedian stole Jimmy's joke. As the young comedy genius tried to defend himself for the joke he originally wrote, Cartman thinks Jimmy is a Jew.

    Still furious about the fishsticks joke, Kanye West attempted to find out why everyone is calling him a gay fish through calculations on the marker board by comparing fishsticks with himself. Cartman seeks help from Kyle, but the smartest boy in school told the empty-minded pig that his ego is so out of wack. Kyle also said that anyone with a messed up ego will do whatever it takes to protect themselves by performing mental gymnastics in which that makes them stupid enough to believe that they is awesome, but in reality they are total moronic douchebags in denial. After a talk with Kyle, Cartman imagines himself that a dragon rampages through Jimmy's house, and the fatass slayed it. When Kanye West and his homies found out who started the fishsticks joke, they begin to beat Carlos Mencia to death with baseball bats. On the Ellen DeGeneres Show, Ellen invited Jimmy and Cartman to her talk show. The fatheaded fat ass was doing all the talk about how he came up with the joke himself when it was really all Jimmy's idea. After watching the stupid "Ellen DeGeneres Show," Kanye West and his homies prepare to visit South Park for revenge.

    As Jimmy begins to yell at Cartman for stealing his joke and taking credit for what Jimmy did, the fat jerk refuses to admit it. Then Kanye West broke into Jimmy's room and then he and his homies tied both boys up. The rapper was about to kill Cartman and Jimmy until the mentally-retarded fatty-fatty-fat-fat imagined that South Park is being attacked by Jewbots and he is the Human Torch from the Fantastic Four. Then Cartman began to say that the reason Jimmy is pissed at him is because his ego is causing him to act out and assume that he came up with the fishsticks joke. It made Kanye West open his eyes and realize that he cannot deny for who or what he is; a gay fish. In the end, the famous rapper goes out to the sea and make out with a bunch of male fish thus proving that Kanye West is a gay fish.

    At first, I didn't understand the fishsticks joke until I realize what Jimmy said was "fish dicks." Trey Parker and Matt Stone should have gotten real celebrity guest stars to voice themselves like Jimmy Kimmel, Jay Leno, Conan O'Brien, and/or Carlos Mencia. Unless for some reason, Parker and Stone couldn't hire celebrities to voice themselves because they're upset about the episodes of South Park that rips on them. There haven't been any new episodes featuring special guest stars since "Wing." Just seeing the fat gloater/glory pig reminiscing what happen are farfetched. I have to say that episode was a good example to see what happens when someone takes credit for what we did. In Kanye West's case, I am not really a huge of fan hip hop. The wetsuit he was wearing resembles to that of Aquaman. Plus, there is totally zero percent chance that anyone will ever convince the evil fat crybaby that he is mental. I mean, nothing ever gets through his super thick skull without a brain inside! I really wished that Kanye West beat the crap out of Cartman.