South Park

Season 13 Episode 5


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 08, 2009 on Comedy Central

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  • Hilarious episode.. Who would've thought the dumbest joke ever would lead to one of the best this season?

    Man, it still amazes me how South Park can take a stupid joke and run with it. They milk all they can out of jokes, and the "fishsticks" one that Jimmy comes up with is just great. The joke itself is stupid and will probably irritate you to no end by the end of the episode (as any overused joke does), but the way in which the joke affects Jimmy, Cartman, Carlos Mencia and yes, Kanye West.

    Any Cartman episode is a good episode in my eyes, and watching Cartman's delusions of grandeur overflow is just hilarious to watch. Each time that he tells the story of how the fishsticks joke was created, they get more and more ridiculous. It starts with him being described as "not fat at all," then goes to killing a dragon before he finally seems to truly believe that he turned into a Human Flame and killed an army of Jewbots that were attacking the town (oh yes, and people thought he was handsome and still not fat whatsoever). As I said before, the joke was stupid after awhile, but watching Kanye West grow confused as to what the joke means was worth hearing the joke every two seconds.

    Overall, this was just a very solid episode. I don't know if there's too much I would complain about, seeing as Trey and Matt did a good job of setting up the episode so it flowed well. And it didn't hit me until now, but this is the second episode in a row that ends with a musical number. Hopefully, "Pinewood Derby" doesn't end this way. I really don't think third time will be the charm this time.
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