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How Does South Park Get Away With Everything?

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    [1]Dec 7, 2012
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    I've watched South Park quite a few times, and it's decent. But I love Family Guy a lot more. It seems like South Park has a lot more plots that should be controversial but haven't. Family Guy does episodes like that, and get hate all around the country. South Park did a 9/11 episode just two months after it happened. And Family Guy gets called out for 9/11 jokes?!?! Family Guy got episodes banned because they were about Jews and Abortion. South Park has had like ten episodes about that. I don't want to debate about which show is better, I just wanna know how they get away with everything.

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    [2]Dec 9, 2012
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    As somebody who watches both Family Guy and South Park you don't have to worry about a debate from me.

    What you say is interesting - it's almost as if there are two seperate standards for both shows - but in all fairness South Park has had its fair share of controversy too (Tom Cruise suing them over the 'Trapped in the Closet' episode and Issac Haye's departure a few years ago for their portrayal of scientology as two examples).

    I guess that people expect South Park to be more offensive and controversial than Family Guy (I know FG can have their fair share of controversial jokes but not to the extent that SP usually does) and the fact that (well at least in my country) more people watch Family Guy meaning that the show is more likely to get penalised for touching a sensitive subject/topic as more people have witnessed the offensive moment.

    I imagine the broadcasting networks also are contributing factors as you mention Family Guy's original cancellation. I can't personally have seen South Park staying on FOX the length that it has for Comedy Central if I am brutally honest.

    But as you say it is something that is questionable and I don't think this is a query that can be answered completely... I suppose at the end of the day the best people can do is just simply not watch the show if they are offended (that goes for both FG and SP).

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    [3]Jun 24, 2013
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    I think the South Park creators have said themselves that people have just gotten 'used' to their show being so 'controversial', so no-one pays any attention unless Muhammad is involved. Plus as the poster above mentioned, the networks they are on and their exposure play a big part in it.

    Not trying to turn this into a 'which show is better' argument, but other than less people seeing it, maybe South Park 'get away' with 9/11 jokes just by having more context? Family Guy seem to use it a lot more, I remember one episode where Lois kept repeating the words '9/11' to win a debate, so I guess someone without the right sense of humour can get offended easier by just a mention of the words...
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    [4]Sep 11, 2013
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    The writers on the are smart and add substance to the scripts.

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    [5]Mar 31, 2014
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    You need to take a freaking joke for once and not take them so seriously!YellYellYellYellYellYellYell

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    [6]Apr 5, 2014
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    Maybe it's the point of view that is important. The way things are told that allows the show to be a satire without caring about what people have been shocked with.

    I don't really know Familly Guy, just one or two minutes while changing the chanels. But South Park is a show that shows stuffs through the eyes of children, and with characters really stupid (essentially the grown ups) that exagerate everything and starts wars for a fart joke and some curse language or killing each other to get the best discount on Black Friday.

    The point is to make fun of human modern societies' flaws and behavior by showing things as they are, and even sometimes (OK, OK ! Always !) with exageration.

    It sometimes has its downsides, like the departure of Isaac Hayes (even if Chef wasn't really active anymore), but I found it healthy that they have so much liberty to tell stuff as they really are, and to officially make fun of whoever complains about anything, often with hypocrisy.

    That's maybe why people hesitate more to really push Matt and Trey's buttons : by doing so, they are sure to be cruelly killed or humiliated in the next episode and bring too much attention on them.

    And they couldn't do that without Comedy Central. On any other network, well, it would have been cancelled years ago.

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