South Park

Season 13 Episode 5


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 08, 2009 on Comedy Central

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  • Jimmy, with a little "help" from Cartman, comes up with a hugely popular joke, but someone else takes credit for it, Cartman insists HE thought of it, and "genius" Kanye West doesn't get it. Easily the best episode this season thus far...

    Well, last week's 'Eat, Pray, Queef' certainly had a mixed response. (Personally I thought it was watchable, but not one I'd rush back to see again). But things definitely turn around this week with this great episode, one of the best in quite a while.

    I love how celebrated Jimmy's 'fishsticks' joke becomes, sweeping the nation and appearing on a number of TV shows. And Cartman's flashbacks, more and more in his favour each time, were really amusing.

    Cartman episodes are always good value for money, and this one didn't disappoint, with young Eric being a real a**hole.

    And then there is the deserved swipe at Kanye West, self proclaimed 'genius'. I am not a fan (actually, I don't think I could name a single one of his songs), but it was spot on. And, without spoiling anything, his closing song was hilarious.

    Not much more to say about this one, just to say that it was a really excellent episode, and one that, unlike 'Eat, Pray, Queef', has strong watch-again appeal to it.
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