South Park

Season 9 Episode 10

Follow That Egg

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 02, 2005 on Comedy Central

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  • Funny Episode

    Makes me laugh everytime I see it! Garrison sure did a good job playing the main villain of the episode.
  • The episode could have been one of the few good episodes in season nine, but it gets disappointing at the end.

    Mrs. Garrison assigns her class a project where the boys and girls are paired up to raise eggs as “children” of their own. However, none of them realize that Garrison has a conspiracy behind this egg project. Things get strange once Garrison switches two groups so that both partners have the same gender so that one group is Wendy and BeBe and the other is Stan and Kyle. Garrison wants to prove to the governor of Colorado that same-sex couples cannot raise children so that same-sex marriage will be illegal in Colorado, and his former gay lover Mr. Slave cannot marry Big Gay Al.

    This is one of the many things that resulted from one of the many stupid things South Park has done over recent years. In the end of the fourth season, Garrison admitted he was gay, so SP Elementary fired him. He returned to teach fourth grade late in season six – which was the worst season of SP. Earlier in the season, Garrison had sex-change operation to become a woman. Why, oh why would SP jump the shark with that? I remember when Garrison was a straight man in the early days of SP! Remember Mr. Hat? For those who don’t know Mr. Hat, back in seasons one to four, when Garrison taught the boys’ third grade class, Hat was the hand puppet that Garrison used as his ventriloquist assistant. The moments with Mr. Hat were much more laughable than the new South Park! It is so ironic here how Garrison would speak out against homosexuality here! Had SP not created “Fancy New Vagina”, I would’ve given this episode 10.0. However, given that Garrison is a hypocritical homosexual, now I give it 5.0. Wait, Garrison had sex-change surgery, so now it is 4.0. Since the episode is stupid in general given all these happenings, and that [SPOILER] Garrison did not win [END SPOILER], I now give it 2.5. Hey, this episode is better than other bad season 9 episodes like “Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow” or “Best Friends Forever”. If you want to waste your time and screw your brain, watch this episode. If you want to watch good, funny South Park, watch anything except season 6, 9, or 10.
  • Gay marriage takes its toll on South Park as a jealous Mr.Garison fights to ban it. Stan and Kyle are the guinie pigs.

    My Favorite episode ever. For one, Matt and Trey have announced that Stan will be gay when he growns up (apparently the male version of Ellen DeGeneres) and they continue to prove their point, whether intentionaly or not. Honestly, I think that when Stan and Kyle grow up, they would be a perfect couple. I mean, they\'re are so many signs! And this episode just made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, I love it! I just love it so much when something comes together like this, two best friends, growing up together and end up together. Its perfect! Yay, gotta love that StanxKyle!
  • While Stan struggle to impress Wendy, and grows insanely jealous at Kyle, all his best friend care about is getting an A...

    This episode was truly great. I found it funny that they came up with idea that Stan could still be head-over-heels for Wendy - I mean, come on... but, that's alright. I have to tell that the ending just did it for me. While Stan was still in his "I-have-to-impress-Wendy" mood, Kyle's gay little scene (by which I mean, he turns away, and oh-so-concerned ask what Stan thinks about his hat) made me smile. Being a Stan/Kyle fangirl myself, I practically squealed when Mrs Garisson went "And how's our little gay couple, Stan and Kyle?" And now tell me they aren't trying to tell us something here...
    Well, in particular, it was just another interpretation of "give a bunch of kids an egg and see if they'll break it", but boy, was it original in its sorta way. The only bad thing about everything was that Stan was willing to ruin his friendship with Kyle rather than shove off Wendy. Oh well, it passed him.
  • A good episode.

    Mrs. Garrison's "ex" plans to marry his new love as soon as the Governor signs the bill allowing gay marriage in Colorado. As Slave and Big Gay Al prepare to marry, the townspeople of South Park rally the Governor to outlaw gay marriage. In a fit of jealously, Mrs. Garrison develops his own case study using the kids to prove that same sex couples cannot care for a child. The boys are determined to get an "A" on their class assignment and Mrs. Garrison is just as committed to seeing they fail. Another excellent South Park episode. I give it a 9/10.
  • I'm not sure why everyone hates this episode; it's one of my favorites.

    This is definitely in my Top 5 SP episodes. While I always preferred Mr. Garrison as a male, the script in this episode is on key and he acts just like he always does - getting very passionate about some subject for all the wrong reasons, this time gay marriage.

    The best parts of this episode were when Mrs. Garrison sang "Love Lost Long Ago".. my friends and I always sing that now. His voice is just so awful and the way he bursts into it randomly (and the kids all stare at him) is hilarious. The other great part is when he takes the picture of the egg to the assassin and there's like funny middle-eastern dramatic music playing in the background. Overall a strong episode.
  • Mrs Garisson gets mad that Mr Slave won't take her back and her homophobia rises to new levels. Pure gold.

    This was such a brilliant episode. One of the best of Series 9.
    Mrs Garisson assigns pairs from the class an egg to look after as part of an experiment. Then she tries to get back with Mr Slave who is now with Big Gay Al, which leads to Mrs Garisson plotting to make sure their impending marriage never happens. She even assigns a hitman to take care of Stan and Kyle's egg after they do a good job looking after it.
    This initially suceeds but the hitman got the wrong egg and Stan and Kyle manage to survive long enough to get their egg in on time and unharmed. This allows gay marriage to go ahead as they prove that a single sex couple can take care of an egg, even though Wendy and Bebe did fine.

    This was such a great episode. It was so refreshing to see Mrs Garisson becoming hatefull of gay people again and it was nice to see a logical(ish) reason for this as it was out of jealousy.
    Seeing Mrs Garisson go to the criminal underworld and even keep her hitman by her side when surrounded by the children at the end was brilliant. Shows what a bad teacher she is.
    Stan's jealousy towards Kyle working with Wendy was a great addition and this episode worked on so many levels.
  • Mr. Garrison assigns Kyle and Stan to guard an egg.

    One day, Mr. Garrison assigns an egg project in class where he pairs one boy and one girl together to guard and raise the egg like it is a real child. Stan gets jealous when Wendy and Kyle are paired up and seem to be getting along. The assignment gives Mr. Garrison nostalgia and he visits Mr. Slave who announces he plans to marry Big Gay Al. Mr. Garrison is disgusted and thinks gays should not marry. He tries to convince the mayor to ban gay marriage through putting Kyle and Stan to guard the egg together. If they break it, gay marriage is banned. So, Mr. Garrison tries in every way possible to break the egg and Stan tries to protect it to impress Wendy. Not a funny episode. It was somewhat of a good premise but the plot didn't amaze like other episodes.
  • 135th Episode

    The "look after an egg as if it were a child" has been done on countless television shows and I've never known the exercise to be real in real life.

    This was the only episode I've seen with Big Gay Al or Mr Slave or Wendy as I am fairly new to the show and don't understand the background of the characters which also makes this episode a little confusing.

    Kyle's stupid hat comment and the conmfusion of Cartman when Mrs Garrison gives him a new egg are very funny moments in the episode but the whole episode was just an absurd plot and doesn't compete with some of the brilliant episodes I have seen from South Park.
  • Mr/Mrs Garrison - you ruin every episode your in!

    Matt and Trey have made a huge number of daring storylines over the years which have pulled off miraculously, and have what made this show so incredibly good.

    The decision to turn Mr Garrison into a woman was an incredibly bad one! Whenever I see that freak of nature now I feel I have to change the channel.

    In this episode he reunites with Mr Slave everything after that didn't matter. The returns of Big Gay Al and Mr Slave were good because they are hilarious characters.

    Mr Garrison used to be funny! But I can't take him/her seriously anymore. Mrs Garrison is easily the stupidest character on the show and until she gets taken out back and shot! (or change back into a man) South Park won't be as funny as it once was.

    Much like when they killed off Kenny for good!
  • purely awesome XD Ive seen every South Park episode, and this is my favorite XD

    it was just too good! the whole gay marrage thing, and mr.slave getting married to big gay al!! :O gasp! plus I love how Stan totally still has a crush on Wendy, and thought that Kyle was hitting on her. plus the whole freak egg thing is genius XD Matt and Trey did it again!
  • I knew they would tackle gay marriage someday!

    Mrs. Garrison gets her first starring role since her sex change. This episode tells us what happened to Mr. Slave after he left Mrs. Garrison since he doesn't like women. It also reveals that Stan isn't completely over Wendy, who dumped him back in the Season 7 episode "Raisins". I'm glad that this show tackled the gay marriage controversy, because the The Simpsons episode about it wasn't that good.

    The episode begins with Mrs. Garrison making the class project, which is that stupid 'take care of an egg' project so many other TV shows do. It it basically a cliché now. Mrs. Garrison then breaks out in song about how she misses Mr. Slave and she tries to get back together with him, only to discover Mr. Slave has been dating Big Gay Al. Mr. Slave refuses to take her back as he and Big Gay Al are getting married. This inspires Mrs. Garrison to get gay marriage banned in Colorado. The sub-plot is how Stan copes with the fact that his best friend, Kyle, is partnered up with his ex-girlfriend Wendy.

    I enjoyed this episode. It took the whole clichéd plot and made it sort of original when Mrs. Garrison paired up two boys and two girls to prove gay couples can't raise a child. This episode did not have a lot of Cartman in this which is a nice change of pace. His short little sceen with Mrs. Garrison was fantastic, as the one time she is nice to Cartman, he just won't take it. Mrs. Garrison gets angry with him getting Cartman scared out of his mind. Not only was it funny, it shows that some straight couples can't raise children too. Other great parts include when Mrs. Garrison wanted all the townspeople to have a fag drag so they could outlaw gay marriage only to her suprise that they don't hate gay people, just that they don't want them to marry. Stan's quote about Kyle's hat being stupid was one of the greatest quotes I had ever known. Mrs. Garrison hiring a hit man just to destroy Stan & Kyle's egg was classic. Also, who could forget Mrs. Garrison screaming "Two daddies, two daddies" at Stan and Kyle's egg? By the end of the episode: Mrs. Garrison still hates gay people, Mr. Slave & Big Gay Al are married, and Stan is back to hating Wendy but possibly still liking her.

    This episode had loads of character development for Stan. None of the South Park fans even knew Stan still had some sort of crush on Wendy, which I found to be a shock. There are no real downsides to the episode but it did get boring here and there. We haven't seen Big Gay Al in four years and he barely talks which got a little annoying. The ending was pretty annoying too and left a bad taste in my mouth since Stan just went through the whole episode wanting Wendy and now he hates her again, but I guess he is only 9. It was a great episode for Season 9. 8/10
  • Now don't take this wrong, but the last couple of episodes for SP haven't been great.

    Last weeks 'Marjorine' wasn't very good, this episode struggles to grab my attention. It's like Trey and Matt got so wrapped up in whatever they were going to state, that they forgot to make it funny.

    Half the beauty of this program is that it keeps it's social commentary subtle, so if you were to read an episode summary, you wouldn't catch the gist of what issue the boys were going to tackle next. Gay marriage? I hate to quote the show i'm disowning, but "The Simpsons did it." It's like these boys have run out of creative juices, which is a shame because this show was so brilliant, it's a shame to see it falter this way.
  • Now Don't get me wrong.

    Now don't get me wrong, I am a huge fan of south park and had been since the middle of the 1st season. But come on now. This show was just so pointless to watch, it was like they forgot how to be funny for the day and made this episode.

    Now don't get me wrong, I have nothing for or against gay marrage, but why put an episode based on this idea. It just pissed people off.

    This episode was not all bad though. They broght back Big Gay Al and Mr. Slave, who are both really funny characters, and put them together.

    Another ammusing part of this episode was the egg thing. I remeber do this in school, but they just put a red dot on the bottom, and we took a spare egg and carred it around and put the real one in the frige for the week.

    Now don't get me wrong, I am still going to watch this show next week, but come on, get it together.

    "Quote Nevermore"
  • This episode was funny! ^^ Egg experiment=genius

    This was a funny episode! XD I kept watching few parts over (I taped it). Mr.Ms Garrisson\'s intolerance towerds gays was hiulrious in my opinion. If there was more random fluff, then this episode would seem pulled out of a fan fiction or something. It could\'ve been better, but I giggled insanely being the insane Stan/Kyle fan girl I am. The egg project is always something fun.
  • Mrs. Garisson thinks 2 Boys can't take care of an egg...

    This episode was aweesome... but Mrs. Garisson is crazy! Why can't 2 boys take care of an egg? They can take care of an egg! And good job Stan(or was it Kyle) who made the spare egg that the assassin shot. Then it exploded into kitty litter! JK about the kitty litter! The egg exploded, into...nothing i guess. But then they go to the Governer's Office, well, in front of the building, and the assassing makes shoots his gun crazilly and even kills some gay couples. But Kyle and Stan make it alive and get the egg to Mrs. Garisson in time!
  • Mrs. Garrison is jealous of Mr. Slave's new boyfriend and tries to stop the gay marriage law.

    This episode took hits at the sincerity of the people voting against gay marriage, which over-all, is a good plot. However, this show was very different than usual because I missed that ingenius humor. What happened? It was as dull as dishwater. This seems to be a frequent problem with South Park. I feel like I am watching a lecture.
  • Very good episode, in my opinion one of the better ones.

    Very good episode, in my opinion one of the better ones.Wasn't too funny but had enough material to keep me inerested throughout the episode. Including the gays are "buttbuddies". I found what Stan said in the end of the epsode especially funny, he said something like " I do believe your hat is the finest I have ever known." to Stan.
  • Great episode, has some great material in it to produce a good laugh or two.

    "Follow That Egg" is a great episode that deals with the issues of gay marriage and such. While I thought that their earlier episode, which was influenced on the Hurricane Katrina disaster, was pushing it a bit far, "Follow That Egg"'s influence is arguable yet reasonable. I also enjoy seeing the return of Big Gay Al, as he's the best homosexual to ever star in South Park.

    Stan shows his affection for Wendy in this episode by releasing the emotion of jealousy, as he thought Kyle was trying to impress Wendy with his excellent caretaking for their egg child. Stan tries to prove to Wendy that he's as good as Kyle when it comes to responsibility and care. I really thought that Stan and Wendy would make up in this episode at the end, but Stan said to her, "Why would we give a damn about your thoughts?" or something like that, which automaticall led me that Stan doesn't care about Wendy anymore. A real shame as Stan's last opportunity to become Wendy's boyfriend again gets thrown away into the bin of hopeless love and romance.

    One favorite part of my storyline is when Mrs. Garrison hires an assassin to kill Stan's egg. A really great scene that contributes to this is when the assassin's attempt to kill Kyle and Stand and their egg before they reach the governor literally resulted in around a hundred deaths of anti-gay marriage folk, due to the bombs he detonated and the rifle he shot the people with. But this was all unintended. The attempts of assassination towards the egg, with the infrared rifle and all.

    South Park still stands as the best thing Comedy Central has ever shown to us. While its sense of humor has dramatically changed in season 7, South Park still remains as my favorite flash cartoon, if not a cartoon in general.
  • Wow. Each installment of South Park just gets better and better.

    The storytelling has become sheer genius. In this episode the irony that gay Mr. Garrison, now with a sex-change, is actually against gay marriage because that would allow his former lover to marry a rival. It's laughable that he calls them fags and his outrageous indignation against gay marriages. Then he tries to use his classroom to prove two males would make awful parents. When his plans fail, he hires an assassin to break an egg from Stan and Kyle. I love the red beam crawling on the egg. Then, yet another twist to what happened to the egg. The storytelling is so fulfilling. This is South Park in it's prime. The early episodes weren't half as great as the ones they're cranking out now. I don't know how they do it, but I can't miss an episode. Keep up the good work.
  • Continuing to get better each week with the return of Big Gay Al.

    I thought "Follow That Egg" was a fairly funny episode. It had a lot of characters that had some conflicts. This was mainly because of the return of Big Gay Al. Mr. Slave and him are to be married, much to the disliking of Mrs. Garrison who was attempting to re-kindle the love they once had. After Mrs. Garrison finds out they are to be married, she tries to convince the governor to change the laws so gays cannot marry.

    This episode really mad fun of the gay community by calling them "butt-buddies". It followed well with the current situation with how the states are dealing with it. By doing so it returned to it's political satire roots. The Governor of Colorado is quite funny in his attempts to please the crowds and take the pressure off of himself.

    Meanwhile, Stan and Kyle have problems how there own. They have an assignment that is keeping an egg from breaking for 1 week. Mrs. Garrison originally had Bebe and Stan in a group, and Kyle and Wendy in another. Stan become jealous of Kyle. After the groups were switched Stan and Kyle began to argue and question their friendship. Thankfully they both decided that Wendy sucks and they are still best friends.

    A funny episode that marked the return of Big Gay Al and his marriage to Mr. Slave. Not my favorite episode of Season 9, but certainly better then most of the other Season 9 episodes.
  • This one kind of sucked

    The storyline was okay considering it was centered around gay marriage. This was probably the first political episode where Trey and Matt really didn't have anything smart to say concerning the issue. The gay jokes were mostly lame and I don't think the episode had a chance to be good after they decided to repeatedly rip on gays. After this episode it is painfully obvious that Mr. Garrison is now a stupid character. Nothing he says is funny anymore. This episode had way too much Garrison and not enough Cartman.
    The episode did have some really sweet moments, though. The governor's opinion of the lesbians was hilarious and it was funny how the kids took the egg project so seriously. Stan is super funny when he's pissed at Kyle. This was a pretty weak episode but it's still better than most of the other stuff on TV.
  • Not the best ep, but a huge improvement over the last couple.

    After a truly unfunny Hurricane Katrina episode and a thoroughly mediocre and silly fluff episode, South Park returns to form. The political satire is right on-target, particularly the skewering of the "gay marriage" versus "civil union" semantic copout, and Mrs. Garrison appears once again in rare form as a self-hating gay. (What makes her a "Mrs.", anyway? She's not married.)

    The interaction between Stan and Kyle is classic, and we see further development of Stan's post-breakup feelings on Wendy. It's good to see Big Gay Al again, and an interesting twist to see Father Maxie performing a gay marriage at the end.

    The ninth season may be back on track with this episode.
  • Hilarious South Park!

    Hilarious South Park! Mr. Slave is about to marry Big Gal Al (yep, the first season veteran is back after all these years), but Mrs. Garrison won't have it. He/She finds out that the governor will only veto the bill allowing gay marriage if he has some sort of test that shows two gays can't raise a kid.

    Mrs. Garrison f-s up his classes' "egg" project, by pairing Kyle and Stan together as the new "gay parents" of their egg, hoping that they'll fail miserably.

    OMFG, so f-ing HILARIOUS!!! Mrs. Garrison couldn't believe the egg was still "alive," and he was all like, "let's make fun of the egg, children, two fathers, two fathers!!!" Oh god ... and then the scene with the governor talking about instead of "marriage," they would be "butt-buddies," and he kept repeating it for "engagements," "bethrothed," etc!!!

    oh man!!! That was f-ing hilarious when Cartman couldn't believe Mrs. Garrison was giving him another egg! And then that hired killer shot the egg and it blew up in Stan's face! OMFG!!!

    Oh god ... Mrs. Garrison's hired killer trying to kill the egg!!! He tried shooting at Stan and Kyle and killed everyone else in the crowd, but the two barely made it and gay marriage was allowed! Awesome episode.